The Secret Weapon Review – Autopilot System Earning $200 Everyday?

Welcome to The Secret Weapon Review, by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong.

This program is the best-selling program today on Warrior+ and I decided to take a look into it to see what the buzz is all about. I have been coming across a lot of their programs lately and unfortunately, they haven’t done a lot to impress me. I’m hoping that this program will.

I just want to let you know that my review is going to be totally unbiased. I’m not promoting this program and I’m not going to bribe you with bonuses like so many of the other reviewers. They are affiliates of the program and are only promoting the program, not because it’s good, but because they make money each time they make a sale.

I’m not trying to make money off of you by writing this review. I just want you to make an informed decision. Based on your level of understanding of the online world, this may or may not be the right program for you. 

Find out by reading this review until the end!

The Secret Weapon Review At A Glance


Owners: Eric Cagi / Brendan Mace / Jono Armstrong

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95 + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No.

What Is The Secret Weapon?

What a creepy start to the sales video! It sent chills down my spine. Anybody felt that?

The Secret Weapon boasts being an autopilot system that even newbies are able to create. Using this program, you won’t need a list or need to know techy stuff and it will all work on 100% free traffic. It’s supposedly so easy to make money with this system, that you can make over $200 per day.

The problem is that this is what every single one of their sales pages say and if you look at The Profit Factory Review and Bang Bang Profits Review, you’ll understand what I mean. Even the layout for the sales pages are the same. 

I agree that there are many ways that we can make money online and there are new methods coming out all the time, but seriously! Why not just update previous training or programs to add more value for existing customers, rather than have them pay for an entirely new product?

If each and every one of their programs worked exactly the same way depicted, then why aren’t people flocking to them? Why aren’t people quitting their jobs, if it was so easy to make that kind of money?

The secret that they are keeping from you, is that making REAL money online takes a lot of work and time. They just want to make it look so easy to you, so that you buy the program. But trust me, there is always more inside that is not disclosed on their sales pages. 

How The Secret Weapon Works

Inside, you will first find a welcome video by Jono and 15 core training videos. I like that the training is in video format because it makes it easy for anybody and everybody to follow. 

What I don’t like is that they make it sound like some revolutionary method of making money online, when it’s really nothing new, specially if you are an intermediate to advanced online marketer. You may learn one or two new things, which is good I guess. It’s just a little twist on existing methods you may already be using.

What you will be learning in these lessons, is how to create a free offer to get subscribers, which is nothing new in the industry. The new stuff is how to create a personalized thank-you page and some tips and tricks on special opt-in pages that will increase conversions. These are good tips and can be helpful.

Then, you’ll learn how to install and utilize re-targeting pixels, which will also increase conversions. This is meant to re-call the visitors that came to your freebie page or opt-in page and never took the action that you wanted them to take. Re-targeting them will work to increase the chances of them signing up.

Afterwards, you will learn basic email marketing and how to drive traffic to your offer page or opt-in page via Facebook, Solo Ads and Bing Ads. Again, these are not new methods. They’ve been around since the start. Solo Ads and Bing Ads are NOT free methods of driving traffic. 

It’s funny how they emphasize so much that they will show you how to get 100% free traffic on their sales page and then revert to their paid ways. It’s definitely not what they promised.

So you may learn one or two new things but the whole program is not worth the big buzz that it’s receiving.

Does It Work As Advertised?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. A lot of people who would sign up for this program, would trust that this program would be 100% original, newbie friendly, would use 100% free traffic, would make fast money and would take minutes to set up. They also wouldn’t think that building a list would be part of the equation since the sales page advertises “no list needed”.

However, if you’re one of the people considering this program because of these claims, then I would ask that you REFRAIN from signing up for The Secret Weapon, because this program does not work that way.

Most of the program does not consist of ORIGINAL strategies as we have seen and there is really only ONE free traffic strategy introduced, and the other two are PAID. How is that 100% free traffic? I understand that it’s up to you whether you want to use free traffic or paid traffic, but this is not as advertised.

Additionally, in my opinion, it is misleading that the sales page boasts 100% free traffic AND fast results, because you would think that with these FREE strategies, you will be able to get FAST results without having to pay for traffic, when that’s not the case. 

There is a TON of work to be done on Facebook if you want to go the free way. The fast results will only come with PAID traffic.

Moreover, it does not take only a few minutes to set up. You have to LEARN how to create your FREEBIE or your OFFER in order to get people to sign up with their email address. It takes time to actually create it. They also talk about creating an email sequence. I have my own and I can tell you that it took me a few weeks to put it together.

Since “no list needed” was mentioned on the sales page, you also get the impression as a newbie that you wouldn’t need to dabble in email marketing, but as you can see from the training outlined, the whole thing is around “bribing” your visitors for their email in the first place.

