Turbo Niches Review – Another Useless Program By Jamie Lewis?

Welcome to my honest Turbo Niches review. I know that you’re here because you want to know the truth about Turbo Niches. There are way too many people, I should say “affiliates” who are making it sound like the best program, right?

Not me! I’m not an affiliate and I will not be promoting Turbo Niches to you. What I will do on the other hand is show you the truth behind the sales page because there are too many things that won’t work as advertised inside the members area.

So is Turbo Niches really a product that will help you start affiliate marketing online the right way and make you profits, or is it one of those low-quality products that’s not worth your time and money?

Let’s take a look at the truth, for a change.

Turbo Niches At A Glance

Website: TurboNiches.com/live

Creator: Jamie Lewis and David Kirby

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend It?: No! Though you can take away some good things from this program, it won’t really make you the thousands of dollars that you see on the sales page. Training is also very shallow!

What Is Turbo Niches?

I always have a good laugh whenever Jamie releases a new product because I think he thinks of himself as a joker. His sales pages are always unique and out of the ordinary.

It does not make the sales pages true or the product worth it though. I’ve taken a look at so many of Jamie’s products and they don’t work as advertised for the most part. Is Turbo Niches another one of them?

Well, he claims that Turbo Niches will activate “free traffic discharge on autipilot”, meaning that there will be so many people who will be driven to your offers and you’ll make money that way, through sales made through your affiliate link.

You’ll make thousands of dollars even if you are beginner with this program. There are 9 traffic sources and you’ll even receive training with them.

He says that there are only 3 steps to making profits with Turbo Niches and that’s to login and enter your affiliate ID for the offer, then activate the DFY campaigns and then in 5 clicks, you’ll receive traffic for them and make commissions.

Yeah, if things were as easy as that, then I myself would have become a millionaire by now. I’ve been an affiliate marketer fro almost 3 years and if I could only use those 3 steps to make money, I wouldn’t be here writing this review rightnow.

Those sales pages are meant to make the products look so good and make you think that they work well too. The income proofs that Jamie shows you are also drool-worthy but he doesn’t prove at all he made that money by using Turbo Niches.

He might have an impressive platinum plate from Clickbank, but will he REALLY show you what you need to know to earn GREAT money online? We’ll have to take a deeper look to see.

Inside The Member’s Area – How It Works

I have to tell you that before you get into the member’s area, you’ll be asked to purchase upsells. Don’t do that under any circumstances because the money back guarantee is only for the $17 you initially pay. It does not cover the upsells.

Moreover, you don’t even know how good (or bad) the front end is so why would you dish our more money?

Anyways, when you get to the dashboard, there will be 2 welcome videos. Those will welcome you to the platform and do some mindset training.

Then, there will be these different tabs on the left;-

1) Turbo Niches – List of niches that are trending on ClickBank and other platforms and will also give you a small list of keywords to use for the promotion of the product.

2) Turbo Business Calculator – Based on the amount of money you input into the calculator and in how long you want to earn it, this will give you a list of different things you can do to get to that goal.

3) Turbo Biz Builder – Gives you a break-down of the amount of traffic you would usually need to send to a particular offer in order to make a certain amount of money. So for example, if you want to make $1,800 selling a product that costs $37 in general, then you would need to send 500 visitors and make at least 50 sales.

4) Turbo 5 Click – This is the 5 clicks that he talks about in the sales page. The first step is to choose from a list of niches. The second step is to download campaigns, which are email swipes. The third step is to sign up for the page-builder software. The fourth is to build our your pages and then the fifth is a list of different traffic ideas.

5) Turbo Traffic Suite – A keyword tool that will allow you to look for the best keywords to use for SEO as well as for ads.

6) Promote Custom Offers – Get approval to promote their high-ticket offer, meaning that you’ll make hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale.

Then you’ll get some extra tools that I personally find to be really low-quality, as those can be found for free online.

1) URL Shortener – This will shorten your affiliate links (Bit.ly is free and can be used for this)

2) Article re-writer – Use this tool to spin content that you copy from elsewhere and that wil supposedly re-create the content for you or refresh the content so you can get ranked on Google (NOT! I’ll explain soon)

3) Graphic Editor – VERY basic graphic editor for things like thumbnail or blog post image creation. It looks likie Canva but the best thing to do is to sign up with Canva for free and you still get better tools to use.

