Tube Loom Review – Can You Make $1500 Within 2 Hours?

Is this true? Could Tube Loom really be the answer to your money problems? Can you really quit your job right now, work for the next 2 hours and be on your way to making $1500 this month? Does the training on there work?

If you’re asking yourself these questions and ended up on my Tube Loom Review, then I have to congratulate you for doing your research before investing into this program.

Whether the claims are true or not, we will find out by the end of this review, however, it is ALWAYS a good practice to learn more about the program rather than just blindly give them your money. Let’s discuss this program in detail to find out whether it is worth it for you.

At A Glance

Name: Tube Loom


Owner: “Charlie” or “Charlotte”

Purpose: Gives you the training to make tons of money off Youtube

Price: $39.95

Recommended?: Let’s find out… 😉

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Charlie’s Tube Loom

Let’s start by going through a recap of what Tube Loom is about. By looking at what Charlie says within her video, we will be able to dive in and compare it to what’s happening in real life.

So to start off, Charlie explains that she is making money on a little-known secret off of Youtube. She explains that people use Youtube as a search engine, even more than they use Google.

She proceeds to show you that she made $332 from only 9 minutes of work. Before jumping into the product, she goes over how hard her life was trying to find a legit way of making money online after the birth of her triplets; she didn’t want to go back to where she worked because she didn’t want to put her triplets in babysitting, which would have broken the bank for her.

She talks about her life, how she fell into numerous scams, started doing surveys that only paid a few dollars at best and how she came about finding out how Miranda, her husband’s co-worker, was making $300 a day for a few hours of work everyday off of Youtube.

She explained that she dove right into it and made $82 on her first day as a Youtuber. She claims that people who haved used her system, have been able to generate way more than that, averaging $100 – $400 every single day by simply following the training she created, namely Tube Loom.

The course will supposedly show you how to make videos without even needing a camera, talking about the good and the bad of everyday products that people need and want, and will show you where you could get products to review.

In short, she claims that Tube Loom is the ticket to being a successful Youtuber, and is the “newest, fastest and simplest” way to earning an income online.

The Reality of Things on Youtube

I’m sorry to burst your dream bubble, but most of the things that she claims, is not true at all. Yes, you can make full-time, passive income online as a Youtuber, but that requires a lot of work! Her claims are exagerated!

First of all, making money off of Youtube, is NOT a little-known secret. Why do you think there are BILLIONS of videos on Youtube? That’s because people KNOW that serious money can be made from there. She just wants to LURE you into thinking that she will be teaching you something revolutionary within Tube Loom.

And to go about claiming that she made $82 on her very first day as a Youtuber? I’m sorry, but Youtube works the very same way as Google; Google OWNS Youtube, so even if people are using Youtube as a search engine, the videos still need to RANK to get views and for you to make any sales.

If you only upload one video, do you think that Google will give importance to your video over those who have been on Youtube for years and years, with a good following and millions of views on a monthly basis? Not a chance!

Just uploading one video here and there, is not going to make you rich and you will certainly not make $82 on your first day. Youtube AKA Google, needs to know that you are uploading helpful videos for your viewers. Therefore, in order to earn that trust, you need to keep uploading videos on a consistent basis, without making a dime, over a long period of time.

What is She REALLY Teaching You?

Looking through the training, I came to know that she teaches you to make money as an affiliate marketer. If you want to know more about what it is, then HERE’S AN ARTICLE ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING that I wrote so you can better understand it.

In a nutshell, you would be signing up to promote other companies’ products and once a sale is made, you get paid a commission, which is not so hard to do, admittedly.

The hard part, is to be consistent and patient with it, because making money doing affiliate marketing is NOT a fast way of making money online, like she claims it is. Trust me, I would know, because I am an affiliate marketer myself.

The Training Itself

What you will learn within her training, is how to sign up for affiliate programs, like ClickBank and JVZoo. Yes, there will be some training about what kind of products will be most profitable to promote but she does not teach you how to CHOOSE the right product.

