The Great Heist Review – UGLY TRUTH REVEALED!

If you were looking for the most honest The Great Heist review, then you’ve just found it. I have to congratulate you on your quick and smart thinking of trying to find a review of the program before investing into it, because there are just too many scams online, wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe you’ve fallen for them or maybe you’re just naturally skeptical, but you must have a lot of questions about the program. How does it work? Will you really make any money online? Is it legal? Will you be able to quit your annoying and tiresome job and live financially free?

My review of The Great Heist is going to answer all your questions and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this program is the right one for you.

Just an FYI; I am NOT an affiliate of this program and therefore, you can rest assured that I will not be pitching this program up to you and selling it to you. You’ll find nothing but the truth within this review.

Let’s get started!

The Great Heist At A Glance


Owner: ??

Purpose: Using WeChat to make money online

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely NOT!

What Is The Great Heist?

The salesperson within the sales video describes The Great Heist as being a system that gets as close a you’re going to be to “printing money”. It will reveal a secret called the “Shanghai Code” that has been used in China. You can get started at NO COST.

And then, he said something contradicting: you will be able to make upwards of $4K per day but to get access to the system, you have to pay $9. Uhhh… wasn’t it supposed to be FREE?

Moving on, he talks about messenger marketing, via Facebook Messenger and another one that is supposedly taking China by a storm right now, called WeChat. It is now available to the whole world where you will be able to make money form wherever you are, at the comfort of home.

Additionally, they say that they update the information within as things change because things are always evolving online.

Okay, a lot of things he says makes sense, but the fact that he changes his mind about getting you started at NO COST, to now charging you $9 does not sit well with me. Additionally, I know I’ve heard about the “Shanghai Code” and “WeChat” in another sales video before.

Already, I am confident that this program is going to be a rehash of another product that I’ve reviewed before. Let’s take a look deeper to see how things fare out.

The Red Flags – Indication of a Scam or Low-Quality Product

Apart from the fact that I’ve heard about the Shanghai Code and WeChat before, there are some general red flags that I want to point out when you’re looking at any sales video. These red flags will help you know if the program is more likely to be a scam or low-quality product.

And yes, the same red flags are found within The Great Heist sales video, unfortunately.

1) Who is the creator?

Well, we’re not given a name for the spokesperson, are we? So how the heck are you supposed to know who this person is? How do you know if he is trustworthy and knows his stuff? How can you be sure that he isn’t just another scammer that wants to get to your wallet and disappear?

I have an answer for you. They didn’t give you a name but even if they did, it would have been a “pen name”. How do I know? Just scroll all the way down the page to a little snippet of text that looks like this;

So let me tell you that even if there was a name given that it would have been a fake name and scammers take advantage of these disclaimers to create multiple different products and promoting them under different names. That way, you don’t suspect they are from the same person and the scammers get away with robbing people.

2) Mentions NO COST but it actually costs money

I already mentioned this earlier, but you must recognize that there already is a problem when somebody tells you that you can start the business at no cost and yet, wants to charge you for it. I’ve seen this many, many times!

In my opinion, there is nothing professional about this. They only tell you it’s not gonna cost you anything so you keep watching the video. When the income figures pop up and look much larger than the amount you need to invest, you’d spend your money on it.

This is the sad truth; that people are ready to play with your mind to get to your wallet. Just be careful when you see this.

3) Making it seem easy to make money online

Does it not look like it’s so easy to make money with The Great Heist? Earning $4K per day is a pretty big number and if it was that easy, then I would definitely have been on board myself.

But the fact is that online business is like any other kind of business; there’s much work and time and sometimes maybe money involved in making success happen. There isn’t a system in existence that I know of today that will make you that kind of money without any effort or time.

The sales video is definitely hyped up and you should not let it get to you!

4) No Privacy Policy

The last but not least point that I want to discuss is that there isn’t a Privacy Policy on the sales page and yet, you’re being asked for your email address. That’s a big red flag!

Don’t take the risk to give them your information because with lack of a Privacy Policy, you don’t know how they’re going to use your information. Mostly what they would do, is sell your information to whoever will pay them good money for it, which can fall into the wrong hands.

Then, you start getting those creepy emails, sometimes about your debit/visa card being de-activated, problems with your Paypal account and even tax refund money where you need to put in information for you to receive.

These are all ways that you could potentially become a victim of ID theft so I wouldn’t trust any page that does not have a privacy policy page.

How The Great Heist Works

I looked into the members area and these are what I found: ebooks, ebooks and ebooks!

They are divided into three main categories; The Great Heist, Cryptocurrency and e-Commerce. What does Cryptocurrency and e-Commerce have to do with Messenger marketing? I soon found out that the creators of the program were trying to make the members area look like there’ll be a ton of information when that’s not the case.

You see, when you look at the Great Heist section, you get two ebooks only; one about The China secret, around 30 pages long that teaches you about Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing. This is more informational than a step-by-step guide. So disappointing!

The next one is about how to set up Facebook Chatbot, an ebook of 84 pages that seemed a little better but nevertheless, didn’t contain enough information how to succeed with the Chatbot.

The next section shows you how to deal in cryptocurrencies. Again, I have no idea why this is included here as it was not mentioned in the sales video. Seems like they wanted to fill in the air. It has 2 ebooks; one on how to Airdrop and another with what seems like current exchange rates.

And then, you have e-commerce. You learn how to become an Amazon affiliate, how to sell on eBay and doing dropshipping with Shopify, which by the way, is NOT free.

All that I saw within the program is really not going to help you make the kind of money that is depicted in the sales video. As a beginner, you can definitely get some information on each of those methods of making money online but don’t count on it to make you any money. It is NOT comprehensive enough.


Now we get to the really interesting, and sad part; I’m going to prove that The Great Heist is a completely rehashed program.

Remember when I told you that I’d heard of the Shanghai Code before? Well, I was right! If you take a look at my Club Shanghai review, you’ll find that The Great Heist is a rehash of Club Shanghai.

The sales page looked similar and the voice of the spokesperson was similar too.

The member’s area is the same!

The modules and guides are the same!

So if you’ve already bought Club Shanghai, then the sad news is that The Great Heist is nothing different. You’d just be paying twice for the same program.

Is The Great Heist A Scam?

Many will say that it’s not a scam because you do get something in return for your money and they could also argue that newbies can still start with the information provided and take it from there. They could also say that there is a money back guarantee so you won’t really lose money if you decided to get a refund.

Just keep in mind that the refund is for the initial purchase only and not for the monthly $37 recurring fee. Oh yes! Be careful of that!

But many others might call it a scam because of the misleading sales video and because it is a completely rehashed program from another previous launch. The creator of the program has absolutely no shame at all to sell you the same program under a different name.

He does not care about you but about his pocket.

And because of that, I do not recommend that you get The Great Heist. It could give you some idea of where to start but will not give you a blueprint to success, as was promised in the sales video.

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Thanks for reading The Great Heist review and I wish you the best in everything that you do.

Your Friend,



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