The Job Quitter Review – Will You Make $51K In 2 Months?

The Job Quitter review

Welcome to The Job Quitter review that you absolutely NEED to read, especially if you’re seriously considering buying the program. I don’t promote it, so know that I’m going to be 100% honest with you and unbiased.

There are just too many scams and low-quality products on the internet so congrats on doing your research, something that most people don’t do. That’s how you fall into those scammers’ traps!

But anyways, I have to say that I found some pretty suspicious facts about the program that tell me this may not be as good as Richard claims the program to be. You need to know them to make an informed buying decision.

So read until the end because I’ll also be revealing how YOU can make money online.

The Job Quitter Club At A Glance

Website: Job-Quitter.Club

Owner: “Richard Harper”

Purpose: Learn Affiliate Marketing

Price: $49

Do I Recommend It?: Nope! It’s either a scam or low-quality!

What Is The Job Quitter?

One of the first things that Richard says, is that The Job Quitter will help you replace your job salary in the next month. Well, naturally, the red flares went up in my mind. It’s not so easy to make money online.

But anyways, he keeps on with the presentation, saying that he will only be accepting 100 new students to learn about his 1 proven “trigger” to force money into their bank accounts. The money will come in on autopilot.

No need for any experience or skills, because all you need is this step-by-step training, a computer or a phone to work on and 5 minutes of spare time. Actually, he works less than 10 hours a week!

He even shows us how me made $51K within the first 2 months of working this method called affiliate marketing.

The good news here is that affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money online. I know because that’s how I make money online too, but the problem is that he is making it “look” as if it’s easy.

And let me tell you, it’s not! If it was, then everybody would have been quitting their jobs and doing affiliate marketing online. It’s true that the sky is the limit when it comes to the income potential and people are really making millions online.

But that takes a lot of time, work and the right training and tools. You need to learn a few technical things too. It does NOT happen over-night. If everybody could flip a switch to make money, like he claims he did, then people wouldn’t be struggling financially right now.

This sounds exactly like some other programs that I have exposed as scams or low-quality products, called Fast Home Sites and 5 Minute Profit Sites. They don’t work as advertised and I doubt that The Job Quitter also will.

Red Flags That Indicate A Scam or Low-Quality Program

I have reviewed almost 400 other programs and let me tell you that I came across a lot of the programs with similar red flags and suspicious claims as what I found for The Job Quitter.

And when those red flags were present, unfortunately, those programs were either scams or so low-quality that you couldn’t use the information within the program to make any money at all.

1) Who is Richard Harper?

Yeah, you might say that he is the creator of The Job Quitter, right? Well, what you might find shocking is that the photo that Richard provided of himself is actually a STOCK photo, which means that it’s not really him!

The real creator of the program actually bought/downloaded this photo from Shutterstock to pretend that it’s him and his daughters, to make you believe that he is real. But the truth is that Richard is hiding.

He is hiding behind a fake image, behind a video, behind his computer safely at home. “Richard Harper” probably isn’t even his real name either because a lot of these creators want to remain anonymous.

WHY? Well, so that they can create scam after scam and change their names along with it, so as not to be recognized! If they used their real names or even just the same name, then they would be discovered, right?

If somebody isn’t even upfront with you about who they are, why would you even believe anything that they say? Even the income proofs could be fakes because if you go on Youtube and type in “How to create a fake Clickbank income proof”, many results will come up.

Not saying this is what the creator did here, but since this person cannot be verified, nothing he says or shows you should be taken as the truth.

2) Inconsistent Pricing Points

The other red flag that I noticed was the fact that there were several different price points that were mentioned.

Actually at first, on the first page in the first video, Richard said he wouldn’t charge you at all, that he would give you his secrets for FREE! After you give him your name and your email to get to the second page, he wants to charge you $49.

But after the count-down is done, you’re told that it will cost $47. This is not consistent and is one of the things that I’ve noticed with low-quality programs. My suspicions are sky-high!

I wouldn’t be surprised if your credit card was charged $50 or even $60 and I’ve seen that happen before.

3) No breakdown of what’s inside

When you’re dealing with a legitimate program, you’re usually explained in detail of how it all works, what you’re gonna learn, what tools you’re gonna need and the total expenses of the business.