See, when it comes to ClickBank and JVZoo, what you have to realize is that many products on both these platforms have a high refund / chargeback rate, which means that you can easily get your commissions cut back due to the refund / chargeback.

So not only do you have to choose a product and talk about it, but you also have to choose one that will have a very small percentage of people wanting a refund. She does not go through that training.

What she teaches is the absolute basic of what you need to start a Youtube Channel, not really to scale it up to become successful with it. If you want an introduction or briefing about making money on Youtube, then it’s the right product for you, but know that you will need to invest MORE later on other products because Tube Loom is definitely not enough for you to make $100 – $400 a day.

Rebranding? Or Pitching?

What’s more, is that the videos seem like they have been taken from another program, named Easy Tube Commissions. If you research it, you will come to know that it is a program created by Dean Henry, a real person.

But why would Easy Tube Commissions be within Tube Loom? Where are the secrets uncovered by Charlie?

There could be 2 reasons for this; either the original program, called Easy Tube Commissions was not selling well and they decided to rebrand it, OR, Tube Loom uses Easy Tube Commissions as a sales pitch in order to extract more money from you.

Either way, this is a warning sign!

If it is a rebranding of the product and showing you the original training, then it means that the product was not good enough to start with and a lot of people came to know that it was simply not working. It became unpopular. So, rebranding it seemed like a good way to attract people to the program again.

Although creating a program to promote another program is legit, this only means that the person behind Tube Loom only wants more money from you; they don’t really want to teach you how to make real money off of Youtube, like they promised they would.

Amazon Associates

Charlie also talks about Amazon, which does indeed have its own affiliate program, way more trust-worthy than Clickbank and JVZoo. But although that’s the case, let me tell you that the MAXIMUM commission rate for a sale on Amazon is 10%.

Which means that you WON’T make $82 within your first day, because, this would mean that you would need to have made sales totalling AT LEAST $820, which is impossible on your first day. You need to give yourself 6 months to a year to start seeing that kind of money come in from Amazon alone.

Unverifiable Claims

One last thing I want to talk about before concluding this review, is the fact that Charlie claims people are making $100 – $400 on average every single day, simply by following the training on Tube Loom.

But, how true is that?

Yes, people are making money off of Youtube and it is VERY possible to make $100 – $400 per day, but notice how you can’t even trace these people to confirm they really made these amounts of money. She could easily have asked friends and family to write her fake success emails, in exchange for compensating them financially.

It happens all the time!

If you check out some of my other reviews of scams, namely Tube Crusher and Tube Profit Sniper, you’ll see that these scammers are hiring people from a website called FIVERR to act out fake testimonials. The people that supposedly sent Charlie these emails, could have easily been hired from Paid-to websites, to talk about how great Tube Loom is.

If the claims are unverifiable, then don’t trust them!

Do I recommend Tube Loom?

I’m pretty sure you already know the answer; no, I don’t recommend Tube Loom. The sales video is full of hype and it is very easy to fall for these claims if you don’t know how the online world works. You can certainly make lots of money on Youtube and online in general, but any kind of online business will take time to take off, just like an offline one.

The training is okay for somebody just looking to getting their feet wet with making money online by uploading videos on Youtube, but is definitely not enough to start making you $100 a day, let alone $400 a day. It is very lacking and inadequate!

Other concerns I have, is that it is either a rebranding of a product that failed in the past or is trying to sell you another program to extract more money from you. Either way, these are definitely not good signs of the program. I also have a problem with the income claims not being verifiable. There is just no way for you to know 100% whether the claims are true or not.

I want to also add that you will find a lot of people on Youtube and even within Google search, who will be talking about this product like it is the BEST thing ever, but I want to warn you that they are only pitching it up to you because they want to make a commission off the sale of this program. In other words, they’re all affiliate of this program.

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As usual, if you have any questions about Tube Loom, feel free to leave a comment below. Feel free to also ask me about my #1 Recommendation because I always love talking about it and I always reply. Else, I would love to hear from those of you have tried Tube Loom before. Are you of the same opinion as I am or not?

Cheers to your success,



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