The Secret Page Review – Easy $1900 In 2 Days?

The Secret Page review

Welcome to my honest The Secret Page review. Is there really such a thing as a SECRET page that will make you over $1900 in just 2 days? I find that hard to believe.

While I was researching this product, I found that there were some people that were recommending it and some others that weren’t so it was really confusing. That’s why I wanted to write this review to end the confusion!

I’m not an affiliate of The Secret page and so, I’m not going to be promoting it to you. I’m going to be completely unbiased and will tell you the good as well as the bad things about this strategy and whether or not it could work.

Prepare to be shocked with reality!

The Secret Page At A Glance


Creator: Art Flair and Will Allen

Purpose: Create a “discount” page to increase traffic and conversions

Price: $7.95+

Do I Recommend It?: Not really. This could be used if you are an intermediate to advanced marketer, but this is definitely not good for beginners. The training is too shallow and there’s no traffic training.

What Is The Secret Page?

Will is the actual creator of this program and Art is just part of promoting the launch as it is Will’s first product.

So Will claims that this software will give you access to the one “secret page” that will get you earning “From ZERO to $1,915 in Two Days.” To be honest, that is a little hyped up.

Just imagine making $950 in ONE single day! That’s almost 5 times the salary of a regular working person in the USA. If this is not a get-rich-quick claim, then what would be?

You’ll be making money with affiliate marketing, which is promoting other people’s products for a commission upon every sale. That part is legitimate because I make money online doing affiliate marketing too, so I know that fact.

What you’ll be getting are 10 done-for-you campaigns, a traffic software and guarantee that it will work with any affiliate network that you want to work with, from Clickbank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus.

But let me tell you that I’ve reviewed so many of these products before and they rarely work as advertised. Most of the time, the sales page tells you things that make it impossible for you to refuse.

It sounds so good and easy that you become ready to give them your money. They make you dream and they make you WANT to touch this dream so badly that you won’t think rationally.

The first thing you need to think about is that if it was that easy to just make money with any one method, then why are people struggling? Wouldn’t it be better to work 2 – 3 hours a day and make $950 rather than to work 8 hours and only making $100 – $200?

Exactly! And why do you think that these creators keep coming up with new products all the time? That’s how THEY make money, and it’s definitely how you LOSE money.

So do you really want to know how good The Secret Page really is? Let’s find out!

Inside The Members’ Area – What You Get

Before you get to the members’ area, you should know that Will and Art will try their best to extract as much money as they can from you. That means that they’ll be incorporating upsells but hold off on buying anything.

For one thing, they’ll be available inside the members’ area even later so you won’t be missing out on them and another, the 30 day money back guarantee does not extend to these upsells.

So wouldn’t it be better to see what the quality of The Secret Page is like before getting more?

But anyways, in the members’ area of the front end of The Secret Page, you get 6 videos.

1) Welcome and Overview

2) Your Affiliate Review Site

3) Your Discount SIte

4) The Viral Traffic Tsunami Software

5) The Case Study

6) Done For You Campaigns

So as you can see, there really are only 3 training videos and they aren’t exactly long. They’re only between 4 – 6 minutes long, which isn’t a lot of training at all. I don’t thing that you can become successful with only around 15 minutes of material.

But I’ll discuss that below. Let me tell you how this is supposed to work.

What you’ll be learning from Will, is creating your affiliate site, a separate discount site and supposedly how to get traffic and multiply it on its own.

Once you set up the two websites, you’ll be sending traffic to the review site that will then funnel traffic to the discount site. The traffic that gets sent to the discount site will the need to share the site with their friends and family if they want the discount.

As a whole, it sounds pretty good in theory. But is here any actual merit to this program? I really don’t think so and let me tell you why.

The Flaws In The Secret Page Training

Although it might sound a wonderful way to earn money online, because you know, you get to learn to create 2 websites and even get traffic from the Viral Traffic Tsunami Software, creating an online business and profiting from it is not that easy.

And creating websites that earn you money does not only take a few minutes. Not only do you have to choose a good niche, but you also have to research products and write reviews.

You need to learn about keyword research in order to rank those reviews on Google and the other search engines, else you’re gonna have to pay for traffic. Yes, the Viral Traffic Tsunami only works in some ways and not in others.