However, there’s no such with The Jon Quitter here. How can you buy a program that you think might teach you how to earn money online, without knowing how it’s going to work or what you’ll learn?

It’s like buying a car without knowing the features. Would you do that? Nobody would.

Yet, why do people buy products that they know nothing about? It really doesn’t make any sense, right?

You might be seeing all these payment proofs and might be thinking that you’ll make money like that, and that’s totally possible. But the creators never mention any of the business expenses in order to make that kind of money.

For all we know, they could have spent more than they made in their campaigns to show “proof” and are thinking of making the rest back with the sale of their programs. Who knows?

Bottom line; it’s that you’re not told what it is you’re really paying for.

4) The Support Email Address

The support email address “” is the one that is associated with another program that has similar red flags, called Private Cash Sites.

So, it should be the same person behind both of these programs, right? Since the creator might just have made a mistake and forgot to change one of the email addresses.

But what we find is that Private Cash Sites is actually by another person named “Felicity” and not “Richard”.

As you can see, point # 1 that I make under this list is definitely true! The name of the scammer just changes depending on the different programs that he creates.

He is in HIDING because he does not produce good enough programs and he does not want to be recognized, and sued.

How The Job Quitter Works

I already mentioned that I have reviewed so many programs that are similar to The Job Quitter, but if you’re curious as to what you would actually get inside the program, then read on.

Richard says that you’re going to get some step-by-step instructions on how to make money online doing affiliate marketing and while that could be true, I’m sure that the instructions are going to be shallow.

If not shallow, you’re gonna get a generic guide on how to start affiliate marketing, just like so many videos teach you how to do it for free on Youtube. If not generic, you might receive some outdated information, steps that don’t work anymore.

If The Job Quitter REALLY shows you how to make money online doing affiliate marketing, then expect that there will be very expensive upsells within the members’ area. So yeah, $49 or whatever the cost, is only to get you through the door.

Either way, my point is that the inside will definitely not be exactly as described by Richard. There is always a catch and my hunch with The Job Quitter is that it’s going to be some generic information.

Well, generic information can be found for free all over the internet. You definitely don’t need to spend $49 to get it. It will most probably going to be a waste of time and money.

Is The Job Quitter A Scam?

You are in the best position to answer this question because many people will think that it’s a scam and many others might not think it is one.

A scam to me, is a product that will give you nothing in return for your money. They just grab your money and run away with it, leaving you with something that just isn’t remotely the same as what you were promised.

If The Job Quitter does provide you with some worthwhile information, it still isn’t the complete picture of what Richard painted, right? That’s because partial information won’t get you making the kind of money he claims he makes.

So while in this case it might not be a complete scam, it’s a low-quality product where it does not work as advertised and you won’t be getting any results at all.

Whatever you might call it, a scam or not, The Job Quitter is definitely not a program that I would recommend. You have a lot of lies going on and if I were a customer, I would expect the seller to be honest with me.

How else can you be sure that the inside is going to be exactly as described, right? This is not something that I approve of and definitely not something that I will promote.

Therefore, I do not recommend that you sign up with The Job Quitter. It will be a complete waste of money and time.

Wanna Know Why You Keep Failing To Make Money Online?

It’s because you keep getting interested in these “get-rich-quick” schemes. We all have financial problems and we all want to make more money for one reason or for another; to buy a home, to buy a car, to become more financially stable, to feed the family, to pay off our debts, but those programs aren’t the answer.

That’s because it takes real hard work, time and patience to make any significant amount of money online. That’s what these programs will NEVER tell you.

Well, I am an affiliate marketer and I’ve been able to make money online consistently. IT WORKS!


I don’t know how Richard was planning to teach you affiliate marketing, but what I know is that the method that I use just works and I can show you how it’s done for FREE!

So get my free guide now to learn about how I do it. There’s really no recruiting and no selling, really. It’s all about how much you want to help others… 🙂 Keep your audience in mind and they’ll help you make money, I promise!

Thanks for reading The Job Quitter review here. If you’ve had any experience with the program, please let us know below. I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,



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