Traffic Multiplier Review – Will You Make $200+ Per Day?

Welcome to this Traffic Multiplier Review!

If you’ve landed on this review, then you’re most probably wondering whether this program is going to work. Is it a scam or is it really a program that will help you make triple figures everyday with the use of completely free tools? What is it that you really get inside and is this program worth it?

Well, this review is going to be completely genuine and honest. I do NOT promote this program so rest assured that by the end of this review, you’ll have all the answers you need to decide whether Traffic Multiplier is what you need, to take you to the next level with making money online.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Traffic Multiplier At A Glance


Owners: Glynn/Leigh

Purpose: Drive leads and multiply conversions

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Traffic Multiplier?

After going through the sales page and the sales video, what I understand about Traffic Multiplier is that it’s supposed to be something like a hub that will put you in front of free tools that will allow you to get traffic and sales. So they are advertising ZERO start-up costs and profits within 24 hours.

I agree that all the other gurus talk about is how much money they’ve made but never talk about the money that they invested into the business to make that money. I’ve reviewed hundreds of products that never tell you what the cost of running their business will be.

Putting you in front of free tools and giving you the training that you need to succeed is all good because I use a lot of free tools myself. However, I must tell you that you’re not going to make money within 24 hours, especially not if you are a newbie.

They advertise that these tools can be set up really fast and therefore, you’ll be able to profit very fast too, but that’s not what typically happens, especially not if you are a newbie. There’s normally more work required, as well as more time needed, in order to draw in the $200+ days that are advertised.

If it was so easy to make money online then don’t you think that everybody would have been doing it? What would be the need to slave away at a job that will pay you $400 or less per week, when you will be able to bring it $200 within 24 hours? Seeing as the internet runs 24/7, that’s $1400 per week!

Additionally, I must also tell you of a few things that I found contradicting on the sales page. They tell you that you’re not going to need ANY money to start up and yet, they start talking about “Spending just pennies per dollar to get the same results”.

And I found the same thing in their disclaimer. Your success is dependent on “financial resources”, which you are told would not be needed on the sales page. Hmmmm…

Moving on, at first you are told that you won’t need to spend money on an autoresponder but further down the page, they mention one that they will introduce you to that will have a 30-day trial. Sure, there’s no money upfront but that’s still not COMPLETELY FREE, like they advertise, right?

Don’t you get the feeling that something is kinda fishy here? Like there’s something they’re trying to hide? For me, I’m kind of thinking that there are actually going to be some paid tools or methods within the program that is NOT going to be free which tells me that Glynn and Leigh are probably not being transparent with you.


Before proceeding, I just want to bring something to your attention. If you scroll down all the way and take a look at the Income Disclaimer, you’ll find that instead of their sales page being the one depicted, it’s Million Dollar Replicator, which is actually a product that I have reviewed in the past that I thought was SCAMMY.

Now don’t ask me what kind of relationship Traffic Multiplier has with Million Dollar Replicator, because I simply can’t be sure.

But it looks to me, and it is my OPINION, that Glynn and Leigh might actually have been involved with the creation of Million Dollar Replicator. How else would the Income Disclaimer match?

Yet, on the sales page for the program, you find a certain MICHAEL SACHS that claims he is the creator. Seeing as Michael Sachs uses a stock photo, I have a feeling that Glynn and Leigh were using deceptive tactics and lies to sell you the program.

This is really adding more to my skepticism towards Traffic Multiplier. I know that people change but if these guys have lied in the past as well as used deceptive sales tactics, then they could do it again and if they are, I don’t want anything to do with their products.

The Training

Going through the training, I didn’t really find anything that’s remarkable but I do like that the training is in video format. I feel like I always learn better when something is shown to me, rather than explained in words or in a PDF.

The training is there to teach you how to build a website, how to create landing pages, how to set up your email capture pages and your push notifications. What I do like is that they teach you how to create an email sequence and how to retarget your visitors.

But on the other hand, I have to give you disappointing news; I was right to suspect that you DO need money to start up this kind of business. And not only to start, but you will be taught primarily how to drive traffic to your website and landing pages through a paid method.

So that’s not information that was relayed on the sales page and that is completely misleading. You are actually led to believe that you will NOT need any money to start this business. I do know that you have to realistically spend money to make money, and I’m sure you do too, but even then, they lied to you.

You do need money for the website, which will be around $15 per year for your domain name registration and you’ll also need hosting that you can get for around $5 per month for your first year. However, be advised that there are companies out there that will BLOAT this monthly fee after your first year so that it costs you hundreds of dollars.

Some other hosting platforms will also actually make you pay the hosting for the whole year UPFRONT! So that’s something to consider.

And when it comes to the traffic strategies, you are primarily taught how to get the maximum return from Facebook Ads, which is NOT what was promised on the sales page.

