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Super affiliate marketing is when you have mastered all the steps that it takes to be an affiliate marketer and have been able to see amazing results with it. The Super Affiliate Handbook is an eBook that claims it can help you make more than just full-time income through affiliate marketing and make you a super affiliate marketer. Is it worth the buzz?

Let’s find out!

BEFORE GOING FURTHER – If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, then I suggest that you READ MY ARTICLE ON WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING IS before you read this review. It will make things much easier to understand.

At A Glance

Name: The Super Affiliate Handbook

Website: (Get it for the cheapest price here)

Author: Rosalind Gardner

Purpose: Teaches affiliate marketing

Price: $27

Recommended? Yes

Rosalind Gardner – The Author

Rosalind was a normal person just like you and me, who held a job position that had crazy hours. She had been working for the same company as an air traffic controller for 20 years before she realized that the schedules were just not working for her anymore.

She had enough of the fluctuating hours and thus turned to the internet to find work and to be able to secure a better future for herself. She just knew that she could not keep working the way she did until retirement.

She had found the wonderful world of affiliate marketing and was able to quit her job to work full-time from home, after only 2 years from starting, in 1997.

Since then, this has been her primary way of earning a living. She wrote The Super Affiliate Handbook originally in 2003, but has been updating it as things changed over the course of the years. Her training on social media, including Facebook and Pinterest is proof of that.

As you can see, she is now in this business for over 20 years and definitely is one of the best people to learn from. The eBook is not perfect, like I will soon share with you and it has a few defects, but let me show you first why it is a simply GREAT buy at $27.

What’s Great about The Super Affiliate Handbook

I am already an affiliate marketer and thus, a lot of what Rosalind discusses in her book, I know already. So my experience with affiliate marketing was able to help me judge the advice given to you by Rosalind and I literally could not help nodding as I flipped the pages.

Rosalind sets your mindset up from the get-go, telling you that although she was able to make over $430K at the time of writing that eBook, that affiliate marketing is not going make you rich quick. You had to work for that success. I can confirm what she has to say in that respect.

Affiliate marketing depends on a lot of factors and some people start seeing success faster than others.

A sound advice that she gives is to read the entire book before committing to anyting financially, such as buying a domain name or registering with an autoresponder. This will help you save money just in case you find that affiliate marketing is not for you.

The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Rosalind talks about the advantages to getting started in affiliate marketing and she gives you 17 of them. Here they are;

1) No production costs

2) Low set-up cost

3) No fees or licenses

4) Sell almost anything

5) No sales experience required

6) No employees

7) No merchant accounts

8) No inventory

9)No order-processing

10) No shipping

11) No customer service

12) Make money while you sleep

13) Worldwide marketplace

14) Work from home

15) Work anywhere in the world

16) Minimal risk

17) High income potential

And I could not agree more with her. Every single one of her reasons are on point. No hype, no lies, no fake promises.

She covers the great ways to make money as an affiliate marketing, primarily through commissions by selling a product or service, having a visitor click a link, call a number and even sign up for a free program. These are all ways you can make money as an affilaite marketer.


When Rosalind talks about the research needed in order to be successful, I am 100% with her. She opens up your mind about the thousands of niche possibilities you could base your website on. She advises to go as per your passion and a topic in which you have a lot of knowledge, but which is not too broad.

I’m glad that she gives examples of how to narrow down your topic just enough; I applaud her for that because descriptions in writing can be hard to explain and understand sometimes.

Additionally, she walks you through how to find out whether there is a demand for your selected niches and gives you a combination of free and paid tools online that you can use.

It reminds me of the platform where I myself learned affiliate marketing, which is Wealthy Affiliate. Both Rosalind and my favorite platform have that in common.

I’m also loving the plethora of different hosting options. Rosalind gives sound advice on why not to use free hosting and why it is better to invest in a paid hosting.

I also totally agree with her when she said that “Content is King”. In the affiliate marketing business, you are helping those people looking for information and the more information you have to offer about a product or topic, the more helpful you are seen.

The amount of content within a post is not all that is important, but the frequency and also the quality of the content are equally so. Rosalind covers that nicely and gives you a list of where you can go to have original content written, free and paid.

Must-haves On A Website

Doing business online is like any other business; you need to have a few things in place in order to be compliant with the online rules and to also make your website more credible and attractive.

Rosalind discusses these in more detail but the main topics she goes over are the important pages to have and important settings to set before you get to work on content.

She also goes over the importance of having a nice theme, attractive titles and covers navigating WordPress to add categories, posts and pages.

Monetizing Your Website

What I absolutely love, is how in-depth Rosalind discusses the ways to make money on your website. She advises making money through Ads and also explains how to join affiliate programs.

