The Clones by Brendan Mace Review – $1000 Days Ahead?

Welcome to this review of The Clones by Brendan Mace.

If it’s your first time on my blog, you might not know that I have reviewed some of Brendan’s other programs before and that I was not impressed by many of them. I’m just hoping that The Clones is going to be different.

Is it a program that is going to be like the others he released? Does it work? Will you be able to make money with the methods taught? How about really making $1000 a day, like he claims on the sales page? That would be life-changing, right?

I just want to say that I do NOT promote The Clones so I will not be pitching you with bonuses, like the other affiliates of the program. What you will find here, is an HONEST review and by the end, you’ll find out eveything that I know about the program and will be able to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right into it!

The Clones At A Glance


Owners: Brendan Mace / Jono Armstrong / Erik Cagi

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $13.03+

Do I Recommend It?: No…

What Is The Clones?

When I initially saw the sales page, I already knew that it was going to be one of those hyped up ones and that will be making outrageous claims; like making $1000 a day with everything that is “done-for-you”. Like, I’m doing all the work and all you have to do is buy the system and sit back and relax.

You’ll get “instant money” into your account and it’s so newbie-friendly, with no experience or skills required. Brendan claims that with The Clones, there will be no stress, no more worrying about money, you’ll get all the time and money in the world to travel and you’ll be able to quit your day job.

It sounds great to a newbie’s ears, doesn’t it?

But not to the experienced affiliate marketer who deals with these kinds of sales pages on a daily basis. I would have fallen for these claims too if I still didn’t understand how making money online worked.

I do appreciate that he has a sales video there, explaining that affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds and he even describes what steps are included. But to say that he has done all the work for you so you can sit back and relax is a claim too old and does not work anymore.

There isn’t a program that has been 100% done for you, because if it was, it wouldn’t be costing you $13. I’m pretty sure that there will be upsells within this program, which is obviously going to cost you more money and there is always more work involved than what these “gurus” are willing to disclose.

So no, you’re NOT going to make $1000 a day as a newbie so DON’T quit your job as of yet. Wait until the end of this review, when everything has been exposed.

How The Clones Works

The Clones shows you how to make money using the affiliate marketing model. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products in order to get paid a commission for each sale you bring in for the vendor. You would need to put “affiliate offers” in front of other people.

It also sounds great that Brendan will be giving you 6 of his best-converting campaigns/affiliate offers. You will get access to the following 6 funnels, some of which I have already written reviews on;

1) The Banger Method

2) Passivly

3) Printly

4) EZ Passive Paydays


6) Postly

What you’ll be instructed to do, is to request approval to promote these programs from WarriorPlus and you will apparently get a GUARANTEED approval with the purchase of The Clones.

You will also get an Email Swipe, which is a done-for-you written email that you will be able to send to your email list so you don’t have to write one up yourself. This CAN save you time and it saves you from trial and error as these email swipes are said to be high-converting.

Once you get the approval, all you’ll need to do is activate your campaign by inputting your affiliate link in order to get paid and each time somebody buys the product through that link, you’ll make commissions.

But It’s Missing Important Things!

It’s great that you get Brendan’s best-converting funnels, but unfortunately, he does not tell you WHAT to do with those funnels. If you’re a newbie getting The Clones, you will be completely lost as to what to do after activating the funnels.

One thing that they don’t tell you, is that you’re going to need to drive TRAFFIC to those pages in order to make any money from the campaigns. If you just activate them and don’t do anything further with them, they’re just going to float into the Internet space and you’ll get dried up like this desert.

They don’t teach you how to drive traffic to those pages UNLESS you buy their upsells. There was nothing about UPSELLS or having to SPEND extra in order to get traffic on his sales page. Brendan actually promises on The Clones sales page, to show you how to drive traffic to them WITHOUT paid traffic.

The traffic methods that he shows you will be more so PAID than free traffic, which is another broken promise.

Additionally, you get email swipes that they say you can use to send to your email list, but a newbie would know NOTHING about an email list; they don’t have one, they don’t know how to start one and they don’t know what to USE to build one effectively.

That training is also in another upsell that you have to BUY. And guess what? They don’t mention ANYTHING about having to pay for any extra tools, like an autoresponder and a landing page builder, that will be essential to list-building.

You expect to only have to pay $13 for a program that will be done-for-you and that will show you what to do with them, when in reality, the sales page is NOT transparent about how much work and how much MORE money you’re gonna have to throw into the business to make it work.

Is The Clones A Scam?

After all this, I don’t think that The Clones is a scam but it does NOT mean that I like the program. I actually do NOT recommend this program because of the fact that Brendan is not transparent about what the program will get you and about how it works.

You’re told that you’re going to get 6 done-for-you campaigns and while that’s true, you don’t get ANY training about how to get the campaigns in front of people. And while you can consider getting the upsell to learn how to get traffic, you’re going to need to invest in PAID traffic, which Brendan said WOULD NOT be needed.

Brendan is also not transparent with the costs of running such a business, like needing to have an autoresponder and even a landing page builder, and he NEVER mentions the upsells that are a REQUIREMENT rather being optional in order for a newbie to be able to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Therefore, I do NOT think that this program is suitable for a newbie. This is more for an intermediate to experienced marketer, who is looking for done-for-you funnels that he can quickly add to his marketing strategy, instead of having to create the funnel himself.

Even them, an intermediate to experienced marketer would KNOW the value of creating his own funnel because this leads to more trust and thus, higher conversions. So I don’t know if this program would even be suitable for someone like that, because I certainly wouldn’t use these funnels.

Bottom line is that I do not recommend The Clones and I think that there are better training programs out there, especially for a newbie. Check out my recommendation below.

A Better Alternative To Making Passive Online Income

I’m not going to beat around the bush here and I’m also going to be completely transparent with you, unlike Brendan. I am also an affiliate marketer but I do things completely different as compared to Brendan and these other so-called gurus on the internet.

Everyday, I jump onto my laptop in my PJs and start typing up articles. An article can take me 2 – 3 hours to write and then, I’m free for the rest of the day. What I do is make sure to include the right keywords within my articles so Google can find my website to send traffic to it for FREE.

Then, these visitors are drawn to what I recommend within my articles and when they click through to the product and buy what I recommend, I make commissions.

Mind you, I don’t recommend garbage as you have probably already realized from reading this review. I only recommend GOOD things that work. I want to HELP others primarily and if I can do that while earning, that’s the best deal that you can get anywhere.

Do you want to learn how to start such an affiliate marketing business for FREE? Because I can introduce you to the same platform that I used to kickstart my own online business. I’m making a passive online income every single day thanks to that platform and even I got started for free.


You get all the tools, the training and the support that you need to really become a success and what’s more, is that you get access to me personally to help you out in times where you are stuck.

So sign up for free now and I’ll see you on the inside!

Any questions you might have about The Clones or making money online in general can be left below in the comment section, and if you’ve had any experience with this program, please help out by sharing them. I love hearing from you, my readers.

Your Friend,


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