The Push Button Traffic Review – Don’t buy before you read this!

The name of this program itself is a dream come true; what internet marketer, affiliate marketer or eCommerce store owner would not want an easier way of getting traffic fast at the touch of a button? But is this program as good as it pretends to be? This Push Button Traffic review will highlight some important points to consider, on whether you should invest in this or not.

At A Glance

Name: Push Button Traffic 2


Owner(s): David Kirby, Billy Darr

Tools: No – need to buy

Support: No

Pricing: $22.95+

Recommended?: No

My First Impressions

Push Button Traffic claims to have cracked the code to get online marketers tons of targeted traffic, that will play a big role in the success of their websites. At the click of a button, you are supposedly gonna get viral Facebook traffic.

It is able to do that by taking control of SEO on each and every page and optimizing it for the Search Engines. Basically, you only need to click the button once and you never have to write a blog post again, because you will be getting high-converting traffic from this cloud-based software.

These are the very claims that make me think of “scam”. The fact that me being an online markerter, I know what it takes to get quality traffic and I know how long it takes. The fact that this product is able to get you the kind of traffic that takes normally a few months up to a year to get, within a few hours or a few days, is really suspiscious.

The fact that the website does a lot of convincing, rather than focusing on the facts of the program (even if it does touch on them), makes me think that this program may do you more harm than good. Newbies, look out! The fact that it states you don’t even need any experience and is as easy as 1, 2, 3, is a trap set-up for the less experienced, those who are unable to see through their scheme.


When you look at the home page, it gives you the impression that you will be able to make the program function no matter which plan you choose, even if you choose the least expensive plan. However, don’t be surprised when I tell you that once you pay to get access, you will be required to pay more in upsells to get the full package of what they advertise.

Not only that, it has been additionally reported that information for random products get sent to the emails of the people who sign up and those emails advertise and promote useless products, in an attempt to make you buy and spend more money.

Push Button Traffic may be a product, but in my opinion, it might also be a front to get you to sign up for it and pushing other more expensive products on you after your purchase. This is a technique used by many scammers to get you to buy into something cheap in the forefront where they make a few dollars but afterwards, push expensive products onto you so they can make more money from the higher commissions.

Some info on how it works

This tool allows you to do two things; “borrow” content from others and create GIFs for your posts.

“Borrowing” is within quotes here because you will not really be borrowing content from others, you will be stealing! That’s because Push Button Traffic will allow you to search for terms within Facebook, 9Gag and Pinterest and the posts with the highest engagement from visitors, will be shown to you first.

Then you’re able to use the tool to make it your own and post on your own pages. This could land you in serious trouble, with the rightful owners of those content. You could even be sued due to copyright laws.

One thing about duplicate content as well, is that Google and the search engines hate them! So instead of helping you get the free targeted traffic that they promised, it will make it even harder for you to get any at all.

The other feature is neat, in my opinion. You are able to choose a series of pictures for your GIF creation or you are able to import videos, add text to them, change their appearance using filters. This is at least legit because you are given the option of using your own pictures and videos. However, let me add that this can be done for FREE if you search for that kind of program on the internet.


Before going into support, let me tell you that most of the links on the website lead to no where! The Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and the earnings disclaimer, all lead to a 404 error. The only links that work are the purchase links and the Support link, that does not even bring you to their own website support, but to

And the fact that they could take upto 48 hours to only “get back to you”! It means that they will take much longer to get to the root of the issues you are having. If you are just starting out, this may not seem like a big deal, but if you have been in this business for a while and you earning thousands of dollars a day, imagine how much money you could lose in 2 days. That’s very bad service!

On top of that, you are only able to open a ticket with the support team. You don’t get any help through phone, nor chat. There is no FAQ page for members nor a forum for you to seek help from other people using the software and they don’t have a social media presence.

Not only that, but even if you go say, on Youtube, you will only find reviews of the program. Not much showing you what to do in case you run into problems. These are resellers who are trying to sell the product to inexperienced marketers so they can make a commission.


Coming to pricing, it has now been more than 1 year since it has been launched and they apparently still have the launch special going. Don’t fall into this trap because this is a technique to rush newbies into buying the product quickly.

Here, I am told that I only have 52 minutes to buy the product, else the pricing is gone forever. Guess what? I left the website and came back and the countdown started over again.

Not only that, I actually let the time elapse and I was still able to click through to the payment page.

Anyways, you have the choice between the Basic and the Pro account. The Basic was apparently $297 a month and it became $26.95, one time. The Pro was $497 a month and it came down to $27.95 one time.

Now if you look at the screenshot carefully, it states that for the Pro there are no monthly fees. However, reading from the very top, it states that there is only a one-time fee that will be involved anyways. The fact that the “No Monthly Fee” is not specified for the Basic plan makes you think twice before signing up because they are not transparent about their program.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this means that if I wanted to go with the basic, that there would be some kind of monthly fee involved, even if it states that a one-time fee is all it will take.


I can’t really say that this program is a scam but the product is definitely sub-par to a lot of FREE programs that you can find over the net. In my opinion, it is not worth it to spend even the $26.95 for this.

The crazy promises, the tools, support and the tactics used are just plain shady. I would highly recommend you stay away from it. It would be wonderful to just get a lot of visitors from the beginning but it does not work that way. I have not been doing all this hard-work for nothing, because this is what really pays off for the long-term, assuming it works for the short-term.

Believe when I say that I have tried everything to boost traffic. Some techniques worked better than others and many were short-lived successes.

The only technique that has stood by me, is writing my own posts and blogs. The more unique you can be and the more helpful, then the more the search engines will value you. As a direct result, you will be placed within the first page, where the search engines get the bul of their visitors.

And you know what that will look like? Lots of visitors and dollars for you.

I will not just leave you hanging…

I am sorry that Push Button Traffic didn’t turn out the way that they promised because in a perfect world, the clicks and visitors would come without hard-work. However, we do need to work hard to get to the top no matter what we do.

So I bring to you the solution; I recommend to you the one research tool that has never let me down yet and it is Jaaxy.

In this technology and age, even though there may be loopholes in Google’s algorhythms where we are able to rank higher than we normally would, it is wise to go about using the right techniques, even if it takes us longer to rank. At least, we would rank the right way and we would maintain our ranks for much longer. Because what if Google changes its algorhythms tomorrow? You could easily drop from the first rank all the way to the last!

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that will make your life easier when you write content. It will also help you with choosing your keywords by comparing quality to other keywords, by checking the number of searched it gets per month as well as the number of competitors ranking for that keyword. That way, you get ahead of your competitors and you are able to kick off running with your blog / website.

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I hope I was able to help

That’s all for today, guys! I hope I was able to shed some light as to what you can expect with Push Button Traffic. I really hope that you give Jaaxy a try because there are just a lot of features within it that you will really enjoy!

I do want to hear from you if you have had experience with Push Button Traffic. How did it go? Did you lean anything interesting or hepful? What about the upsells? The useless products promoted in the email? Please share your experiences! Also, if you have questions or need any help, please do ask me in the comments section below and I will get back to you ASAP!

To your success,



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