The Lockdown Formula Review – Review Reveals Ugly Truth!

The Lockdown Formula review

Since the world is really on lockdown and a lot of people are losing their jobs and don’t know what the future looks like, and you’re probably one of them, everybody is looking for a way to make more money.

And if you’re here today, you’re probably looking for an honest The Lockdown Formula review because you’re wondering whether this is really going to work out for you, right? You’re looking for information on how it works and whether it works.

Well, you’ve come to the right review because I have to say that there are some things I found out about The Lockdown Formula that you should know about. The truth is that it does NOT work as advertised.

And unfortunately, a lot of programs are like that; they make it seem so easy to make money online, when in reality, they’ll make you jump through hoops!

So what’s the deal with this one? Let’s find out!

The Lockdown Formula At A Glance


Creator: Jono Armstrong, Zeeshan Ahmed and Dawud Islam

Purpose: Affiliate marketing

Price: $9.97+

Do I Recommend The Lockdown Formula?: NO! It’s not a scam but it won’t work like they claim. You WON’T make life-changing income with this website.

What Is The Lockdown Formula?

The creators claim that with The Lockdown Formula, that you’ll be able to make money FAST. And to me, that’s a red flag. To be honest, unless you complete surveys and other small tasks for small money, you won’t make money fast on the internet.

That’s already a big hype and if I didn’t know Jono’s style, then I could have fallen for it. But the truth is that Jono and the other creators of the program make money, well, by creating program after program.

Anyhow, they say that the program is made for the complete newbie that doesn’t have any experience or online skills. You’ll receive easy to understand training that will skyrocket you to success.

I mean, look at those income proofs, right? They’re in the 5 figures! Anybody would want to grab the program for only $10 and be able to make that kind of money, right?

But let me ask you, does it really make sense to make that kind of money when you compare what you invest into it? Not really, right? The truth is that it all sounds too good to be true and in most cases, just follow your gut feeling!

Yes, it is possible to make a ton of money online, but it’s not going to be as easy as they claim. If it was, then most people wouldn’t be financially strained during this Covid-19 pandemic. It just makes sense, right?

My initial impressions is that Jono and the others is just trying to take advantage that people are in need of a method to make money right now because they lost their jobs. They just want to capitalize on this THEMSELVES.

The truth is that Jono, along with some other online marketers, has created quite a few programs and most of them didn’t work as advertised. I already have a feeling that The Lockdown Formula is going to join that list.

Some of them are:

1) The Clones

2) El Bandito

3) The Profit Factory

4) Fuego Breakout

How The Lockdown Formula Works

Well, for this long sales letter including the video, they don’t actually tell you what it is that you’ll be doing and how you’ll earn money. And that’s how it’s always been with them.

Essentially, you’re buying something that you know nothing about. Would you do that in the real world? Just buy anything that somebody promotes to you? NO!

So why do it online? Well, that’s because Jono and the others are very good salespeople. They make the offer sound too good to resist. They play with your mind to get you to purchase it.

But you’re lucky you’re doing your research because I was able to see what’s inside and I have to say that I don’t like it very much. It’s not as advertised, like I already mentioned earlier.

The truth is that they want to teach you about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legit method of making money online and it works, when done correctly. I know because I’m an affiliate marketing too.

But unfortunately, the training is not as detailed as what they make it seem and therefore, the results are going to reflect that. Meaning that you won’t make much money with what they teach you.

They’ll just briefly teach you about affiliate marketing, where to find products to promote and how to use their landing pages. But in order to for you to make any sales, you need visitors and people to actually buy, right?

They’ll teach you how to get traffic from social media but the problem is that they teach you how to SPAM others. If you do it that way, you’ll be lucky to make a few sales since people are NOT on social media to buy.

Moreover, people don’t like to be sold to. They like to be given value for free first, and since you won’t be doing that, simply just sending them links, they will not convert.

You also have to know that the creators are people that already have a huge following on social media, so it’s not hard for them to make sales. Whereas if you’re just starting out and don’t have a group, a following or a page of your own, then you’ll struggle!

You can’t expect much from a $10 product. You get what you pay for. You’ll be lucky to make a profit here, believe me. That’s the worst method to make money with affiliate marketing, especially for beginners.


– Creators don’t hide themselves

– Basic affiliate marketing training

– Can make SOME money

– 30-day money back guarantee


– Hyped up and misleading sales page

– Training is TOO basic, compared to the results claimed

– You’re not going to make much money with this method

– The amount of money they claim they made might be true, but that’s not necessarily profit

– Even with the 30-day money back guarantee, they never reply to refund you your money

– There are upsells, which will cost you even more and the creators never tell you about them

Is The Lockdown Formula A Scam?

I don’t think that The Lockdown Formula is a scam, even if it does not work as advertised. That’s because you do get some affiliate marketing training and you can make SOME money with the methods taught.

However, it does not mean that I recommend the program. In fact, I do not recommend it at all. I do believe it’s a complete waste of your money. The truth is that most of what is covered in the training can be found for free online.

Moreover, it does not work as advertised. You’re made to believe that you’ll get this amazing way of method of making money online where you’ll be raking in all of this money, when in reality, you really won’t.

Like I said, affiliate marketing is a really great way of making money online and the sky is the limit when it comes to the income potential, but you’ve gotta do it the right way. And the way they teach you to do it just does not work.

I’ve seen so many of their previous products, especially Jono’s, and most of them are very similar to The Lockdown Formula. There’s nothing ground-breaking or revolutionary about what he will be showing you.

Oh and did I mention it doesn’t work? LOL

You could make a few dollars but you won’t make the kind of money that they promise you’ll make, unless you already have a huge following. Do you see how they are misleading you, since they make the program appear like it’s for beginners?

What beginner would already have a following online?

Nope, I do not recommend The Lockdown Formula!

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Let’s make some money online!

Thanks for reading The Lockdown Formula review. If you’ve purchased the program and have had some interaction with Jono and the other creators, or have purchased their other programs before, let us know about your experiences below.

Lots of Love,


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