Viral Market Review – Have I Seen This Rehashed Scam Before?

Viral market review

In this honest Viral Market review, you’re going to find out whether it’s a scam or a legit program, whether they really pay or not and whether you can even quit your job doing the tasks within the program.

I came across somebody promoting it on Facebook and thought I would look into it. As an internet marketer, I am always on the lookout for programs that work to help out my readers.

There are too many scams on the internet so it’s important to do your research before signing up for anything, even if it advertised itself to be free. You just never know what info they could piece together about you. It’s the internet, right?

So let’s dive right into things. You’ll absolutely be shocked by what I found out!

Viral Market At A Glance

Website(s): /

Owner: unknown

Purpose: Referring others / completing small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend it?: NO! Scam Alert!

What Is Viral Market?

The home page tells you that you can make $150 starting today, every single day and that the average person makes $2000 every single month. That’s a full-time income, right? Who thought it was impressive?


So you can just quit your job and start referring people here right away. Just get between 10 – 15 people per day and you could make the $100 – $150 per day. No biggie.

And apparently from what I see, you can even complete small tasks inside the members’ area if you’re not into referring others. That’s a good alternative, especially if those tasks pay $30 – $50 per task! That’s amazing.

Well, those thoughts would only come into my head if I were a newbie, though. Sorry guys, but I’ve way too many scams and low-quality programs to believe anything these guys tell us these days.

That’s because MOST programs don’t work as advertised. They’re after something! It’s either your money, your payment details, like a credit card or Paypal email, or they’re after your information to sell it to other scammers.

Whatever they want to do, helping you make money is not one of them. They’re only interested in their own gains.

Because if it was so easy to make a full-time income on the internet, people would have already swarmed those opportunities and people wouldn’t have been working the conventional job, right? But that’s not what’s happening right now.

Unemployment rates are rising and people are more bent than ever before, to try and make a side income in whatever way they can. Life is becoming harder. Earning is becoming harder.

So what’s the catch with Viral Market?

How Viral Market Works

Well, first of all, in order to see the signs of whether this is going to work or not, you need to know how money is made and how you’re getting paid. That’s usually where you can catch whether the opportunity is legit or not.

Signing up is pretty easy. Once you do that, you get a referral link that you’ll share all over social media and for each click on that link, you make $2, I believe. If people click and sign up, you make $10 per sign up.

That’s easy to understand, but let me tell you that the pay here is unusually high for this kind of work. GPT websites usually pay a few cents per click, to $1 – $2 for a lead. I saw a Pay-Per-Lead program once give $4, but that’s it.

Therefore, having such a high pay is a red flag. They could just be luring you in using those big figures and may never have the intention to pay you. They want the work done for free so that THEY can benefit and get paid from your hard work.

So now, let’s talk about how THEY make money. They say that the tasks inside the program will pay $30 – $50 per task completed. And with other GPT sites, these same tasks pay only a few cents to a few dollars at the maximum!

The companies they are affiliated with do this for their own promotion, and these tasks act like ads for you, the member. They get paid from their ad revenue and then pay you from that.

So if they’re getting paid so little per task, how are they able to pay you so much? Are they taking money out of their own pocket? Impossible, because they would lose money and go bankrupt.

The only choice left is that they will pocket the money and NEVER pay. Additionally, I have proof of that!

SCAM ALERT! – You Won’t Get Paid!

To be honest with you, when I saw the layout of the website, I already knew that something was not right and that it was going to be a scam. That’s because it’s so similar to Notion Cash, Referral Pay and Viral Dollars, that I’ve already reviewed before.

Here are a few similarities that tell me the person behind those programs is the same one behind Viral Market:

1) Mistake on the ABOUT US page

If you go to Viral Market’s About us page, you’ll see that there is a mistake. They mention Referral Pay instead of Viral Market.

This is proof that the owner of these websites is going around, creating the same website layout on different domain names to con people. The person who is behind Referral Pay, which I have exposed as a scam, is also behind Viral Market.

And as you will see on the Referral Pay website, another mistake was made referring to Viral Dollars instead of Referral Pay. Watch or read any review on Viral Dollars and you’ll see that it’s a scam and that people haven’t gotten paid.

Having anything to do with Viral Dollars is a bad sign for Viral Market.

2) Same parent company as Eazy Dollars

A few weeks ago, I exposed Eazy Dollars as a scam and one of the reasons that I mentioned within my review was their parent company, Zindex, which seems to be the same parent company as Viral Market.

They say that Zindex is a company that has been offering online marketing solutions since 2005. However, when I tried to Google them to find out more about them, there was no information at all about such a company.

If they were offering ONLINE solutions, how can they NOT be online themselves?

That’s because the company simply does not exist! It is a made up name and a made company to make Viral Market and Eazy Dollars appear legit.

3) Different Addresses

I know what you’re gonna say; that they could have different locations or branches or whatever.

But that’s not really the case here. You see, if they did have different locations and addresses, why not mention WHAT the addresses were for?

One is in Columbia and the other is Los Angeles, USA. Even the hours differ!

But what will be even more curious, is the fact that there is another website that is promoting Viral Market, And they have another address in New York, USA, which is supposed to be the headquarters for Viral Market.

So what address is the right one? There is no way to know.

It seems that they’ve played around with addresses and made things up so much, that they’re getting confused of their address.

Additionally, because Viral Market has a connection to the New York address, that brings up another problem and that’s the fact that this address is related to two other scams exposed by the BBB; Notion Cash and Kids Earn Money.

So if Viral Market has such a connection, why take the risk and waste your time?

4) In business for 5 years? Really?

On their about page, they say they’ve been in business for 5 years, but I remember that ALL of the other websites had said the same things, and people were saying they’ve been earning for years with the program.

And I found out that it was false information, all a lie!

So I decided to take a look into when the website was actually registered, which means that the business would only have started at that time, right?

Well, this is what I found.

The website was only registered and created in May 2019. So they’re obviously lying to you when they say they’ve been in business for 5 years.

They’re only saying this to appear legitimate and to make it look like they know their business and what they’re talking about. They want to make you trust them when there’s no reason to, really.

Is Viral Market A Scam?

Well, what do you think?

To me, Viral Market is a BIG scam that you should avoid. It just has too many red flags and is associated to too many of the other scammy websites that I’ve already exposed in the past.

The high pay is just a lure to get you to sign up and give them your sensitive information. They could be doing this scam to get you to do the hard work and to keep the earnings to themselves or just simply to steal your information.

What they could do with that will be up to them. They could use your data for identity theft. They could use it to try and hack into your accounts. They could sell your data to others for a handsome price and as long as they make money, they don’t care to who they’re selling it.

And what about the big mistake they made on their About Us page? What about the parent company who’s supposed to be an online solutions company that’s not even online? What about Viral Market having the same address as Notion Cash?

Joining Viral Market, even if it’s free, is too much of a risk and I do not recommend that you do. It’s a complete scam that is being rehashed under different names.

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Thanks for reading my Viral Market review. If you’ve had any experiences with the program, please leave a comment below letting us know and to spread awareness about this scam.

Lots of Love,


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