Ultimate Paydays Review – Is $1300 A Day Possible?

Making $15,000 a week sounds amazing and you do know that this kind of money is possible on the Internet. You wish you could make that kind of money too. Rick states that you can Copy, Edit and Paste your way to profits with his system that will be life-changing for you.

In this Ultimate Paydays Review, I will be going over the promises that Rick makes, his income claims, as well as what the system really is about. You’ll find out by the end of this review whether this system is a scam or whether you can count on it to change your life drastically.

At A Glance

Name: Ultimate Paydays

Website: UltimatePaydays.com

Owner: Rick Owens

Purpose: Make Money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37 + Upsells

Do I Recommend it?: No… Read further to find out why…

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The Promises

The video starts off telling you that it is incredibly easy to make money online this year. You could bring $230, $497 or even upto $1300 every single day. It’s the same system that Rick uses to bring in an average of $15K every single week, almost on autopilot.

He explains how he himself wasted time and money on get-rich-quick schemes that didn’t work and that now, he is making passive income with this system only working 30 minutes or less a day. It’s so easy, even a newbie without any kind of skills or experience, can make it work.

The two requirements that you need, according to him, is a computer with an internet connection and a “set-it-and-forget it” system, that will bring you money automatically. All you need to do is find a product to promote (there are plenty you can promote on the internet), find people to buy your product and finally, you get paid!

Rick says that you don’t have to worry about how this all comes together right now, because he will show you step-by-step of what you need to do, to earn big. It’s what you have been waiting for, to be able to change your life around; quit that day job, pay off your debts, ride in that sports car and live the life of your dreams.

So, is Rick Owens to be trusted or is this system a complete scam?

What Ultimate Paydays Really Is

I have not bought the program myself, because I didn’t feel the need to. All the signs that I have found within the sales video, point to a scam. And I’ll explain why.

The video’s sob story is used to pull at your emotional strings to make you buy the system. If you have not noticed, there is absolutely no information about how the program works, there was no sneak-peak as to what the member’s area looks like and there is no free trial to let you try the system to see if it works for you.

Another sign of scam is the income proof. You see, making money online is totally possible, because I make money online too. But showing you big paychecks like this guy does here, and making you believe that this paycheck was so easy to earn, makes this program a scam, because it’s not that easy to make money online.

If it were, then everybody would be doing it.

Additionally, you are not even given reassurance that this “Rick Owens” is even a true person. In my opinion, it’s just a made-up name that the scammer will change when creating a new make-money-online system. This is very typical of these scammers, so we’re not able to identify who really is behind them.

All these are very common among scams or low-quality products, because all they want is to get to your money. $37 may not be a lot to you (or it may be), but just imagine if 200 people like you bought this system within a month. That would make the scammer almost $7500 in that month.

A truly ethical approach would NOT have been using luring tactics and making small talk to convince you, but would have been to show you inside the system and how it works, what you’ll learn and so on.

Be Cautious of The Income Proof

Through out the video, Rick showed you income proofs and I was able to recognize them as being proof from ClickBank. It is definitely possible to make money on ClickBank and the two alternatives are to either become a vendor and to sell your own products, or to become an affiliate and promote others’ products.

From what I was able to gather from the video, Rick wants to show you how to make money as an affiliate. However, his ClickBank proofs never show you whether he made that money as a vendor or an affiliate. I have a hunch that he makes money as a vendor though and that’s the income proof that he was showing you.

Ultimate Paydays is sold through ClickBank, and thus making it possible that the scammer behind this program, also sells other scammy products on ClickBank, and that’s how he was able to make so much money; by scamming others.

Another fact about ClickBank income proofs is that they can be falsified. If you go to Youtube and type in “How to fake Clickbank earnings”, you’ll have hundreds of videos showing you how to do it. Naturally, I’m not really surprised at the big numbers on these proofs.

So please, don’t believe everything that these people tell you, unless the claim can be verified, which in this case, they can’t.

Ultimate Paydays Review – Wrapping Up

I cannot speak 100% to what’s inside the program, but based on my experience with other similar products that I have bought, like 60 Minute Profit Plan and EZ Bay Payday, I do believe that Ultimate Paydays is a scam. I don’t recommend that you sign up for it, because there is a slim chance that you will become successful with it.

There are just too many scammy tactic employed within the sale video and the sales page that resemble other scammy products, and thus, this program and even Rick is not to be trusted. There is no way to verify who this guy is, no way to verify his income claims and no way to even try the system out to make sure it’s the right one for you without buying it.

This is a get-rich-quick scheme that is after your money and at the end of the day, if you were to invest into it, you would also be wasting your money and making the scammer richer. Unfortunately, there is no “easy way” or “push-button way” or even a “set-it-and-forget-it way” of making money online.

Just like a business, an online venture will take time and effort to really grow to start making you profits. It is real, but it needs work. Else remember, everybody would have been doing it, yet, you still find so many people sucking it up at their day jobs.

Don’t fall for Ultimate Paydays!

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