Viral Work Review – Rehashed Scam That Won’t Pay You

Viral Work review

Welcome to my Viral Work review.

You were probably approached by somebody on social media, telling you that you can start making some serious money on the Viral Work website. Or, maybe you came across the link and are wondering whether it’s a scam or legit.

Well, whatever questions you may be asking yourself about Viral Work, I will be answering them right in this review. I can already tell you that Viral work spells bad news but let me tell you why and prove it.

Scams don’t always run after your money. They could also be after other information, which I’m going to show you in this review. You may find it weird that I’m calling Viral Work a scam already but that’s what it is.

Let’s dig right into things here!

Viral Work At A Glance


Owner: unknown

Purpose: Earn by referring others/completing small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!

What Is Viral Work?

Viral Work boasts to be a website that will help you make upto $500 per day online, by referring others to the website for which you get paid $15 each, as well as completing small tasks that will pay you upto $50 each.

Sounds amazing, right? It also sounds pretty easy compared to the amount of money you make as well. And that’s exactly the first concern that I have about Viral Work. I’ve seen these types of promises before with other programs that I’ve reviewed, like Referral Pay, InfluEarn and Notion Cash.

Guess what they turned out to be? Total scams!

And if Viral Work has any relationship to those programs, then obviously, that’s bad news. That’s why doing your research is always important, whether a program is free or paid.

Because just imagine if it was as easy as that to make money online. Everybody would have been rich by now. Nobody would be working at their regular jobs anymore, people wouldn’t be struggling financially, there wouldn’t be so much debt.

So as you can see, things aren’t always as they seem and this review is going to unveil the truth about the Viral Work website, or anything similar should you come across it.

How Viral Work Works

In order to understand the criteria on determining something as a scam or not, you need to look at how money is being earned, not only by the members, but also by the company/website as a whole.

As per the information on the website, you only need to sign up, share your link with others on social media to get recognized when people sign up or complete tasks to get compensated and cash out. It seems easy and it’s free, which is why people fall into the trap.

The way that this company “looks” like it’s making money is by making space available on their website for other companies, like Wendy’s and McDonald’s. When surveys or tasks are completed, these companies would pay Viral Work, who would then pay you.

But generally, get-paid-to (GPT) websites don’t pay as much as what Viral Works is willing to pay you, which is why it seemed strange to me. It is also the same amount of money and the same kind of work as Referral Pay and the others.

You see, legit GPT websites, like Swagbucks, will pay a few cents per survey or task completed and, a website that pays you to test websites, is another that would pay $10 per task completed.

So I have no idea where $50 comes from for that kind of work here, as well as the $15 per referrals. Free pay-per-lead programs would usually be upto $5 per referral that signs up. $15 is way too much.

Additionally, companies would not be willing to work with Viral Work is they charged enough to pay you because other places like Swagbucks and other GPT sites would charge way less than Viral Work. That means Viral Work isn’t charging enough to pay you.

And I got some proof that they actually just WON’T bother paying you at all.

Why Viral Work Just Won’t Pay You

If I just had some hunch about the program, it probably wouldn’t be enough for you to really believe me. So, I went to find myself some proof so that you’re convinced Viral Work is a scam and you won’t try and give them your information.

Most of this has to do with the connection that Viral Work has with the other programs.

1) Connection to Viral Dollars, Referral Pay and Notion Cash

The moment I saw the home page, I knew that it would have some kind of connection with those other programs but when I went to the ABOUT US page was when I really came to have proof.

You see, they tell you themselves that they are affiliated with the Viral Dollars scam which is also affiliated with the Referral Pay scam and the Notion Cash scam, that already have a trail of unpaid, unhappy members.

Additionally, the main reason outlined by the BBB for creating these websites/platforms is to perform major data harvesting, meaning that the scammer is not after your money, but after your personal information.

That could include the email and password used to create your account with them, your name, date of birth, address… anything that could identify you. Afterwards, the scammer could use this information however they please.

They could sell your information to other spammers and scammers, use your information to hack into your accounts and also steal your identity for services and such. You have to be VERY careful.