Getting traffic to your website is the start of the whole mechanism and can be considered a start-up cost. Without first getting traffic to your website or landing page, there is no way that you’re going to make ANY money and there is no way to re-target your visitors later.

There is a video on some free traffic idea, but that’s all they are; ideas! They don’t go into the details to show you especially how to get free traffic coming. It will be up to you to find the specifics of that information elsewhere.

Truth be told, I’m really disappointed but I did see it coming with all the red flags and the contradictions on the sales page.

Does Traffic Multiplier Work As Advertised? *CHUCKLES

Obviously, because of all the costs that you’ll have to consider, Traffic Multiplier already does not work as they advertised. But if you are a newbie, then there’s more for you to consider before you get this program.

I have to say that the training is heavily incomplete. Before getting into any kind of business, you have to know beforehand around WHAT type of products you want to sell or promote, and what customers you want to target. It’s called a NICHE. If you don’t know how to choose a niche, what would all this training be good for?

And if you don’t have a niche, around what products will you be creating your pages? What information will you put on your pages to promote them? What pictures are you going to use to make your products look as attractive as possible? The training does not even show you WHERE to get products either.

And what about the money? How will you collect it for purchases made? There are so many different METHODS that you could use to make money online and you’re not even given training on even ONE method here. The most common ways would be dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping will act very much like a brick and mortar store but the products need to be packed and shipped to your customers. You won’t have to buy wholesale or to store the products yourself. With dropshipping, your suppliers handle the packing and shipping directly to your customers.

And affiliate marketing is where you are given special links, also known as affiliate links, to put into your pages that redirect your customers to purchase the product on the vendor’s website. For each sale generated through your affiliate link, you’ll make a commission.

So where will you find suppliers for dropshipping? Where will you find affiliate links? There’s no training at all. This is very poor training for a newbie and you wouldn’t be able to make

Is Traffic Multiplier A Scam?

No, I have to say that Traffic Multiplier is not a scam. Even if you’re not given what’s on the sales page and the results are not going to be the same, you still have Clickbank’s 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are unsatisfied and this program has not worked for you, can always ask for your money back.

Doing so, you wouldn’t have lost any money.

However, even if I don’t think it’s a scam, I don’t think that Traffic Multiplier is good enough. For one, the sales page is hyped up. There were also a lot of contradictions which I found weird and felt skeptical. I was right to be too, because the method taught DOES require a start up cost, contrarily to what you’re promised.

Additionally, there’s also some kind of connection with Million Dollar Replicator, a program that I had revealed before as being MOST LIKELY a scam and so, it does not make me want to trust Glynn and Leigh.

The training is also heavily incomplete. There isn’t any training on how to choose a niche, where to find products or any method of how to make money, not even the most common ones like dropshipping and affiliate marketing. If you don’t know HOW and WHERE the money is gonna come from, then what’s the use of this training?

I have to say that Traffic Multiplier had a lot of potential but because this is geared towards the newbie, I just don’t think that the newbie will be able to succeed with only the training that’s within.

Therefore, I would have to say that I do NOT recommend Traffic Multiplier.

Passive Online Income Secrets REVEALED!

I’m so disgusted by those programs that don’t work as advertised and before founding the ONE program that has worked for me, I was falling for them one after the other, always paying for them but never making anything in return. Now, I have an online business that’s bringing in a passive income.

All I do everyday, is type up articles that takes me between 2 and 3 hours and I just have to make sure that I have included keywords, so Google, Bing and Yahoo can send me visitors and buyers for free, as well as my affiliate links to make sure that I get compensated for each sale that are generated through them.

Yes, the model that I used to make money online is affiliate marketing and it is the best method for newbies. Like I said, all you have to do is type up articles and they don’t take that long. The articles are searched on a daily basis and can bring you money for years.

I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that you will make thousands in your first month. As with anything new and legit, there is some learning and some work, and you have to be patient and let the business grow before you start getting results but in the end, it’s going to be worth it because I know some people that make upwards of $10K per month.

What if I told you that you could try the same training program for free? There’s a paid version but you don’t ever have to upgrade if you don’t want to. The free version will be available to you for as long as you want to use it. And what’s more, is that you’ll get access to me directly.


I’m being as transparent as I can with you here. I’m sure once you join the program, you’ll find it’s very different compared to the others that you might have tried before. If I wanted to scam you, I would have done it with just any rubbish, like Traffic Multiplier, and it sure as heck wouldn’t be free.

Sign up now! You won’t regret it! I’ll get in touch with you on the inside.

Have you had experience with Traffic Multiplier? Did it work for you? What did you like or dislike about it? Do you have any questions at all about the program or about making money online in general? Leave me a comment below. I’ll love to hear from you and help you out… 🙂

Your Friend,


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