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The Countdown to Profits Scam

We are all looking at making more money and for many of us, the only way to make that extra income, or to make any income at all, is from home. Many of us are either already working full-time somewhere else, we are stay-at-home parents, we are full-time students or we are disabled people who just cannot do any job outside of our home. The Countdown to Profits scam is a system that targets us. They know our weaknesses and makes use of them in order to take away our hard-earned money. Here is why I HIGHLY recommend to stay away from this system.

At A Glance

Name: Countdown to Profits

Website: Countdowntoprofits.com

Owner: Richard Paul

Training: ??

Tools: ??

Support: ??

Success Stories: ??

Recommended?: No

My First Impressions

The way I got introduced to this system was through a research I was doing online where I stumbled across an ad that said I could make $497 / day online. I clicked through and it looked like a genuine report website, until I started clicking around to get to other parts of the website. That included the HOME page, the SOCIAL BUTTONS on the left side of the screen and clicking on the name of the reporter, Amanda Winston. They would all bring me to the sign-up page to Countdown to Profits. That was really very suspicious already. It was obviously a fake website.

I tried to seperately type in gocareerchange.com and it brought me to a completely different website, where Countdown to Profits was never mentioned. I could not even find the report again from that website.

Anyways, coming back to the report, the next thing I investigated was the video in the report, where Countdown to Profits was supposedly mentioned on ABC news. I watched the video all the way through to the end, but they never made any mention of Countdown to Profits, only about making money online. Yes, many people make money online in various ways but if Countdown to Profits was really legit, my question is, why was it not mentioned by name?

The next thing I looked into was the amount they claimed I could make, which was between $13000 to $15000 a month, only working a few hours a day. The amount of money is possible but it was the amount spent on making that amount of money that really did not make sense. That was a red flag to me, because systems that claim you can make that amount of money, in a short period of time and make it look easy, are almost always scams.

Melissa Johnson

From this report, I read that Melissa is a mother from Ottawa, who had lost her job and had turned to the internet to find a solution to her financial problems when she “miraculously” found a system that would change her life. My thought was, if she was really featured in a legit report, she must be a famous person now. So I decided to search her name up to see if this person was a real person.

And I came across people saying that they also googled Melissa Johnson and that each person viewing the ad from different timezones and countries, would see that Melissa was from their own country. So basically, Melissa Johnson moved from Canada, to the USA, to Guam, to Costa Rica, to the UK, to New Zealand.

Another proof that this whole thing is a scam. While researching the internet, I also came across this “Melissa Johnson” also using another system, called Profit Web System, also another scam. If “Melissa” was making enough money with Profit Web System, why would she use a completely different system?

The Fake Comments

Scrolling all the way to the bottom, I saw a set of comments. They all appear to have been made through Facebook.

Moving my mouse on top of the “Like” and the “Reply” buttons, I was not able to click onto any of them. So all these comments were fake and pasted on as a picture, these are not real comments from visitors to the website, else I should have been able to ask questions, like the comments or reply to them. I even tried submitting a comment seperately but it never showed up in the comments section.

Moreover, before I started writing this review, the last comment was written “12 minutes ago” and at this point, it is still at “12 minutes ago”. I refreshed the page and guess what happened? Still at “12 minutes ago”. See the above picture.

The Promotional Video

The next step was to sign up with your name and your email address and you could even add your phone number to gain “VIP” status. I only signed up with my name and email address. I didn’t want anybody calling me and harassing me, just in case. Now, before moving on further, you may notice the CNN, ABC, FOX NEWS, USA TODAY logos, but let me tell you that just anybody can copy and paste those. They don’t mean anything.

Remember how I told you this scam uses our weaknesses to get to our hard-earned money? Here is one of many of these instances; they want to make us think that there are only 50 spaces available to hustle you into joining.

The promotional video starts with Richard Paul introducing himself and asking me to “look at the timer below”. He explains that he will give me $1 for every second that I spend watching the video and he reminds me to look at it several times through out the video. This is a tactic used to keep visitors watching until the end.

