The Ecom Formula Review – Ugly Scam or $40K Profit Generator?

Welcome to The Ecom Formula Review! What I found about this product is SHOCKING, contrary to many reviews over the internet about it.

Can you really make $40K or is this just another scam?

By the end of this HONEST review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether this is a program that will work for you, or fail you!

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At A Glance

Name: The Ecom Profit Formula


Owner: Neil Atkinson??

Purpose: Trains you to build a profitable ecommerce store

Price: $37

Recommended?: NO! Stay away from this program.

First Impressions

This is a ClickBank product and many, if not most, of the “make money online” products on there, are either low-quality or outright scams. So I paid special attention to this program.

Like many of the sales videos on there, I got the feeling that it was going to be another get-rich-quick scheme. The video is central with telling you about the amount of money you could make over and over again, without revealing even the slightest hint of HOW it can be achieved, except leveraging the world of e-commerce.

Neil claims that you can start making $40K monthly within the shortest amount of time. As per him, you only need to work 1 to 2 hours a day and you could be the next multi-millionaire within 12 months.

And what sounds even better, is that you don’t need any experience or special skills to make this system work for you. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, if it SOUNDS too good to be true, then it IS too good to be true. You see, this kind of sales tactic is very common, where the salesman focuses on your weaknesses and tells you what you want to hear. They want to get you excited about their product and make you feel like this is the answer to your financial problems.

If you are somebody who does not have experience or special skills, does not know the first thing about making money online, wants to make money as FAST as possible and NOT have to do any hard work, then you’re going to fall into this trap.

More Red Flags!

Not only are the claims overhyped, but you also have a few red flags to consider. Some of these are misleading, while the others are completely fake points!

Red Flag #1 – The people in the testimonials are actors

You read that right – they have been HIRED and PAID to lie to you. They have NOT actually used and implemented the system and they have NOT been making $40K a month.

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? If you’ve never heard of this platform before, it is where just anybody is able to list their services and get paid for each time people engage their services… for a measly $5!

If these people were really making money with The Ecom Formula, they would surely not be selling services on Fiverr for $5.

Look at just how I expose them!

Red Flag #2 – Hidden Upsells

Most, if not all, programs on ClickBank that promise to help you make so much money, don’t disclose to you that you have to upgrade to their HIGHEST membership level in order to be given information on how to REALLY make that high income.

The Ecom Formula is not any different. Once you pay the $37, expect that there will be upsells.

Upsells themselves are not an issue because many programs have different packages that they offer, based on what their members can afford, but within the sales video for this program, you are not told ANYTHING about any upsells.

You are actually assured that the $37 would be all you need to pay in order to be able to make the high income depicted, which is obviously a complete lie.

Red Flag #3 – Location

Because there are scammers at work behind this program, there would not be any restrictions on the location, like you are made to believe on the page.

On mine, I see a Canadian flag because I am located in Canada. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you would see the flag – and name – of the country where you are.

It would not make sense if the program was actually only offered within one or just a few locations, because these scammers want to make as much money as possible. They would want to reach as many people as possible around to achieve that goal.

Red Flag #4 – Little work, big money!

That’s a very common lie that scams or even low-quality programs will tell you; that you can make a lot of money by just working a few hours a day. In some industries online, this may eventually be the case, like affiliate marketing, but it’s definitely NOT the case with e-commerce.

I used to own an e-commerce store before and I switched to affiliate marketing BECAUSE of the amount of work that was needed when I had the e-commerce store.

E-commerce stores need the following;

1) Wholesale buying of your products / looking for suppliers for dropshipping

2) Packing and shipping goods

3) Storing your goods

4) EXTENSIVE bookkeeping

5) Updating online store to reflect actual inventory

6) If you’re dropshipping, make sure that what you have in your store is still offered by your supplier

7) Handle general customer service, inquiries, complaints etc…

8) Marketing your products / store


Do you believe me now when I say that it will NOT take you just a few hours a day to go through ALL of these points for your store?

Additionally, when it comes to the income of $40K, this is the amount of SALES that they are generating. Yes, I agree that it is money coming in, but they don’t show you how much money is going OUT!

Because in order for you to make sales, you need to buy wholesale – that’s an expense.

In order to showcase your products, you need to purchase a domain name for your website and pay for hosting – Yup, an expense.

You also need to pay for the shipping of goods to your customers – that’s another expense.

You need to BUY your stationary – boxes, packing stationary, packing tape – that’s yet another expense.

What about marketing your products or your store? – Expense!

AND you’re gonna have to put aside money to pay your taxes – need I say more?

Red Flag #5 – The Training

If you do decide to buy into this program for the $37, then know that although the training looks like it will offer a lot of information, that only 2 links will work; one that allows you to download an e-book and another one that will allow you to watch 9 videos.

ALL of the other links do not work – they don’t lead anywhere. WIll you get rich with just a small e-book and 9 videos? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not likely.

Red Flag #6 – Didn’t their mom teach them that it was bad to lie?

Seriously! Neil in the video says that affiliate marketing is dead! That’s a complete lie. It does take some time to set up ANY kind of business and affiliate marketing is no exception, but that does not make it dead.

It is VERY much still on the web as a way of making money – affiliate marketing is actually growing to new heights every single day that goes by!

If you go to websites and scroll all the way to the bottom, often times, you will see that they have a link for affiliates. And more and more of these websites are popping up now because they use affiliates as a way of advertisement and making more money!

So please don’t fall for this statement!


There are a lot of reviews of this program on the first Page of Google that are recommending this program. Know that they are nothing but LIES!

They are most likely ClickBank affiliates who only want to make money from you purchasing the program. They have NOT tried the program themselves. Try asking them for proof and I’m sure they won’t have any LEGIT proof to show you.

Here’s a screenshot of them;

The Ecom Formula Review Conclusion – SCAM!

I definitely vote this as a scam. Not only is it misleading, but they outrightly lie to you! There is NO way on the internet to make as much money as they pretend, in a short amount of time. Yes, people do find success online, it is a very real way of making money, but it takes hard work and it takes time!

Neil hides a lot of background information, such as the upsells and the actual expenses needed to run a successful e-commerce store. He goes to the length of even HIRING actors for the testimonials. If this REALLY worked, then why not get the people that made money with the program to make these testimonials?

The truth is that nobody has ever made money using this program and nobody ever will!

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It takes some real effort and some time to grow and become profitable, just like any other business.  With the legit and up-to-date methods shown there, you WILL make money if you stick with it through thick and thin and follow the training.

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I really hope that you will try it for free. I will personally be in touch with you on the other side to help you kick-start your journey.

I wish you great success! See you on the other side!



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