4) Landing Page Editor – It’s a shortcut to the page editor found in Step 3 under Turbo 5 Clicks

5) Video Tutorials – Some training that is so completely shallow and that won’t really give you any idea on how to make sales with Turbo Niches.

The Big Flaws That Will Prevent Success For A Newbie Using Turbo Niches

Where do I even start?

Yes, there is a lot that you’re getting with this software but is it worth the money? Definitely not!

The program provides just information and tools that you can find elsewhere for completely free. You don’t even need to buy Turbo Niches to make use of them. And most of the free ones are even BETTER than what Jamie provides here.

You could have great landing pages, great email swipes and great offers, but without training on how to actually get them in front of people, you won’t make any money.

There is no traffic training here, just a list of ideas from where you can get traffic. This means that you’ll need to either buy the upsells to HOPEFULLY get some traffic training or buy some other traffic training that you probably are not sure whether it will work or not.

There’s the Traffic Suite which is keyword too, but if you don’t know how to use it or where to use it, then it is practically useless. 

The content spinner or article re-writer makes you think that all you’ll need to do is copy from other websites, paste it in there and click on “spin” to get fresh content to rank on Google, but that’s not gonna happen.

That’s because this is a machine without any kind of common sense. The grammar won’t be good and it will use synonyms that won’t match the intention of the sentence and sometimes, it might even cut and paste sentences through out the article where it won’t make sense.

I think it’s useless! It’s the fastest way to get UNRANKED with Google to be honest.

There are too many things that just won’t make it easy for a newbie to make money with this program.


1) At least 2 tabs out of the 11 are helpful, in my honest opinion

2) Money back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) You won’t get results if you only use Turbo Niches as a newbie

3) Sub-par tools provided. You can get better tools elsewhere for completely free

4) Article spinner is the best way to get on the bad side of the search engines like Google

5) VERY Shallow training 

6) NO traffic training at all – you only get a handful of ideas on where to get traffic, but not the HOW

Is Turbo Niches Worth It?

Absolutely not! I really don’t think that Turbo Niches is worth it because there are too many things that are missing for you to be able to become successful with this software.

Jamie just skips so many parts that are so essential to making a business successful. 

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s great to have good tools, a great-looking page and a irresistible offer, but if you can’t get people to see this offer, then you won’t make a dime.

Jamie does not go into depth to show you how each of the traffic methods work and that’s the biggest flaw! I’m not sure if you will get more training if you buy any of the upsells, but at this point, I woudn’t trust him.

The front end is already so far from the picture that Jamie painted of it on the sales page, right? So why would we believe him if he wants to sell us more stuff?

Would you give a stranger who lied to you a second chance? Sorry, but I wouldn’t. If he wants my business, he just needs to be upfront with me from the beginning.

Either the sales page needs to reflect what’s really inside of the program or he needs to change what’s inside to match what’s being said on the sales page.

But obviously, he isn’t gonna do that. He is a salesman and he is there to sell you his product. It does not look like he is interested in helping you really make money online. All that he wants is to make money off of you.

So no, Turbo Niches is NOT a product that I would recommend.

The BEST Way To Start Affiliate Marketing – With PROOFS!

If you want REAL results, then you need to stop looking for shortcuts. You need to be willing to work for it! You need to be willing to learn and to be coachable. You need to forget about getting rich quick.

And I speak from experience! The more you’re gonna go looking for shortcuts, the more of these kinds of products that you’ll find and those are a complete waste of your money because they won’t get you anywhere.

That’s why I want to show you how affiliate marketing is really done. I do it in a way that allows me to ATTRACT people to me, rather than paying for traffic to get my products out there or begging people to buy.

And I show you how to do that in my Free Guide. And moreover, it works! Take a look!

And another proof!


And say NO to these fake gurus that claim to want to help you when all they want is to fill their pockets with your hard-earned money. It’s time to really take this into your own hands and be reasonable and logical.

Get my free guide now to learn what these are hiding from you, while they’re busy selling you stuff that does not work.

Thanks for reading my Turbo Niches review and as usual, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment below telling us of your experiences with this program, that would be most helpful.

Lots of Love,


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