The Fearless Momma Review – Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

The fearless momma review

Welcome to my honest The Fearless Momma review. Why do I say that this is an honest review? Well, I’m not one of those people who is going to try and convince you to BUY this product.

I’m here to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can make an informed decision. A lot of people are promoting this program as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread but nobody is willing to tell you THE TRUTH!

I don’t promote The Fearless Momma because of some very specific reasons and you might want to take a deep look too. That’s why you can trust my review; it is going to be unbiased, unlike the other reviews you’ll find elsewhere.

Most of the reviewers are affiliates of the program wanting you to sign up so that they can make commissions so they will not be completely honest with you. So let’s go ahead and take an HONEST look!

The Fearless Momma At A Glance


Creator: Tammy Montgomery

Purpose: Make money recruiting others/selling memberships

Price: $250+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It looks like a pyramid to me

What Is The Fearless Momma?

Tammy is the one who talks to us on the second page after we provide her with our email address. She’s supposedly gonna help you make $250 in the next 72 hours.

How you’re gonna do that is plug in to existing traffic that she knows works. The question that I had at that point was; is it paid or free traffic? This is important because if it is paid then you’re not making $250 in profits.

Tammy even says that this method has never been done before but from my point of view, it’s all a lie. You see, The Fearless Momma reminds me of other similar programs, like Easy 1 Up, Desktop Commission System, Too Damn Easy and so on

And how many times have we heard that their systems work on autopilot? Do you really think that just setting up your payment method and get the system working for you so you don’t have to work is going to make you millions?

If such push button systems worked, then there wouldn’t be anybody working the traditional job, but people are hating their jobs and have no choice but to stay, right? Debt is increasing and people are becoming poorer and poorer.

So gathering all of this information, it does not look like The Fearless Momma program is going to work exactly as described. Sure, people could be making money with it. I’m not denying that, but at what expense?

How The Fearless Momma Works

The Fearless Momma tells you that you’ll be generating leads and making sales but they don’t really go into details as to how it’s all going to work, right? And they expect you to BUY this program without knowing anything about it.

But I ask you, if you went out to buy a car and the sales people don’t let you see the car. You don’t know what kind of car it is, how it works, what the features are. Would you buy a car under such circumstances? No, right?

Yet, you’re considering getting The Fearless Momma without knowing anything about the program. That does not make sense, right? Well, that’s why I’m here. Thank God… lol

But anyways what you’ll receive is some training and some materials to help you promote The Fearless Momma. So basically, what you’ll be doing is buying the right to re-sell The Fearless Momma to others.

You’ll need to purchase traffic to get to your affiliate website (the one promoting The Fearless Momma). You’ll grab their emails so that you can remarket to them in the future, then pitch The Fearless Momma to them.

Each time that somebody signs up and pays to join The Fearless Momma, you make 100% commission, meaning the $250. What this business entails then, is recruiting others to make money. There’s no other way to make money with this system.

The Real Cost Of The Fearless Momma

What Tammy hides from you are the expenses – not once does she mention how much this business is going to cost you each and every month to run and maintain. Well, that’s exactly what I’ll be disclosing.

So not only do you have to dish out $250 to get the rights to promote The Fearless Momma, but you’ll also need $20+ every single month to get an autoresponder. An autoresponder will store all your email subscribers and make it easy for you to promote offers to them.

As your email list grows, the amount you need every month for your autoresponder will increase.

Additionally, you’ll also need to invest into paid marketing, something called Solo Ads. These ads will require you to pay others that have a big email list and they will send emails on your behalf to their list.

Once they send it out, the recipients will open the emails and click on the link to then be brought to your squeeze page, where you ask for people’s email addresses to grow your own list and to promote the Fearless Momma to them.

This traffic is not so cheap. You’ll probably need to invest at least between $0.50 and $1 per click for better conversions, which means that you’ll need to invest between $250 – $500 for 500 clicks, as suggested by Tammy.

I’ve looked at the general conversion for The Fearless Momma and it seems to be at 1% so if you purchase 500 clicks, you’ll make about 5 sales, for a total of $1,250. Your profit could be anywhere from $750 – $1000.

That sounds great but you gotta have the money in the first place to invest, right? And buying traffic is going to be a recurring expense if you want to keep making money with this system.

You definitely won’t be keeping 100% of your earnings and though that’s the case with all businesses, they don’t really care to explain it to you. Telling you that make 100% of the earnings sounds much better than earnings minus expenses, right?

So as you can see, part of the business is automated, but it definitely isn’t a push-button system. You can’t set it and forget it. You still have to analyze your traffic and you still need to learn about funnels to improve your conversions. There’s constant learning.

The Business Model – MLM, Affiliate Marketing or Pyramid?

Though you can definitely make money with this program, don’t you think that it is a little strange? There are no products to offer others independently of recruiting so The Fearless Momma cannot be a multi-level-marketing program.

And looking at affiliate programs, they’re usually free to join because the main way they make their money is through the selling of their own products and/or services. You would get paid when somebody you refer pays for the product or service.

With affiliate programs, you get paid when you refer others to the service. You don’t pay to receive the right to promote for them. So in this way, The Fearless Momma cannot be an affiliate program.

Since there is no product that we can pinpoint and The Fearless Momma cannot be classified as an affiliate program, the only thing that remains is the fact that it has a pyramid-like structure.

Sure, there might not be different levels of payment but the only way to make money here is to recruit others. The training and the tools inside the members’ area is designed to help you promote The Fearless Momma and nothing else.

So what you’ll do is promote The Fearless Momma using the training and the tools inside and your referrals/recruits will also do the same and so will their referrals. What you’re actually doing is recruiting your competitors.

When that happens, there will come a time when the system will become saturated and won’t work anymore. With time, your income will decrease because of this competition and you’ll have to move on to something else.

This is not a very good future to see for a business that you spend so much time and money on, right?

Is The Fearless Momma A Scam?

Some people might say that The Fearless Momma is not a scam because you can make money with the system and that would be fair. You do make $250 per sale and if you upgrade, you might make even more.

But some others might say that The Fearless Momma is a scam because of the business model; it mimics a pyramid scheme and the only way to make money is to recruit others. There aren’t any legitimate products and/or services.

The thing is that these kinds of programs have been flagged by the FTC in their descriptions and if the FTC gets wind of The Fearless Momma, the business could be as good as gone. They’ll shut it down just like they shut down MOBE and DA.

That’s not a very good business to get involved with, especially after investing so much time and money to learn the business and to run the business. This is not a business that you would normally invest in, in real life, right?

Additionally, there’s also the fact that they hide the actual costs of running the business from you such that it is impossible to make an informed buying decision. You could find $250 to join, but you might not have the money to invest in Solo Ads, or in an autoresponder each and every month.

I would not trust anybody who hides vital information like this because you never know what else they could be hiding from you that could cost you in the future.

For all these reasons, I do not recommend The Fearless Momma.

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So get my free guide now to learn all the basics needed to make commissions like me, doing something as easy as affiliate marketing. There definitely will be some work involved, as with everything legit and the amount you make depends on your efforts.

Thanks for reading this honest The Fearless Momma review. How has your experience been with The Fearless Momma? And if you’re considering joining the program, why are you still convinced it will work?

Lots of Love,


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