I did watch until the end for the sake of this review, but even then, I never came to know what exactly I would be doing to earn money. He kept telling me I could make $1k, $3k and even $5k and that each time I would make a sale, that the money would just keep increasing. But by the end of the video, of course, there would be no money. I had to pay into the system.

One thing that also didn’t add up…

… was the fact that Richard said it was going to be a software that needed to be set up, that I was going to get training from a “mentor” and that I only needed to hit “Go” and I could see the money start rolling in. He contradicts himself when he mentioned having to pay a “small hosting fee”. Being online for a while, I knew what “hosting” was; it means a company online that you will pay in order to make your website appear live online. So that is confusing; am I going to be working on a website or just hitting “Go” on that software and seeing the money start rolling in?

Another fact that does not add up in the video, is when he explains that this system usually costs $2000 and that he would only be giving it to me for $97. After the video ends, you see a message that says that it is usually $397. Two completely different initial prices. He also says that people didn’t have a problem even paying the $2000 in the first place, so why reduce it so much? That’s $1903 in discount!


Another red flag…

… is the fact that the scammer messed up in the creation of this website and the video. Check out these screenshots.

It is the same person, but with two different names and two different testimonials. They didn’t even realise that they used the same picture to represent two different people entirely.

Actual Documents

Another example of taking advantage of our psychological weaknesses, are the terms that state the absolute laws of the website, no matter what they say in the video. But how many of us are actually going to read the terms? We will mostly trust that what the video will tell us will reflect the terms of service. Wrong!

Richard “guarantees” that I will be making at least $500 in 30 days, if ever I do not make more than that within that time period… and naturally, what do the documents say? Take a look below.

Richard gives the guarantee but these conditions need to be met;

Of course, here is another line that will contradict this guarantee;

Now do you believe me when I saw that this is a complete scam? Despite their 30-day money back guarantee, they have every intention of keeping this money.


Even I am not sure anymore how much this is supposed to cost. In the video, Richard states the original cost is $2000. Then underneath the video, it states it was originally $397, brought down to $97. When I try to leave, it tries to lure me even further in, by reducing it to $77. It is just too much “drama” for me to handle at this point.

Success Stories / Feedback

None that I have seen. All I have seen though, are reviews saying that this system would not work and that it is a scam, which I have already uncovered.


Is it a scam? Obviously yes.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely not!

There are ways to recognize scams and not all necessary need you to look into their policies and terms of service. Many are clear from the get-go; if they promise outrageously high incomes by working a few hours a day and by making the whole process look easy, do your research. Look further into the company and read as many reviews as you can on them. Most of the time, other people have tried the system and have uncovered the scam.

Many times, the scams will not give you any information on what the work entails and if they ask for money even before giving you this information, then I would steer clear of them. If they are so confident in their products, then why not offer a free trial for you to try it? Also be sure to try offers that don’t ask you for your credit card information upfront because if you forget your subcription to them, they will charge you regardless of whether you wanted to keep the membership or not.

Is there a legit way of making money online out there?

The answer is YES! It is the same program that I have been using personally, and not only me, but over 500,000 other people have also been using it and making money online with it. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Click HERE to read a testimonial, Dom’s success story, on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, who has made money by following the training on Wealthy Affiliate.

No, it did not take overnight, as you will come to know by reading the story of this person, but it did take time and effort. If you have:

1. a computer connected to the internet

2. willingness to learn

3. and patience to see your online business grow

then you have what it takes to become successful online. Five digit income and even 6 digit income on a monthly basis is a reality to many people on this platform. And the best thing is that you can start for FREE! You can try it out to see whether it is for you or not without spending a single dollar.

===> Read more about Wealthy Affiliate here <===

If you do decide to join, I will be more than happy to meet you on the other side and to help you succeed step-by-step. It is a great community; it has a support system that I have not seen anywhere else. It is the best of the best!

If you have questions about anything at all or need some help, please fell free to drop them in the comment below and I will reply ASAP! Also share with your family and friends to help them become more aware of the scams online.

Cheers to your success,



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