Traffix Z Review – WARNING! What They Don’t Tell You

Traffix z review

If you’re looking into Traffix Z, then you’re probably already somewhat into online marketing and struggling with getting traffic. Or perhaps, you heard good things about Traffix Z and are trying to get started with it to earn online.

But what they don’t tell you is what I’m going to tell you in this honest Traffix Z review. I went over so many reviews, written and videos, and I can seriously tell that they are from affiliates trying to sell the program to you with lies!

That’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands to give you all the UGLY truth about Traffix Z because I just can’t stand it when people lie just to make a sale. I know you work hard for your money, just like I do. You deserve the truth!

Traffix Z At A Glance


Creators: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari

Purpose: Affiliate marketing through a Blog

Price: $22+

Do I Recommend It?: No! This piece of software does work to some extent but it won’t get you the results that you are looking for. This is NOT a shortcut to making money online. It’s a shortcut to get on the BAD side of Google.

What Is Traffix Z?

Jason and Mosh make some pretty bold claims when it comes to using Traffix Z and the results that you can get with it. It’s a software that will build “commission engines” that will supposedly bring you traffic and sales in about 1 minute.

There’s no hard work to be done because Traffix Z is a “set and forget” type of software, where you set it up once and the money keeps coming in. They claim you could make $3,600 simply using this app.

You’re going to piggyback off major publishers’ work and get yourself free traffic and sales on autopilot.

Yeah, as if that’s gonna work! Jason and Mosh are product creators and have been launching 1 – 3 products every single month for years! This is what they do for a living. If their products really worked, then why would they have to create so many?

The truth is that the income proofs they show are probably from selling their own products and not really using Traffix Z. Moreover, it feels like I’ve seen the same claims being made before with the following products;

1) Purx

2) Profitorial (By Jason himself)

3) Instant Guru

So as you can see, it’s nothing new and it might even be a rehashed software by Jason. It got repackaged and renamed and voila! He can advertise it as a new product and con people into buying it again. And Profitorial wasn’t that great either!

As you can see, all they care about is selling their software to make money. From experience, they’ve never ever helped anybody make money online through their software. If the software really worked, people wouldn’t stil be struggling today.

And if you don’t believe me, wait until you see what I discovered inside!

Inside Traffix Z – How It Works

What you need to know is that it won’t only cost you $22 for the software. There will be upsells that these two are gonna wanna push on you even before you get to the members’ area. I suggest not buying them.

The first reason is due to the upsells not being refundable. The money bak guarantee that these guys are offering is only fo the front end, meaning, the $22 that you initially pay.

The other reason is that you don’t even know how good the front end is, so why would you take the risk of spending more money, especially since you can’t get a refund on them?

But anyway, what you get inside Traffix Z is a software that will find ready-made articles for you that will supposedly rank on Google. That’s how you’ll get traffic.

Those ready-made articles will rank on Google and when people perform a search in relation to one of the posts, they’ll click on that link and get to your website.

Then, the software will allow you to add affiliate links from various places, like Ebay, and you also have the option of pasting in any other affiliate link from other affiliate networks, such as Amazon and ClickBank.

The “beauty” of this software, as they put it, is that each person will be forced to refer 3 other people to get their free gift, after also giving you their email address. This ensures that you are getting a total of 4 email addresses to build your list for each visit.

So obviosly, you’ll need to already have an account with an autoresponder service and the three that you’ll be able to link up with Traffix Z are Mailchimp, Aweber and GetResponse.

This all sounds nice and dandy but beginners have a hard time understanding WHY they don’t get results with this type of software. That’s why I’ll tell you all about it!

The Flaws – And How It REALLY Works!

Yes, there are MAJOR flaws when it comes to Traffix Z and I am appalled that the affiliates of this program don’t tell you about it, when they know very well that it won’t yield results.

Here you are, thinking that you’ll get ready-made articles, and SO MANY of them, for only $22, right? Think about it: high-quality, unique content that are over 1000 words usually will cost you $50+ each.

So you can only imagine the quality of the content on this software.

Moreover, these are the same articles that everybody who buys Traffix Z will have access to. And that will result in multiple people publishing the SAME content and guess what? This results in Google HATING your website.

Google does not like duplicate content and to make sure that nobody games the algorithm, Google is always updating their formula. So, you might be able to game it for a bit, but as soon as another update hits, your post is gone and so is your business.

Moreover, it’s not so easy to just copy and paste an affiliate link. Most affiliate networks require that you apply with them to become an affiliate and very often, this requires for you to have an existing website, with existing traffic.

Without enough traffic coming to a website through Google, you will not get approved. This is the case to get approved for Amazon, for Ebay, for Google Adsense and some others.

So when you’re not getting traffic in the first place, it’s no use having a software like that. You could create a lot of nice looking articles with the help of this software, but you won’t sell anything. You won’t make any money.


1) Money back guarantee

2) ??


1) Lies and misleading information on the sales page

2) Rehashed product by Jason – it’s nothing new

3) No proof that income was really earned using Traffix Z

4) No training

5) No SEO method = no rankings = no visitors = no commissions!

6) No real support because Jason and Mosh created so many products and continue to do so. They both have the smae 24 hours everyday. With the number of copies that are sold (meaning, with the number of people they fool) they don’t ever have time to reply to your inquiries or cries for help

Is Traffix Z A Scam?

It really depends on your perspective and your definition of a scam. Sure, these people are not hidden and they are really successful marketers, but that does not mean that they really want to help you.

They just want to help themselves, especially since they claim this to be a new method, when it was a method that Jason himself has created before. Putting a rehashed product on the market just shows you how lazy they are.

Moreover, I do think that they are liars and the information that they and their affiliates give are so misleading! They use proper SEO methods that work for their website, and yet, they won’t teach you what really works.

They prey on people who are looking for shortcuts and that’s how they are able to make money. They are not really looking to help anybody else earn. They only care about the money that they can make from those naive people.

I hope that you’re not going to be one of them and buy their products because since I’ve known these guys, their products haven’t really blown me away. Well, that’s not true. They blew me away FAR from them, LOL!

But like I said, you won’t get real results with Traffix Z. You won’t get any traffic, like they claim because SEO does not work like that.

Here’s The REAL Way To Earn Online Through A Blog – With PROOFS!

If I were you, i would stop looking for shortcuts that are a complete waste of money and time. I would start thinking about what it REALLY takes to earn a consistent online income. And you have to understand what this entails.


Yes, without doing any work and always looking for shortcuts, you’re not gonna get anywhere. There definitely are some things that can be automated in an online business, but not in the way that you think.

Affiliate marketing really works and there is a ton of proof online. If you want some proof that the method that I use works, then take a look at these. They’re not millions but at least, I’m growing it every single week!

My way of making money with affiliate marketing is to do SEO the right way! I did the work and that’s why you are able to find my website on Google today. If I didn’t you wouldn’t find me here.

It’s the best method because that way, you are attracting people to you, rather than you having to pursue them and beg them to buy from your affiliate link.


And not only will you get the guide, but you’ll also have access to my free 6-day email course that will start as soon as tomorrow. You’ll get step by step training and also access to the free platform where I personally got started.

That way, you can be sure that you are not fed BS just for the sake of me making a sale! It’s free, so I’m not making money here. It’s genuinely to help you out.

So get my free guide now before you lose any more money. It’s time to say NO to those lies from those fake gurus and say YES to real online success.

Thanks for reading ym Traffix Z review and as usual, I request that you leave a comment below sharing your experience with this software or with these two fake gurus. I know of some others whose experience weren’t that great.

Lots of Love,


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