The Profit Shortcut Review – Pure Truth Revealed!

The Profit Shortcut claims that it will show you a proven method that you will be able to use for yourself and make thousands of dollars from home on a Shoestring budget. Is that claim true?

Within The Proft Shortcut review below, I will answer all your questions and reveal what I have personally found about this program. Some facts will shock you and maybe you already had some doubts about some others. But by the end of this review you’ll know exactly whether this program is for you or not.

Here are my findings!

At A Glance

Name: The Profit Shortcut


Owner: Sarah Highland

Purpose: Make Money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37/month + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No… I would advise you stay away from this program

What Is The Profit Shortcut?

The video starts off with a few testimonials about the system, claiming they’ve made thousands of dollars within 30 days of starting. Then, Sarah gets on the video and explains a little bit about the program, which apparently is called The Super Affiliate Network, not The Profit Shortcut.

At first, I thought it was going to be another typical scam, but finding out that The Profit Shortcut has a relationship with The Super Affiliate Network, it does change my perception of this program a little bit.

But Sarah basically tells you that Misha Wilson is the person who created the system, who, at a very young age, was able to start making millions of dollars online and thus, wanting to help others do the same, he created The Super Affiliate Network.

She tells you that you will only need to work at this around 1 hour a day in order to see some results. The rest is done for you; such as the websites, the emails, the marketing, the testing and so on. She tells you that she puts on little Ads everyday on the internet, that helps bring in traffic to those websites and the commissions roll in automatically.

This method of making money online sounds very nice, but as a newbie, I understand that you still don’t know whether this is all going to work exactly like Sarah claims. Let’s dive into the program and I’ll go over the details of the system with you.

How Does The Profit Shortcut Work?

At this point, because The Profit Shortcut is not exactly its own product and it re-directs you to The Super Affiliate Network, we’ll have to look at how The Super Affiliate Network works. You’ll be happy to know that The Super Affiliate Network is not exactly a scam but many people don’t like the way that it operates (including me).

You see, this program is borderline pyramid scheme (although it uses an affiliate marketing approach) because the only way to make money, is to get more people into the system. The training is the product of the system and will only benefit you if you become a member and are interested into promoting the system to others.

That being said, this is not exactly like a pyramid because you don’t get paid on different levels. You only get paid for the referrals you bring in. However, there are different membership levels, that increase in price the higher you go and if you don’t pay into them, you won’t make a commission if your referrals DO upgrade themselves.

For example, let’s say you are at the basic $37/month membership and you refer somebody who wants the Pro membership at $2K, you won’t make a commission AT ALL because you’re not at that level yourself.

What You Get Inside The Super Affiliate Network

That being said, you will be taught how to promote The Super Affiliate Network by using Solo Ads and email marketing, to drive traffic to the done-for-you websites, and once people join and pay the fee, you also get paid. That’s called affiliate marketing.

This is a legit way of making money online and is a method that is used by big corporations such as Amazon and eBay. If you actually take a look at most websites, you’ll see that they most probably have an affiliate program that you will be able to join for free.

That’s another thing: affiliate programs are FREE to join, but with The Super Affiliate Network, you have to join every single membership level in order to get paid for referring people to that level. This is what’s called a “pay-to-play” system, where you don’t get paid unless you pay into the program yourself.

But coming back to solo ads and email marketing, you must have come across it; many websites, if they’re serious about making money online, will ask you for an email address and will keep emailing you, providing you with valuable information and great products. That’s the model being used here too.

You’ll be purchasing the right to rent email lists of other marketers and will be sending your promotional offers to The Super Affiliate Network, hoping that people are going to click on your email, click the link, watch the video and then buy a membership.

That they don’t tell you, is that you have to pay LOTS of money for Solo Ads, depending on how responsive the list is and the conversion rate, and even then, there is no guarantee that anybody is going to buy the membership. So much for showing you how to make money online on a SHOESTRING budget.

The Realities Of Affiliate Marketing

I make money doing affiliate marketing myself (and you can check out the platform that taught me how to do it for free HERE) and I can tell you that it is not as easy as Sarah claims. Every time you make money, that money is coming out of somebody else’s pocket. Is it THAT easy for people to just hand you money over the internet?

No, it’s not! Not when they don’t know you and don’t trust you!

If a stranger just randomly messaged you on Facebook and told you to check out a platform that you have never heard of before, would you just trust his words without questioning it? Of course you would question it!

That’s why it’s important that you build authority in the online space and the best way to do that, is to have your OWN website. Yet The Super Affiliate Network does not teach you how to create your own website, they don’t teach you SEO, they don’t teach you effective FREE ways of getting traffic to the program you’re promoting.

What you ultimately want, is the HIGHEST return on your investment (ROI) and the highest one will always be where you pay NOTHING to get traffic to your website.

One other fact that I want you to realize is that you can choose absolutely ANY topic and turn it into an affiliate marketing business. It does not necessarily have to be in the make-money-online niche, like with The Super Affiliate Network. So if you’re not looking to promote make-money-online programs, The Super Affiliate Network is not for you.

The Profit Shortcut Review – Conclusion

Yes, there are some misleading claims and the sales video is super hyped-up to get you to buy into the system, but ultimately, The Profit Shortcut, or The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam. I don’t like the way it operated and I don’t recommend it (because it is so similar to how MOBE used to do business), but it’s not a scam.

There are a few things to consider before joining program and they are;

1) investing ALL the way to the most expensive upsell (at about $12K) in order to benefit the most from the program

2) ongoing Solo Ads promotion (extra cost)

3) getting an autoresponder for your email campaigns (extra cost)

4) constant recruiting to make money

5) you won’t make money TODAY (so don’t go quitting your job now!)

It takes time to make money online and it takes work. Although most of the work is done for you with the websites and so on, you still have to drive targeted traffic to those websites. Ask any online marketer and they’ll tell you that driving targeted traffic to a website is the most difficult part about making money online.

I personally think that the program is very overpriced with what they’re offering, because the program that taught me how to make money online is FREE to join and the premium membership is only at $49/month for life. In my opinion, to learn to build your website, learn SEO, get 24/7 support and get all the tools you need at $49 every month is a steal!

It’s WAY more value for your money than The Super Affiliate Network. That’s the same platform that I used as a beginner, and continue to use, to bring in passive income every single day.


If you do end up joining, even for free, I’ll see you on the side. Til’ then, remain safe online!

Your Friend,


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