The Scam? – Serious Red Flags Revealed!

Updated: May 09, 2020 (At the bottom of this review)

Fraud websites offering jobs online are numerous and one such website is Today, I will be going through the whole website with you, pointing out red flags as we move along and explaining why the information they have is so iffy and out of place. You should not trust this website as everything points to ==> SCAM.

By the way, if you were curious as to the methods I use to uncover scams online, CLICK HERE to be taken to the post where I discuss them.

At A Glance

Name: Get Paid 4 Typing


Owner: Abhishek Srivastava ??

Training: No

Tools: No

Support: No

Success Stories: No

Recommended?: No

My First Impressions

The website is supposedly here to provide typing jobs online. Looking around, I noticed a lot of grammatical errors and misspelled words, which was an immediate red flag for me.

If this was a professional place for me to get a job or for me to find an employee, good grammar and professionalism should be top priority. I already had one eyebrow raised at this point.

All posts on the website have NOTHING written within; they are all videos. I have looked at several posts and many of them show the same video but under a different heading / title.

That, in itself, is very fishy. I watched through some of the videos, hoping to catch some information on what the jobs were like in general but all I found was “Earn up to $100 a day” or “Earn up to $50 per hour” and “If you can type, then you can easily do this job”. Another red flag; no information on the job.

There is no information at all…

…through out the website as to what companies the website actually deals with either. The author addresses companies and tells them that his website will give them access to thousands of employees, from which the best skills and abilities can be chosen. Now, here are another few red flags;

1. Nowhere on the website was I able to find a page for a company to sign up.

2. On the Sign up page, nowhere was I able to find an area where I could upload my resume. I was not even asked what I thought my skills, capabilities and experiences were. So how would my potential employer know if they should be considering me?

3. On the same sign up page, there is a link to download an assignment. Why would I be getting an assignment without having signed up?

The Owner

As you know by now, all the posts are video-based. All those videos can actually be found on Youtube and are all from the same person’s channel. His name is Abhishek Srivastava, who, I suspect, is the owner of this website and many other similar ones.

Looking through his videos, you will find that he not only “promotes”, but also and, which are all laid out almost identically. and both have the assignment and has a work software to be downloaded. When I clicked on the link to either download the assignment or the software, it brings me to a “bridging” page, with more instructions.

Then the below;

And then this one!

So basically, they all tell me the same thing; to click on the button and to accept 2 offers, after which I will have to wait 10 minutes for the file to be downloaded.

What is actually happening…

… is that the owner wants you to complete the offers in order for him to get paid for driving traffic to those offers. There is no assignment and no software.

It is a lowly scam and is not really ripping off any of its signups financially, but it is definitely wasting people’s time. The only person who gains anything is the owner himself.

Training and Tools

These are simply non-existent.


Support is a big joke as well. On some of these websites, it states that support is 24/7 but that you need to wait to get a response. From other reviews on this website, I found out that you can expect to wait forever for a reply through their contact page.

Even comments on the posts of the websites have no response. Not even a  single one.

On their Facebook page, titled “Online typing jobs without investment”, you will only find videos, pictures and posts about needing people to fill job vacancies. People who have commented on those posts either never received a reply or were replied privately. Why does the admin need to be so secretive?

Wouldn’t it save time to post a public answer to help other job seekers? Only answer; these opportunities aren’t real.


There are no fees to pay in general. However be warned that within their Terms and Conditions, they do mention that some offers are not free and that they will be bearing no responsibility if you are charged.

Success Stories / Feedback

I have not seen any success stories and neither have I seen any complaints about this website. It might just be because it is a waste of time and is not really ripping off anybody financially. The only success story is the owner’s, being successful in conning so many people.

Updates – May 09, 2020

This is what the website looks like in 2020.

The website has a new look but it does not mean that it has gone from being a scam to legitimate. The way that the website works now is still the same way that it used to work back 2018.

So this review is still valid from top to bottom at this time.


Is a scam? Yes

Do I recommend it? Obviously not.

It is a scam because this website does not deliver on what it promises. It is a complete waste of time. There are many legit companies online but you have to properly research them.

Look for reviews, look for payment proofs AND reach out to people who have gotten paid.

Most jobs online don’t pay $100 a day or $50 an hour. Those that promise a large, ridiculous salary within a short period of time, are most probably scams.

Also stay away from those who ask for a payment upfront without giving you extensive information on why your money will be worth it OTHER than the money you can make from it.

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Thanks for reading my scam review. If you’ve had any experience with them, please let us know. We’ll love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,



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