The Commission Machine Review – Will You Easily Earn $2600 Per Day?

I’m happy to bring you The Commissions Machine Review today, by Michael Cheney. He claims that by using this system, you are able to make over $2,600 every single day.

But how true is this? Is The Commissions Machine a scam? Does this program really teach you a well-guarded secret of the online world, that only he knows?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then way to go! I always recommend to search up programs and systems before investing into them. You never know when you could land into a scam.

At A Glance

Name: The Commission Machine


Owner: Michael Cheny

Purpose: A system to teach you effective affiliate marketing

Price: $47 $19.95 + Upsells and downsells

Recommended? Let’s see… 🙂

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What I don’t Like About The Sales Video and The Webpage

To be honest with you, I seriously thought that I was dealing with another scam when I saw the sales video and when I went down the whole page. It seemed as if Michael was trying too hard to prove that his methods work and it seriously was not coming off as being friendly and helpful, but more as a sales pitch.

The video and the page have excessive proof of commissions he made, as well as some of his students, wanting to prove to you that you can make money by using his “secret affiliate super weapon”. He showed proofs of himself making over $360K and then trying to withdraw $85K from his Paypal account.

There are others within the video that claim to have made $2000 in excess within 4 days and even another one claiming to have made $675 within 48 hours. I mean, all this sounds like so much hype that only a scam would try to sell.

Michael even affirms that you can use his system being a total newbie with no clue what to do, no experience, no skills and no list as you will be taught everything. This is supposedly the quickest way to make money online.

I also don’t agree about what he says with affiliate marketing falling on hard times. Yes, there is a lot of competition out there but there is also a ton of opportunity because there are always new products being created and sold to the public. Now is the best time EVER to become an affiliate marketer and tap into this billion-dollar industry.

If you don’t believe me, then HERE’S AN ARTICLE that you must absolutely read that will open up your eyes about the world of affiliate marketing.

The Upsells Can Be Pricey

As soon as you sign in, you are not even given the opportunity to look at what the program offers and BAM!… you are hit with the very first upsell of $27 per month for a product called Commissionology. This will give you the chance to copy Cheney’s campaigns and replace his affiliate links with yours, to profit off of.

The next upsell is one for a one-time fee of $97, which is a done-for-you service, that will make things easy for you by copying Michael’s methods. This is supposedly going to make you money faster. I didn’t get it.

There comes yet another upsell, this time for $1997!!! This time, there is a very long video that tries to sell you this upsell, that will supposedly teach you a secret Facebook Marketing strategy where you will get tons of FREE traffic, meaning, no use of Facebook Ads.

So in other words, he tries to tell you that need expert training and pitches you the $1997 upsell.

FINALLY!!! The Training I Paid For!!!

After the third upsell, we finally get to the inside of the training and I found out that the way of making money here would be through building a list and promoting products within these emails with your affiliate link. This is called affiliate marketing and although it works well, this is NOT something that was invented by Cheney.

Have you ever landed on a page or a website asking you for your email address in exchange for something for free? And then you receive emails from the same website over and over and over again? This is called email marketing and is very effective in online business.

It helps you build trust with your audience, who will then be comfortable enough to sign up to the products you recommend them. And if that includes a paid item, then you’re making commissions.

However, something does not make sense here; remember how he promised you that you would NOT need a list to make this work? Well, email marketing requires that you HAVE a list and be sending them emails with promotional content to work.

This is where the next surprises come!

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You’ll Need to Spend More Money

With email marketing, you need three very important things; a landing page (at least), a means to get visitors and an autoresponder.

It is a bit disappointing to see that the training that I paid for, are purely theory! I don’t receive ANY of the above tools nor an effective means of getting traffic. This means that you will need to PAY extra for these and Cheney recommends Landing Page Monkey and GetReponse.

Even after you pay for these, I want you to know that you will need to spend even more in Ads to get your landing page in front of potential visitors / buyers. Landing pages are limited on content and therefore will not be ranked on a search engine, like Google. The reason why is that Google and the other search engine want unique and helpful information for their users.

And you have to admit that social media will only get you so far. It’s definitely not scalable if you have to rely on social media to help you make sales 100% of the time. So the $19.95 you initially pay is definitely to get your foot through the door, but to really be able to apply the training, you either need an upsell or to get the tools separately.

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Will you make money with this method? You will DEFINITELY make money with affiliate marketing. I myself, am an affiliate marketer so I know for a fact that this is a method that works. However, email marketing is only one aspect of making money with this method and it does NOT work overnight, as the testimonials claim.

The way that I was taught how to make money with affiliate marketing, is to create a website, provide valuable information and get people in touch with products that they are looking for that WORK for their needs. In addition to that, you can also offer free stuff in exchange for emails and continue providing valuable information and products to what your visitors are looking for.

To build a website, write articles, get trusted enough within the sales engines to rank well and to get free traffic and to also gain the trust of your readers, it takes time. You can’t expect to make $2000 within your first few days with affiliate marketing. Not to mention that there is a learning curve.

There is some work involved with affiliate marketing and it will take time to make serious money, but it is a method that does work.

The Good

1) Some value within the training

2) 30 day money back guarantee

The Bad

1) Lots of sale hype within the video and the webpage

2) You still need a list with email marketing

3) No money can be made without the upsells or the tools to be bought separately

4) Not a scalable business if you have to rely on posting on social media

5) You may need to BUY traffic – no worthwhile free traffic method is taught here

Do I Recommend The Commission Machine?

No, I do not recommend this product. Not only is there a lot of hype, but there is a lot of misleading information about how much money can be made; they tell you that $15K can be made within 1 week but that’s not the reality of things with affiliate marketing.

Additionally, he only teaches ONE aspect of affiliate marketing that will definitely make you money, but only if used in the right ways and in conjunction with a website and the proper way of building trust with your audience. There are also a lot of hidden costs when it comes to the landing page builder, the autoresponder and means of getting scalable traffic.

What I also don’t like is that what you initially pay for is only to get your foot through the door and does not include any tools and you have to buy one of the upsells in order to be able to apply what you learn, some of which are expensive!

A Better Alternative To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing

I mentioned this before and I will say it again; there is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing and this method of making money online REALLY works. I personally have seen success and others have also succeeded with it. What you really need is the proper training, the proper tools and support to get through hard times.

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Do you have any questions or any doubts? Any concern at all about making money online? Do you still have any unanswered queries about either The Commissions Machine or My #1 Recommended platform? Feel free to leave a comment below. I always answer.. 🙂

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