Tube Crusher Review – Fool-Proof Way to Make $2K everyday?

Are you curious about what Ciaran, the founder of Tube Crusher, has to show you about making money online on Youtube? Is what he says in his sales video really true, or is Tube Crusher a scam?

Well, it’s a good thing you stumbled across my Tube Crusher review because I am going to tell you EVERYTHING about it. Some other people who show up on the first page of Google, try to pitch the sale up to you, without any proof. But me, I will give you the proof.

I can tell you rightnow that I will be uncovering some surprising facts about this product.

At A Glance

Name: Tube Crusher


Owner: “Ciaran”

Purpose: Help you make money online on Youtube

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended?: Nu-uhh!

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Ciaran’s Promises to You

In order for us to understand whether the program will work or not, we need to go through the sales video together. We need to put what Ciaran says into perspective.

So what he promises you, is that you could make upto $700K (based on last year’s income from his new members), with only about 15 minutes of work every single day. He explains that you don’t need any special skills, digital expertise or any special equipment to make this work.

He talks about you being able to sleep in in the mornings, avoiding the rush hour traffic, getting away from your abusive boss and even completely paying off your debts like your credit card and your mortgage.

He takes the example of PewDiePie on Youtube and explains that he makes an estimated $15M every year. However, new Youtubers are all but failing and he claims that’s because people don’t have his method and tools.

A strange point he makes, is that he cannot divulge his full name and prefers to remain anonymous. I’ll explain why I found it strange in the next section of this review.

What Tube Crusher ACTUALLY is

I’m sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news but all the Ciaran claims that he is, his income, his program and the other success stories, are all FAKE.

1) Famous Youtuber? – For one, we don’t even know who he is! If he is such a famous Youtuber, don’t you think that it would have made more sense for him to reveal who he was so he could get more people to sign up for this product and learn from him? As a businessman, it really is NOT in his best interest to remain anonymous.

Therefore, I do believe that this person is not a real person after all. Choosing to remain anonymous does not really help to build trust between me and him.

Additionally, he explains that if he makes this product available to too many people, then he will get kicked out of the inner circle. You know, maybe an innder circle does exist, but only with other Youtubers that opt in. If Youtube really had collaborated with him, don’t you think that we would have known about it? It would have been headline news with Google.

2) Exagerated income figures for almost NO work – Based on the above summary of the video, you are told that you are able to make upto $700K per year, with only 15 minutes of work every single day, but that’s all lies! Making money on Youtube takes time! Ask any Youtuber how long it took them to make their first check and they will you about 4 – 6 months. And that’s a check for only $100 that they get initially..

Building an online business takes as much time as building an offline one. It takes the same amount of effort and specially, time. Ciaran only wants to tug at your heart strings and make you become emotional about your current state of affairs to make you more prone to buying his system.

He said he won’t promise that you will make $15M but he said you could easily make $700K – as if that was not impressive enough? Of course it is. He is just trying to make you think that getting those numbers are easy and not a big deal, a very common tactic used by scammers.

3) No experience, digital expertise or special skills needed – That’s another big lie! In order to be able to make real money, you need to have some digital expertise and some skills. And those will only come from experience.

So the more you practice creating videos and posting, the more you’ll understand what people like and don’t like, what attracts them to your video, and what titles will also influence them to click and watch your video.

With time, you’ll become experienced and start making serious money. It’s all a learning process that will take time. You will not be able to make as much as money as Ciaran claims within your first day.

4) One-time fee of $37 – Within the sales video, Ciaran tells you that you only need to pay the $37 to get lifetime access to this “incredible” system and says that it is one-time and that you never have to pay for anything else.

However, that is so untrue! Of course, once you’re inside the program, you will be bombarded with upsells. Scammers want MORE from you; as long as you are able to GIVE them money, they will gladly take it. The first fee of $37 is only to get your feet through the door.

If you have given then $37, the tactic is that maybe there will be some who will upgrade to the $57 package and then on to the $97 package, etc… This is all too common with these programs.

5) Fake Testimonials – That’s the biggest one of all! Those testimonials that you saw, with people confirming the amounts of money they made and how they recommend the program, are ALL fake.

To tell you the truth, they have all been hired from a freelance website called Fiverr, where they list testimonial services for as low as $5. And what’s more, these people regularly get hired by scammers to act out the testimonials. if they were really making that much money, why would they still have services listed on Fiverr?

And if so many people were finding success at the program, why not ask THEM to make a video testimonial?

Here are the profiles of these FAKE members.

Conclusion; Is Tube Crusher a Scam?

It is a scam, right-on! Not only are there so many lies within the sales video, but the testimonials are fake! These scams are created to part you with your hard-earned money without giving you the equivalent of what they SAY they will give you within the sales video.

The income figures are also unrealistic! Building an online business takes as much time as an offline one, and you have to give it time to start making you profit. And not only do you have to set it up properly but you also have to work on it relentlessly and constantly for a period of time before you can reap the profits.

So my advice to you, is NOT to listen to those people who are promoting this system because they are nothing but lying to you only to get affiliate commissions when you buy into it. I highly recommend that you stay away from this program altogether.

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