The EB Formula Review – Will You Hit $500K Within A Year?

Welcome to The EB Formula Review!

Everybody dreams of changing their lives and to be able to make an income from the comfort of home without having to trade their time for money and coming cross The EB Formula, it would seem like that’s the best program to help you do just that.

But many programs on Clickbank are either scams or low-quality, and thus, it’s hard to discern the good from the bad. So if you’re wondering whether this one is going to be another disappointing program or a gem, you’ve come to the right review.

By the end, you’ll know EXACTLY what’s inside the program and whether it will be worth it for you to invest into it. This is going to be quite a surprising review so read until the end!

The EB Formula Review At A Glance


Owner: Dan Wright??

Purpose: Make money online on Ebay

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely!


What Is The EB Formula?

From the sales page and the sales video, I had decided that this program was going to be a complete scam already. For one, I wasn’t convinced about Dan being a real person because he never proved he was a real person from the video. Scammers tend to remain hidden because they don’t want to face lawsuits and so on.

Additionally, there were bold claims made, like being able to make half a million within a year with almost no work whatsoever on Ebay, and those are the same kind of claims that I have seen being made over and over again with Clickbank products.

Of course, I never believe them because I know it takes a lot of hard work, time and patience to cash it big in any business, be it online or offline.

More over, the creator of this program also used PAID testimonials from Fiverr to try and prove that this program does really work, but in my opinion, why would there be a need to PAY for testimonials when you could humbly ask for FREE testimonials from ACTUAL satisfied users of the program? Makes no sense!

The whole sales video is also geared towards telling you how easy it is to make money online and to change your life, when that’s not the case. The sales video is only telling you what you want to hear and showing you what you want to see. At this point, all they want to do is to get you to BUY the program.

…Until I actually found out what was inside. You’ll surely be surprised!

What Do You Get Inside?

Usually, programs like these would have a few Ebooks on how to generally get started with selling on Ebay and some general tips and tricks, nothing that would actually help you make money. They would be information that you would be able to find for free online, if you did some research.

With The EB Formula, it’s definitely different. You actually get step-by-step video training that will help you get started from scratch. This program will help you make money dropshipping on Ebay. Dropshipping is the selling of physical products without the need to keep inventory.

You’ll learn how to create your Ebay shop and listings, how and where to find products, how to select the best products and how to price them. You’ll even get extensive training on how to market your products using Facebook and Youtube, which are GREAT sources of free traffic to your listings.

For $37, you actually get a LOT of training that is actually valuable to start and grow your online Ebay business. The training does is not restricted to only be used to promote your items on Ebay, but can also be used in other settings, like your own ecommerce store or Amazon store.

The Realities of Dropshipping

Though the training is extensive and can really take you from knowing nothing about making money on Ebay to a Pro, there are some things that you need to take into consideration about the program and about dropshipping.

Remember when Dan said that he was set up in 20 minutes and was able to make $1200 while he was out? Don’t expect that to happen because that’s an exaggeration for SURE!

And don’t trust the heading saying that you can “Make upto $3,624.18 Today” because there is NO WAY that you will be able to go through ALL the training available so fast as well as get everything set up. As with anything new, there will be a learning curve and it will take you time to implement what’s taught.

With dropshipping, you also have to keep in mind that there is a TON of work to be done. You just WON’T make $1200 a day doing NOTHING. You have to work for it. You’ll constantly have to:

1) do product research

2) do supplier research

3) do pricing research

4) write product listings / update existing listings

5) spy on your competition

6) look for new and fresh products

7) create promotions

8) pay for shipping when you’ll be pressured into providing free shipping

9) get involved in paid ads

10) take care of customer service (like inquiries, returns, exchanges, damaged goods, disputes and so on…)

11) risk selling products that might go out of stock or discontinued by suppliers

and many more! Imagine having to do that on a daily basis. The sales video is definitely misleading, so don’t join this program thinking that it’s going to help you out of the rat race immediately and don’t expect that you’re going to be making money hands-free.

The last fact that I wanted to bring to your attention, is the income proof. As you can see, they show the amount of “sales” that was generated. I agree that they are impressive, but that’s NOT really the amount of money that anybody is bringing home.

There are a lot of other expenses that you need to factor in, such as Ebay fees, wholesale price of the item and shipping, Paypal fees and so on, before you can get to the actual amount of money that these people are taking home. The profit margin is already so small because of competition and these fees don’t help.


1) Beginner-friendly

2) Ton of valuable training videos

3) Legitimate make-money-online method

4) Money-back guarantee

5) Value for money / low cost


1) Sales video is FULL of hype

2) Paid testimonials and a creator who hides are red flags usually

3) Dropshipping requires a ton of work

The EB Formula Review – Conclusion

Despite my initial opinion of the program, I have to say that the training on the inside totally changed my view of The Eb Formula and I am happy to say that this program is definitely recommended. I know, there’s a ton of hype in the sales video but implementing what is taught within the program can really make you money online.

The step-by-step video training is really good for newbies and there really are a TON of videos within the members’ area. There is a ton of training on Facebook marketing as well as Youtube marketing. Dropshipping really does work and is a legitimate method of making money online.

Like I mentioned within my review, I just don’t want you to sign up thinking that this program is going to make you rich while you sit back and relax. There is actual work involved and it might actually be A TON of work needed, not to mention the training that you have to go through to master it.

This program should be bought with the mindset that it is going to take some time to see results and to replace your full-time income. The income claims made in the sales video are just not realistically possible for a newbie.

That being said, the EB Formula receives the stamp of approval from me. I recommend this program to anybody wishing to start an Ebay business the right way.


A Better Online Business Alternative – Affiliate Marketing

That’s right! Affiliate marketing is how I make money online and it’s a WAY better method of making money online in my opinion, because there isn’t as much work to do, in the long run.

What I literally do, is sit down at my computer and type up an article for 2 – 3 hours and I make sure to include my keyword so it can be found and an affiliate link so I can get paid for each sale I refer and that’s it! That’s way less work than taking care of an Ebay store, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, my online career didn’t start off that way. I had to learn the right way of doing affiliate marketing and after knowing the basics, all I do now is rinse and repeat the process and I don’t even have to do that much work anymore.

Are you interested to learn more about this method? If you do, then the good news is that I can introduce you to the program that taught me everything that I know about affiliate marketing, for absolutely FREE! You can even remain a free member forever if you want to, without ever paying a dime!


Not only will you get access to top of the line training, but also to ALL the tools needed for your online business, as well as experts right at your fingertips if ever you need support. You’ll have me as a mentor, somebody who has actually been seeing REAL results with this program, as well as connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

I really hope that you try it out because it has changed my life. Give me a chance to help change yours! 🙂

Your Friend,


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