For instance, it will only work when YOU feed the discount website with traffic. It won’t find the traffic for you.

But what it will do is then multiply that traffic by forcing your visitors to share the page with others they know. That’s helpful but it’s not exactly gonna work is you don’t know how to get the first bit of traffic yourself, right?

How is it going to multiply zero traffic? Having a website does not mean that you will automatically start getting people visiting it. That’s the hardest part of online marketing; it’s getting traffic to your offers.

And that’s the most important bit that the training does NOT cover. The training on setting up your websites is also very shallow. Like I said, there’s not much to learn in only 15 minutes of video.

Now, you might not trust me when I’m telling you all this, but let me shift the perspective a little bit. Will and Art have been online marketers for a while and they already have a following.

They don’t need to rank their reviews for free traffic and if they wanted to, they could because they both already have their own websites with a lot of authority. They have social media followings as well, like on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

They can get traffic at any time of day or night, but as beginner, you don’t have all that like them. So the front end of The Secret Page, without those other “secret” tricks, will be of no use if you don’t know how to drive traffic.


1) Created by a real person who isn’t hiding behind their computer, like many others who do

2) Strategy could work based on how good the discount and offer is

3) Potential to make money

4) 30 day money bakc guarantee


1) Hyped up claims on the sales page

2) Unrealistic income claims – you will NOT make $950 a day with this strategy

3) Lot of lies and misleading information

4) Not suitable for beginners with no following

5) Shallow training – only 15 minutes of core training

6) No training on traffic generation

7) Even if you do email them for a refund before the 30 days are up, you run the risk of not getting your money back because most of the time, these creators don’t respond to refund requests (from past experiences)

Is The Secret Page A Scam?

It depends on how you define a scam. While a lot of people will not call this a scam because you’re actually getting something for your money, and because you could also get your money back, others will due to a lot of reasons.

They could say that they are being misled with false advertising and the way that they are promised the product will work, is not exactly how it actually works and I agree with them.

The truth is that if Will or even his affiliates, told you the truth about the shortfalls of the program, you’d never buy it. I can’t imagine a beginner having any success with The Secret Page, not unless you’re willing to invest in more training.

And trust me, you don’t want those upsells because now you know the quality of the front end training. How can you be so sure that the upsells will be high-quality?

I think that if you need MORE than what the training is offering in order for you to make your first bit of money, then I don’t think the program is good enough, especially if they are making money claims.

I understand they can’t make guarantees but why LIE about the potential of the program? And why not create a product that will actually yield the results that they claim it can yield?

It’s a selling tactic that most of the online gurus use; they will manipulate the truth only to sell you their products so THEY can make more money. They don’t care whether you succeed or not. They just want your money.

But anyways, I don’t want to make this review any longer than it has to be. I think I made my point about The Secret Page not being the product that they claim to it to be, and it especially does not work as advertised.

Better Alternative To Earning Online Doing Affiliate Marketing!

Like I mentioned earlier, I do affiliate marketing but I do it in a way where I don’t have to beg people to buy the products that I promote. And I don’t even have to give out huge discounts to make sales happen either.

You see, I use the magic of free traffic using SEO and if you don’t know what that is, it’s attracting people to my website through Google searches. You must have gotten to my website somehow, right? And it’s mostly through Google.

I didn’t have to pester you to read my review, right? You came here on your own! Just imagine having hundreds to several thousands of people checking out your offer just like this, at no charge to you?

This is what I can show you how to do, in 4 simple steps. And it works! Take a look at some of my income proofs below.

And another one!


Also know that it only takes rinsing and repeating these 4 steps and you never have to add any more steps to it. As time passes, your income will grow and you won’t have to do any more work, unless you want to.

This is the traffic method that these gurus won’t show you because they prey on people who want to make money easily and quickly. But this is an online business and it takes hard work and time to grow any worthwhile business that’s gonna last.

So either you keep falling for these gimmicks or you can grab my free guide now to learn the secrets of how I make money online and how you can get started for free.

Thanks for reading The Secret Page review. If you’ve learned something from this review, don’t hesitate to share it with somebody who I might help. Moreover, if you’ve purchased this, share with us below how it went for you.

Lots of Love,


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