UltraCash Review – SCAM ALERT! They Wont Pay Out!

ultracash review

Welcome to my UltraCash review. Have you been wondering what this website is about, how it works and whether they will pay you or not? Then, you’ve come to the right review.

There are just way too many scams on the internet and that’s why I’ve dedicated this website to exposing them, all the while helping my readers find legitimate ways to make money online. However without research, you would fall for the scams.

So I want to congratulate you on taking the step to finding out what UltraCash really is because you never know what they could be after and it’s not always your payment information. You’ll be surprised at what UltraCash REALLY wants.

I will give you all the juicy details in this review, but I have to tell you that UltraCash does not look at all promising to me. There are just too many red flags and similarities to other scams for comfort.

UltraCash At A Glance

Website: UltraCash.net

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn online

Price: Free to join but can cost you a ton!

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam in my honest opinion, and it won’t pay out. It’s similar to some of the other scammy websites that I have exposed on this website in the past.

What is UltraCash?

I think the name of this website implies A LOT! It implies that you will be able to make an ULTRA amount of CASH. And look at the claim; $200 per day. Doesn’t that sound super?

I mean, I’m a resident of Canada and even I don’t make $200 per day, so that’s better than any regular job, right? Just sitting at home, sharing a link on social media a few times a day while it makes me money for each referral.

UltraCash claims to be the #1 Influencer Network but to be honest, I’d never heard of it until somebody tried to make me join them using their link on social media. I thought, why not? I would be able to then report on my findings.

But to tell you the truth, if it was as easy as that to make money online, then people would have been flocking to this website and it would have been EVERYWHERE. People wouldn’t be in the state of panic that they are now in, during this whole pandemic situation.

They could just plug into this website and share their links on social media and be making a shit-ton of money right now, since everybody is looking to make more money from home, right?

And yet, people are still struggling. Nobody is leaving their jobs for this website. Why is that, do you think?

To be honest, UltraCash is known as GPT or get-paid-to website, where you complete small tasks in order to earn online and these range from referring others, to completing surveys, to testing apps and watching ads.

But compare UltraCash to other websites like Swagbucks, Points Prizes, Prize Rebel and Clicks Genie, and you’ve got a whole big problem; you see, those websites are legitimate and pay WAY less than UltraCash.

There has to be a catch here!


How UltraCash Works

It sounds pretty easy to sign up; it’s free and all you need to give out is your name, your email address and create a username and a password. Then, you can start earning money. Woohoo!

But when trying to figure out whether a website is a scam or not, it’s always advisable to take a look at the business model first. The way that the company makes money will tell you how feasible it is for you to make money with them.

So from the FAQs, I came to know that the way they make money is through “advertisers”. Well, at first, I thought there would be things like actual ads to click on inside the members area, but there were none.

Therefore, it couldn’t be how UltraCash earns its money.

After some digging, I found out that these “advertisers” were actually their partners; the ones who want you to complete the tasks, surveys and so on. So when you complete a task, the partner company pays UltraCash and UltraCash shares their revenue with you.

Nothing fancy. This is how Swagbucks works too.

However, what seems really off is the fact that they pay out upto 150 EUROS per task completed. That might seem really awesome, to make 150 EUROS for a few minutes of work, but have you thought about what they would then be charging?

If the payout for you is at 150 EUROS and they still have to pay you for getting in referrals and rewarding you for each click that you receive on your referral link, AND pay their employees and maintenance, how much is UltraCash charging those companies?

The truth is that it could well be over 200 EUROS! Does that make any sense to you? I don’t think so! Not when they could be paying 200 times less at Swagbucks.

Oh and have you noticed how they said they paid in DOLLARS on the main page and then change it to EUROS on the inside? How the main page is all in English and the inside all in Spanish?

There are too many inconsistencies for me to consider this website to be honest with you.

The Red Flags – These Show UltraCash Won’t Pay Out!

1) Unknown Creator

I always like to know who actually creates make-money-online programs because that way, you get to know whether that person has a good or bad reputation. You get to know whether they are genuine and know what they are doing.

However, when I try to look for the creator of UltraCash, there isn’t any information. They just tell us that the parent company was founded in 2008 but give us no details, like the name or the website.

Isn’t it strange for a company to claim that they’ve been around for so long, and yet, not have a proper introduction?

The truth is that there are so many scammers on the internet that stay hidden in order to be able to create new scams everyday. They know that people will eventually catch on the scam and those scammers don’t want to be sued or fined.