Last but not least, although the training itself is newbie-friendly and can easily be followed, it is in my opinion, not the best way for a NEWBIE to start online. This method of making money online does not build up TRUST between you and your visitors. It does not help you build a brand. It does not set you apart from the people doing the same thing.

Consider The Costs

As can be expected, because that’s what they do with ALL of their make-money-online programs, they don’t diclose the overall investment or capital that you will need in order to make this business work. How can you make an informed decision that way?

There are upsells that go all the way to $197 for ONE upsell that you’ll need to consider. There’s also the cost of an autoresponder for your email sequence that will HEAVILY depend on the number of subscribers on your list. You would typically have to start off with $19 per month for this service.

Moreover, if you want faster results, you’ll need to pay for Bing Ads or Solo Ads, where though you will be paying for clicks, there will NOT be a guarantee of making any money back. Bing Ads aren’t so bad because you can start small, but for Solo Ads, that’s a completely different story.

Solo Ads can be defined as “renting” another person’s email list. What you would do is PAY for the right to send ONE promotional email, based on the number of clicks that you’re looking for. 


Let’s say your conversion rate (people who actually buy) is 10% and you want to make $3000 PROFIT in one month. And let’s say each sale you make earns you a commission of $30. 

You would need to aim for 1300 – 1400 clicks, that will cost you $1000 – $1100. At 10% conversion rate, you would have between 130 – 140 buyers, earning you $30 each. Your GROSS income would be $3900 – $4200.

Substract your initial investment to get your profit; $2900 – $3100.

So as you can see, there’s A LOT of money to invest with Solo Ads and some campaigns will flop while others will flourish. It depends heavily on the quality of the email list that you get to promote to as well as your promotional campaign. 

Some people who sell Solo Ads could even be PAYING others a few cents per click, to click on your link in your email. Naturally, this type of traffic will NEVER convert as all these people care about is getting the few cents that they are making by clicking. It’s called Paid-To Click. 

There is a lot of risk involved with this way of making money online so that’s why I do not recommend it. 


1) Taught by successful affiliate marketers

2) Training is in video format and easy to follow

3) Legit training – These will bring some results

4) Some new concepts

5) Money back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Not 100% free traffic strategies

3) More work involved than depicted

4) Does not help you build a trustworthy brand

5) Does not disclose ALL costs associated with running such a business

Is The Secret Weapon A Scam? – Let’s Wrap Up

Honestly, I really don’t think that The Secret Weapon is a scam. You can find some legit training and even a unique twist that will make a difference in your online business. The strategies taught are legit and you can really make some money with it.

However, I do not appreciate that the sales page is so hyped up. I don’t like how many of the claims made are misleading and as such, don’t result in a solid buying decision. What is promised on the sales page is not what you will find inside of the program.

Additionally, the total cost of the program is not disclosed unless you BUY the system, which does not result in an informed buying decision. And the way that things are taught don’t really help with creating a sustainable income for the long-term. They don’t show you how to brand yourself and stand out.

Misleading others in order to make money from them is an absolute NO-NO in my book and that’s why I NEVER promote these kinds of program and NEVER want to entice you to sign up for them using bonuses, like so many other online marketers will do. 

I could make A TON of money promoting these programs but because I have been a victim of scams before and have had to buy MANY programs to be able to piece things together, I lost a ton of money. That’s why I just don’t think that these methods are worth it and don’t recommend The Secret Weapon.

What Now, Reyhana?

I know, it does help that you’ve gotten my opinion on this program and if you’ve decided not to sign up for The Secret Weapon, it does not solve the issue that you’re currently having; actually finding a legit program that will help you make the money that you want to make online.

So that’s why I will be telling you how I make money online, so you can decide whether that could be a viable option for you. The way that I make money is called affiliate marketing. It’s so easy to understand the concept and to implement it.

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online where you promote a product and when you faciliate a sale through your own affiliate link, you make a commission as a thank you for helping the company make a sale.

Literally, all I do to make money online is sit in front of my laptop, type an article, make sure to include a keyword and my affiliate link. Google will then work the magic of getting me FREE traffic to my website, where they convert to buyers like crazy! That’s how I’m making a passive income online.

Of course, it is easier said than done, because there’s some training that you’ll need to go through to understand the whole concept, but once you do, all you really need to do is rinse and repeat the process of writing the article and you’ll be good to go! Isn’t that just fantastic?

The best part is that you can check out the training, the tools and the support FIRST HAND and FOR FREE to make an informed decision, unlike The Secret Weapon. So even if you find that it’s not for you, at least you’re giving it your best shot, without having to invest in it first.


Once you sign up, I’ll see you on the other side and get in touch with you. That way, I will be able to help you to the best of my ability.

Til then, stay safe!



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