Too Damn Easy Review – Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Too Damn Easy review

Are you looking for an honest Too Damn Easy review? Well, congratulations since you’ve just found it.

Why do you want to read this review? It’s because you don’t want somebody you don’t know selling you just about anything.

And why should you believe me and trust this review? That’s because I’ve been in the make money online business for over 2 years now and I know what it takes to become successful.

I mean, I make good money online so that’s gotta count for something, right? I must be doing something right.

But anyways, if you’re wondering whether Too Damn Easy is a scam, you just gotta read this because I’ll be revealing all the things that nobody else is going to tell you. Here’s to making an informed buying decision.

Too Damn Easy At A Glance


Owner: “Mr. Q”

Purpose: Cash Gifting Scheme

Price:  $2,400+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It’s illegal!

What Is Too Damn Easy?

The first thing that is showed in the video on the sales page is stack of 100-dollar bills. In this video, Mr Q starts off by counting it and we come to know that there are a total of 600 bills.

This totals $60K and can you guess how long it took Mr. Q to make that kind of money? Well, he claims he made it in one day and that by using his “cash-gifting” system that you can make that kind of money too.

Make one year’s salary in just one day!

To be honest, I found the website shady and sketchy from the very start. Yes, making money online is a reality for many people including myself, but it’s not as easy as he claims to make $60K.

Another red flag is that we don’t know who Mr. Q really is. If this were a legitimate opportunity, why is he hiding his name and his face?

Moreover, he does not talk with much sophistication or with professionalism. All that does not really make me want to trust him at all. Would you believe any stranger approaching you with a stack of cash on the streets, saying you could be doing the same?

Then why believe somebody somebody doing the same thing, but over the internet? It’s really a wonder that this type of thing is still around in 2020.

If it was as easy as that to make money, then nobody would be poor, nobody would be struggling today and everybody would be living a comfortable life. But that’s not what’s happening, right? So this is worth questioning!

How Too Damn Easy Works

There isn’t a lot of explanation in the video, but if you visit some of the other pages using the links at the bottom of the main page, you’ll get a better idea and understanding of what Mr. Q wants you to do.

So basically, what I understood is that you’ll need to mail out postcards, with Mr. Q’s website on it. You’ll also need to tell those people your referral ID number so that if they do decide to join the program, that they become your referrals.

When they pay to join under you, you make the money.

What Mr. Q will also do is send out sequence emails to your leads to keep them in the loop and to increase the chance of them converting and joining. When they join, Mr. Q receives the money, takes his share and couriers you the rest.

He claims that you’ll receive money 6 days out of 7. That’s probably why he has various videos counting money; you do the work of sending out the postcards, people sign up, he receives the money and counts them, then sends you your share.

So far, so good, right? Until you get to the investment part. How much it actually costs you.

Well, there are a few different levels of membership that you’ll need to consider and each level includes the one before it:

1) Red Membership – $2,400 ($2000 Cash Gift + $100 Team Leader Bonus + $300 Membership Fee)

2) Green Membership – $6,600 ($6,000 Cash Gift + $200 Team Leader Bonus + $400 Membership Fee)

3) Black Membership – $18,800 ($18,000 Cash Gift + $300 Team Leader Bonus + $500 Membership Fee)

4) Purple Membership – $101,400 ($100,000 Cash Gift + $400 Team Leader Bonus + $1000 Membership Fee)

And what’s more is that these fees are recurring every 6 months. So as you can see, it’s a pretty expensive business to run and maintain. Those fees are not even including the advertising fees or other costs to run the business.

You’ll only earn from the level that you join at and the levels below it. So for example, if you’re at the Black membership and somebody joins you at the Green membership, then you’ll receive $6K in the mail (equivalent to the Cash Gift amount).

The Risks of Too Damn Easy – The Business Model

If you haven’t heard of the cash-gifting business model before, just know that it is the same as a pyramid scheme. So basically, there isn’t any product that is being sold to you or anybody else here.

The only way to make any kind of money with this business model is to recruit and it is illegal.

What you get with Too Damn Easy is similar to what you get with a program that the FTC shut down, called MOBE. At least with MOBE though, there was actual training, meetings, professional promotional materials and so on.

Too Damn Easy also reminds me of other programs that I reviewed before, like Easy 1 Up, Desktop Commission System and Secrets Of The Wealthy. They are programs that I have exposed as cash-gifting or pyramid schemes in the past.

I’m not saying that you can’t make money with these programs or even with Too Damn Easy, but the fact that this is illegal should stop you from getting involved with them.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that the program costs so much to get involved with and to maintain. It’s a big financial risk as an investment that you’re gonna have to make with a program that could potentially be shut down in the future.

Moreover, as soon as you fail to pay your membership fees, you will no longer be a member and you will no longer be able to earn from any of your referrals that decide to join or upgrade.

Personally, I think that there are just too many risks with this business model.

Is Too Damn Easy A Scam?

In my opinion, I really do think that Too Damn Easy is a scam. There are just too many red flags and the business model is very risky. Not to forget that it is also illegal.

First and foremost, we do not know who is really behind the program and who would put their face and their name to this program, knowing that it is illegal. It would just be too easy to also catch him.

The thing is that scammers or people operating such schemes will keep their identity hidden because they are either here to rob you or scam you. Always beware of programs that don’t have a verifiable owner or creator.

The amount of money that Mr. Q says that you can make is also very questionable. Like I mentioned earlier, if making money online or from home was that easy, then people wouldn’t be struggling.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is and you should avoid it.

Then, you have the cost: the higher it is, the more risk it is for you. And not only is that a problem, but you also have the fact that this is a pyramid scheme, where the only way to make any money is to recruit. There’s no product at all.

It could very well be shut down if the program is caught by the FTC, which means all your investments will go down the drain and Mr. Q will be the only one laughing all the way to the bank.

This is way too shady and I do not recommend it. Too Damn Easy is a scam in my opinion that should be avoided.

Here’s Where I Tell You How I Make Money Online

Because you’re still looking for that solution, right? You’re still looking for that legit way to make money online. You’re probably disappointed that Too Damn Easy isn’t as EASY as Mr. Q claimed, so here’s me sharing my method.

I’m an affiliate marketing and don’t freak out by reading this word because the work is actually very easy. It is easy but it takes some learning, technical know-how as well as lots of patience to bare fruit.

So no, I’m not going to say that you’re gonna make $1000s like me, but what I can say is that if you work hard on it, that you’re going to reap the results of that hard work for SURE!


My free guide is going to show you and explain to you how you can get started for absolutely free. Even if you don’t take up my recommendation right away, you’ll still be able to follow my progress and see how I grow online, to prove to you that it works.

Not only will you get a free guide to making money online the easiest way, but you’ll also receive a free 6-Day course on how to avoid the pitfalls and what you’ll need to focus on in the beginning of trying to grow an online business.

Everything is free here, so why not sign up for my guide and get all the details you need to know? You can decide on whether to sign up for my recommendation AFTERWARDS. At least you’ll be able to say you’ve checked it out.

Thanks for reading my Too Damn Easy review. Have you had any experience with this website? Have you made any money with the program? How helpful is Mr. Q? Does he really reply to all your emails and calls? I would love to hear more!

Lots of Love,



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