The Shopify Affiliate Program – Is it worth promoting?

If you have been researching on ways to make money online, you must have come across creating your own eCommerce store at least once, as a way to make a great income from home. Shopify is one usch platform that offers eStore building.

The Shopify Affiliate Program is said to help you make money by promoting one of the 4 plans available, and each time there is an upgrade, you earn commissions.

Let’s take a look closer at the value Shopify is offering for your prospective sign-ups and whether the compensation plan is one that you should take into consideration.

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At A Glance

Name: Shopify Affiliate Program


Owner(s): Tobias Lutke

Training: Yes

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Successful Stories: Yes

Pricing: Free sign up

Recommended?: Yes


Shopify was founded in 2006, and has since then become one of the leading eCommerce-website-building platforms today. It has done beautifully with keeping up with the evolution of technology as well as catering for the needs of its users and customers.

At first, the owners of Shopify has no intention of making it into a full-service eCommerce-building platform. It started off being a place online selling Snowboards, then its name changed to Jaded Pixels, finally rolling over to Shopify in 2006.


First of all, I would like to emphasize how easy it is to sign up as an affiliate with Shopify. You definitely would have higher chances of being approved as an affiliate if you already have a blog / website that you can use to promote shopify.

When I signed up, there was also a specific question that asked about the nature of my website. If your website/blog is attached to the MMO niche or anything similar, then I don’t believe it would matter whether you are just starting it or whether you have a well-established website, you will get approved.

Let me also tell you that there needs to be a few things present within your website in order for you to get approved, and those are your Privacy Policy, there needs to be a few articles on yor website already, you need to have some engagement to show that you are active and so on…

It took me about 2 days to get approved.


Everything you need is right at your fingertips when it comes to managing your referrals, your payout, your campaigns and accessing your affiliate links and banners to help you promote Shopify.

The most important tool within the program would be your affiliate link of course, because this is what will enable you to start making money immediately. This link can be posted within the contents of your website, it can be posted on social media, like your Facebook page, your twitter account, instagram as well as Pinterest.

Promoting your link is not the only way to make money with Shopify. The two other ways you can make money would be developing themes and apps to be sold on the App Store within Shopify. You can choose to offer the themes and apps for free, or you could choose to charge, even a small fee, for your hard work.


The two ways that you can receive help, would be through the the Shopify Help Centre and through chat. These are both available 24/7. I will have to say that the support at Shopify is top-notch, specially if you decide to seek help through chat. Each time I needed somebody, I was able to get in touch with them within 2 – 3 minutes and I found that the agent was very knowledgeable and helpful.


Now comes probably the most important part of this review; it’s how much money can be made promoting Shopify. When you promote the standard plans available from Shopify, you are able to make 200% of the monthly rate whenever a new referral signs up for one of them.

Looking at the monthly plans, there are three of them; the Basic plan at $29 monthly, the Shopify Plan at $79 monthly and the Advanced Shopify Plan at $299 monthly. Therefore, 200% of these monthly plans would earn you upto $598.

There is also an Enterprise plan than can be promoted, but the prices for this is tailored to the requirements and needs of the company wanting a customized plan. And with this plan, you are able to make around $2000 per referral and even more.

When you sign up, you are asked to also link your Paypal account so Shopify can send you your payments. A minimum of $25 is required to be accumulated in the account before Shopify sends you any payment.


Looking at the success history of the platform, the kinds of plans that Shopify offers and the 200% commission that it pays out to its affiliates and partners, I can safely conclude that Shopify is one of the best programs to become affiliated with and to promote in this era of MMO.

Not only is it easy to sign up but it is also easy to promote because of the tailored plans that can be applicable to just anybody. The amount of money that can also be made when you promote even the regular plans makes it an affiliate program worth the effort.

Not only will your referral be satisifed, but you can also rest assured that you are promoting a genuinely good platform that will be helping somebody else make a success online.

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Now it’s Q and A time. Was there anything I missed that you wanted to know more about? Anything that I need to go over again in other terms? Do you also have any kind of experience with the Shopify Affiliate Program?

Anything at all, please feel free to leave your comments and your questions below, and I will get back to you asap.




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