That’s why when you are looking into a program, it’s best to do your research on who is behind it because if they are hidden, then most of the time, it probably means the website is a scam or low-quality. That has been my experience too many times.

2) Website Launch date

UltraCash is supposed to have been around since 2017 and if it was really the #1 Influencer Network, then bet your bottom that I would have heard about it. I’ve been in this online business for over 2.5 years!

But, there was never anything so I think that somewhere, they are lying. And to confirm the date they were launched, I actually consulted the WHOIS website. The date of creation of the website turns out to be December 06, 2019!

So as you can see, that’s a big lie! They claim to be in business sfor 3 years when really, they only launched 2 months ago!

Why would they lie? Well, that’s because they want to build credibility and trust with you. The longer a website has been around, the less likely it is a scam. So leveraging that, they want to make you believe that they are NOT a scam.

However, since the website is pretty new and does not have a positive track record, especially with this lie that we just caught, it does not make UltraCash a very credible website.


3) Fake testimonials/income proof

Now that we know when the website was founded, we can actually confirm if the income proof and testimonials are true. That’s because I noticed that a few of the payment proofs are dated.

But when I take a closer look, the dates on those proofs are PRIOR to the website even launching. Just take a look!

Now tell me, how ANYBODY was able to make any money with a website that didn’t even exist then!

The truth is that so many websites fake their income proofs and it can very easily be done with Photoshop or other image altering software. Just go to Youtube and search for it and you’ll find a TON of videos showing you how to do it.

So that’s why I believe that those proofs are made up and nobody has ever gotten paid from UltraCash.

4) Founded in the UK or Netherlands?

It looks like the creator of UltraCash has told SO MANY LIES that he does not know what he is doing anymore. He says that the business is located in London, UK but the ABOUT page says that they are in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

How is that possible that a creator of a website does not even know where he is located?

Now, some people might say that the creator claims they have been FOUNDED in Amsterdam and that they could have moved to England, but where is that in the timeline on the ABOUT page? NOWHERE!

So I find it hard to believe that this is a simple fact of moving. They should have included that in the timeline. As you can see, they say they want to give their members transparency, but that’s definitely not happening.

5) BBB warning!

Here comes the biggest red flag of all; it’s the fact that the BBB has published something on their website about a similar website called Notion Cash. Notion Cash also has an anonymous creator but the style of the website is the same.

The kind of work is the same and the kind of promises too, are the same!

So I strongly think that the person behind Notion Cash is also behind UltraCash, which makes the message on the BBB website relevant to UltraCash too.

This is what they say:

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

You can read the profile directly HERE.

But basically, what the BBB is saying here is that you are being lured to give out your personal details to those websites. They use your name, date of birth, email, home address phone number and so on, in order to scam you.

They can use that info to hack into your online accounts, like Paypal and online banking, They could sell that information to others who would do the same and they could even steal your identity.

Is UltraCash A Scam?

You probably already get the vibe from this review; yes, I do thnk that UltraCash is a scam. It is similar to too many other scammy websites and there are just too many red flags, don’t you think so?

For one, the business model does not make sense. They’ll either go bankrupt or they will not pay you. Aren’t those good enough reasons to stay from it?

Then you also have the weird fact that the main page is in English, but the inside of the dashboard is in Spanish. It also says that the payment is in dollars on the home page but then in Euros on the inside. Like make up your mind, right?

And what about the lies that the creator tells us about the launch date, about the testimonials and income proofs, about where they are located?

What about the warning message from the BBB website and the unknown creator and mysterious parent company?

I mean, to me it’s pretty obvious that there nothing good will happen if you join UltraCash. It is a scam that should be avoided.

Stop Wasting Time With Fake Sites! Let Me Help You Make Hundreds of Dollars A Month!

The first tip that I can give you to make real money online si to STAY AWAY from get-rich-quick websites. That’s exactly what UltraCash is. It will always finish badly for you and will make the creator richer at your expense!

The truth is that there isn’t a quick way of making big money online. So if you want to make easy money, you’ll only make the few cents that Swagbucks and other legit GPT websites are willing to pay. But then, $5 per month will not make a big difference, right?

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You’re going to learn how to create a free website, how to get free traffic to it and you’ll also get me as your mentor to help you make your first real dollar online. You’ll even receive my free 6-day email course to get you crackin’.

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Get my free guide now and prepare to be amazed!

Thanks for reading my UltraCash review. I’m pretty sure that some of you reading this have tried this website before and if you have, then I want you to share your experiences. Let people know what a scam this website is.

Lots of Love,


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