The Lost Code Review – Make $4.7K Per Week As A Newbie?

Welcome to this honest The Lost Code Review!

Others will give you bonuses to entice you to sign up, and I don’t have any of that to give you. But, what I do have is honest information on what the system is about and how it works. I actually give you some flaws and some considerations that you should make before diving into the program.

I just want you to make an informed decision BEFORE you get the program, to make sure it’s the right fit for you and to see whether this is what you’re really looking for in terms of the method of making money online.

I must say that Brendan and Jono are real people but I have seen REAL people sell crappy products before, so it does not mean that The Lost Code will work. So read on as I expose this program to you!

The Lost Code At A Glance


Owners: Brendan Mace /  Jono Armstrong

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12/95 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Yes!

Are You Camera-Shy? Me too!!! But It’s not impossible to make money online. Here’s How I’m Doing It!

What Is The Lost Code?

The Lost Code is said to be a method of making money online that is a completely new original series from Brendan and Jono. It’s an easy-to-do method that is so newbie-friendly, that you could turn $13 to $4.7K with 15 – 20 minutes of work. That’s a pretty bold claim.

Although Brendan and Jono are real affiliate superstars, I would have to say that the sales page is hyped up and that there is no way for a newbie with no tech skills and no experience to make that much money within a day. I mean, there is a possibility (though very very slim) but it’s not typical.

There is also no way for a newbie to start making that kind of money with only 15 – 20 minutes of work. Think about it: as with anything new, there’s a learning curve. Some people catch on faster and others slower.

You won’t be able to learn everything about affiliate marketing within 15 – 20 minutes and expect to make your first dollars the next day for another 20 minutes of work.

The video was pretty entertaining but it does not offer any information about the program and what you’ll learn. What Brendan and Jono want to focus on here, is to get your attention and to show you their lifestyle, their mansions, their cars and so on, to lure you to their system.

How Does The Lost Code Work?

Both are known to have sales pages with so much information and yet, without much information either. This is the norm in the industry but I get so frustrated on behalf of people seriously considering these programs, because with such limited information, there is no way to make an informed decision when buying the program.

But anyways, them not giving out any information does not mean that it’s a scam; I mean, they’re real people and you could even sue them if they run away with your money, so there isn’t such a big risk. The investment posted is also at $12.95 so you would not lose much anyways and if you decide to get your money back within 30 days, you can request it.

This system shows you how to sell high-ticket items for big commissions. It takes just the same amount of time to promote an item from Amazon for example (for a low commission of 10% max) as it does to promote a high-ticket item that pays commissions of upto 80%.

But the tactics are different and that’s what Brendan and Jono want to teach you. The traffic method they’ll show you is absolutely free and effective; it’s using YOUTUBE as a traffic source.

If you are camera-shy like me when I first started, then this might not be the best option for you but I want you to know that videos can bring A LOT of money, if done right.

So basically, what you’ll be doing is posting videos on Youtube (Brendan and Jono will show you exactly what to do in step-by-step video lessons), they’ll show you how to optimize it to get ranked and they’ll also show you how to promote and where to put your affiliate links.

Video Marketing Works But Keep The Following In Mind

I personally have recently started using Youtube to supplement traffic to my website and the money I’m already making, because I know the power of video marketing. But that’s all I’m using it for; supplementing.

With this training, what you’ll do is put all your eggs in one basket because all you’ll ever know is how to get traffic from Youtube. But if something should happen to Youtube, then your traffic will disappear, and your income will get wiped with it. That’s what happens when you don’t diversify your traffic source.

In order for you to get training on other ways to get traffic, you’ll probably need to invest in the upsells, where they’ll give you additional ways to get your offers in front of people. Getting traffic from Youtube is great but it is slow as well. You need to have a lot of videos to be considered an authority and you need to post videos frequently.

That’s also why you won’t make money just by working 15 – 20 minutes a day and you’ll need to work really hard at the beginning (without compensation) to grow your audience.

If you want to get sales sooner, then you have to diversify this traffic and try to get your offers in front of people through social media like Facebook and Twitter, and also through forums. Email marketing may be a great option too.

The BEST way though, is to have your own website and to blog about these high-ticket programs. Like Youtube, you have to post articles frequently to rise in the search engines rank and to become trusted. But once this is done, then you’ll enjoy an unsatiable supply of traffic that get directed FOR FREE to your articles and offers.

Unlike Social Media, having your own blog will allow you to do the work only ONCE and get paid for it over and over again. With social media like Facebook and Twitter, you constantly have to post your offers and could potentially be banned for spamming.

So be careful!

The Lost Code Review – Conclusion

Brendan and Jono are great when it comes to teaching you how to make money online through Youtube and The Lost Code is absolutely legit. This program will start you off on the right path to affiliate marketing, though I do believe that as soon as you master video marketing, you should try and diversify the way you get traffic.

Youtube videos are great to start but you cannot expect to start making hundreds or thousands of dollars as soon as you start. Making sales is not as easy online. You could diversify your traffic sources through social media and forums, but that won’t make you passive income.

The only other way to passive income is to have a full-fledged, informational website/blog that you can learn to rank within the search engines to supply more traffic to your offers. It’s good to diversify just in case something should happen and Youtube is down for any reason.

Even though I do recommend The Lost Code, it may not be the way to go if you are camera-shy. But if you’re okay with it and you’re ready to roll, then I recommend that you get started now. 🙂

Here’s My Recommendation for Camera-Shy People

I used to be camera-shy too and I just could not put my face out there on a video. I was also not as confident as I am now and was afraid that I was going to make a mistake. And… well, let’s just say that I struggled with it too just a little… Okay, I REALLY struggled with it.

But the point that I want to make is that Youtube is NOT the only place that you can start. I actually started out with a blog/website because I knew that I would be able to start off writing better than appearing on video. And I found just the right program that helped me do that and to incorporate affiliate marketing with it.

The best news that I can give you, is that it is totally FREE to check out this program (referring you there for FREE don’t make me a dime – just to make it clear). You don’t need to give any payment information unless you want to continue and get access to the WHOLE platform and the MOST comprehensive training.

There are no upsells, just a premium membership that would cost $0.98 per day that would give you EVERYTHING you need to move forward; all the training, live lessons and live Q&A, all your tools, host upto 50 websites and webhosting included, 24/7 community and tech support and MUCH MORE!


And unlike The Lost Code, this program actually shows you how to diversify traffic and even gives you some Youtube training. If you wanted my opinion, I would advise that you give my program a try for FREE before investing in The Lost Code, just to see what it entails. Costs nothing after all… 🙂

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