The do’s and dont’s list is extensive for each as well, which are in line with what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate. The research on how to choose an affiliate program is also included, which is excellent, because there are a lot of factors that come into play based on hwo much you want to earn and the kind of products you are promoting.

The information on researching affiliate programs and products to write about is also great. She lists extensive steps (actually 20 of them!) in finding out what makes a program or product great to promote and also brings up red flags about an affiliate program that you may find and that you should avoid.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Rosalind hits the nail right on the head when she says that you should be writing for people and not for search engines. Although you want search engines to be able to rank your website and to ultimately reach more people, it is imperative that you do so in a manner that will not impact readability and navigation.

What is the use of ranking high but not converting in terms of sales and revenue?

She goes through a series of step to ensure you understand what really matters to the search engines and the tools you should use within WordPress to optimize your website.

Website Maintenance

Not only is the website building part of the training extensive, but so is the part of maintaining it. We all know that the internet and technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

She gives solid advice on how to keep up and maintain your website for best performance over time. Because not only should you be able to make money with your website, you should also be able to grow your revenue and your reach.

If not, then your whole business will come crashing and all the effort you put in initially will be in vain.

What’s Not So Great About The Super Affiliate HandBook

Outdated Information

Although Rosalind gives quite some good information about where to outsource content, a few suggestions are actually dated; such as using article directories like Another one is to use PLR (Private Label Rights) which does not work now due to changes in the search engines algorhythms.

All these used to work up until a few years ago. But what happened was, as soon as the algorhythms were changed, the articles that used those methods to rank disappeared overnight. The owners of those website had to find another way to get their pages and posts on the first page of the search engines again.

Rosalind also talks about being able to change the theme of your website whenever you want to. This may have been true in the past but there are so many developers now that it can actually harm your website to change your theme, if your website has a lot of content in it.

It is best to play around with themes at the beginning and settle on one then, than having to change it down the road, because you may have to do a lot of customization and updating to bring the navigation of your website up to par.

Beware also that some themes have features that others don’t, so if you change your theme and end up finding that an important feature to you is not available, then the update would not have been worth it.

$500,000 per year?

Don’t get me wrong, this kind of income is certainly possible with affiliate marketing. The sky is the limit!

What I want to point out is that this is the amount of money that she made back in 2006, using the methods within the handbook. She did update the book from time to time and the most recent update goes back to 2013.

My question is, why didn’t she also update the cheque to show her most recent successful year? That I know would show people that the methods she teaches are still valid today and would most probably increase her revenue.

Site Build It (Now Solo Build it or SBI)

When Rosalind introduces where you to go to build your website, she talks about SBI. Please don’t bash me on this, SBI members. SBI is actually a very good platform to build a website and you will see with a little research, that a lot of the SBI websites rank very well within the search engines.

However, I have a better alternative for you to try, especially from a price point perspective. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and is the platform that helped me build the website you are on rightnow.

You can actually try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, without having to provide any payment information and keep your free account for as long as you like. Whereas for SBI, although they do have a money-back guarantee, you cannot try the program for free and you cannot keep a free account indefinitely.

>> Read About Why Wealthy Affiliate is a Better Choice HERE <<

Can You Become A Super Affiliate with The Super Affiliate Handbook?

I will be honest here because I give credit where it is due; Rosalind clearly put a lot of work into compiling the handbook and MOST of the information is 100% useful to the newbie wanting to learn what affiliate marketing is about and also about what it takes to be successful.

Also from a price point perspective, $27 is really not a lot to pay for you to get all that information. It is definitely worth the price.

However, the handbook has some dated information that could negatively impact your website. The training is also not 100% complete. Having an ebook as training material means that support can be hard to find as well.

The internet is evolving all the time and you need the kind of training that will evolve as the online world changes, which can be hard to do within an eBook. You can bet that Wealthy Affiliate evolves as times change.

And why would you PAY for something that you can find for free within Wealthy Affiliate?

For me, it always makes sense to try FREE first. It’s like when you go to the grocery store. When they release a new cookie brand, you taste the cookie sample first before actually buying the box. You don’t by-pass the samples area and go straight to buying the box, although you could get your money if you were not 100% satisfied.

It’s the same thing here!

Therefore, I suggest that you get your free account with Wealthy Affiliate.

>> Want more info before signing up? Here’s my full Wealthy Affiliate Review <<

Thank you very much for reading. If you have any questions at all for me, then please leave them in the comment section below. I would love to help you out.

If you have had any success after reading this book, then I would appreciate it if you could share your insight. What did you like or dislike about it? Was the material easy to understand form your perspective? How easy is it to get support from Rosalind herself?

Whatever path you choose to make money online, I only wish for your success.

Best from,



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