Something FREE does not necessarily means no trouble.

2) Been In business since 2009? BS!

Viral Work says that their parent company has been around since 2005, providing online marketing solutions for companies, and yet, they don’t provide us with the name of the company. And this goes for Referral Pay, Viral Dollars and Notion Cash as well.

But one of the programs actually mentions the name of the company, which is supposed to be Zindex and when I looked it up online, there was nothing. How can such a big company from so long ago, not be on the internet at all?

I mean, they’re supposed to be offering ONLINE solutions so how come they’re not online themselves? That’s a big red flag.

Additionally, since the creator of Viral Work claimed for the business to have been around since 2009, I decided to perform a WHOIS search and this is what I found:

This website was only registered this year, in April 2019, as is the same with Referral Pay and Notion Cash. They’ve only been registered for 4 months! The heck they’ve been around since 2009.

How can you even believe the rest now, right?

3) Payment Proofs are FAKE!

Here are three proofs of payment. As you can see, they are EXACTLY the same except for the logo on them.

But let me ask you; how much of a coincidence can it be that the people earning from these websites earned the same amount on the exact same date, at the exact same time and gave the same comment about these companies?

They were obviously faked and put up on the websites to make you think that they really pay, when that’s not the case.

Additionally, the date on this proof is October 2018. How could anybody have earned anything if those websites were only created in mid 2019?

The only conclusion is that they are all FAKE and that Viral Work, seeing as it is connected to those other scams, is a scam as well.

Is Viral Work A Scam?

Yes, I do think that Viral Work is a scam because of the obvious signs that it is affiliated with other programs/websites that I have exposed as scams themselves, like Referral Pay, Viral Dollars and Notion Cash.

Even without looking into things too much, we can already tell from the home page that things won’t work as advertised because of the amount that they’re willing to pay for small tasks. $50 is really out of the normal range of pay.

Getting paid $15 for each referral and $5 per click on your link is the same things; they’re too high to be considered normal.

This method is just being used as a way to draw in those that want to earn fast money when the scammer behind the program does not have any intention of paying you.

And how could he even pay you if all survey companies and the ad-revenue is so little?

Additionally, digging a little deeper, we find connections to the others scams I mentioned and even find some evidence that Viral Work has not been around for as long as they claim. The testimonials are fake too.

People who’ve already tried it even testified against Viral Work. They’ve never gotten paid and except for the fake proof on the Viral Work website, there isn’t any other proof that anybody else got paid. People are actually saying they aren’t getting paid.

The whole reason for this scam is to do a massive data harvesting, where the scammer can use your information in whatever way he pleases; he could sell the information and even use your information for identity theft.

So after all this, I suggest that you stay away from Viral Work and any other website that looks and works similarly. You just will be wasting your time with them.

Stop Struggling! Stop Falling For Scams! Earn Like Me!

I know you must be overwhelmed with the number of emails and invitations you get to try new programs all the time, but do they ever give you proof that it works? Most of the time, people are promoting stuff because they are affiliates.

But that’s not the main reason why I want to help you. You see, I’ve been scammed a lot of times, more times than I can count and I’m very ashamed of it, but maybe that’s what makes me a better judge of these programs now.

And I’ve learned about what works and what does not work online.

I’m an affiliate marketer and this does not have anything to do with recruiting or selling, per se. What I do is talk about products I’m passionate about (it could be about pet supplies, real estate, electronics, travel, etc…) and resolve people’s problems.

When they like my recommendation or my solution to their problem, they buy through my link. People want to be helped. They hate to be sold to!

If you want proof that my method works, then look at how I’m making recurring income.

I learned it and I can show you how you can get started for free. I’ve created a FREE guide that you will receive instantly, without any strings attached. It’s got FREE information for you to really make the decision on whether this suits you.


And if ever you’re not 100% satisfied with my guide, you can walk away and you won’t lose any money. You won’t have to sign up for anything unless you want to and unless you’ve got all the information you need to know.

If in doubt, feel free to research and Google the information that I give you. This is proof that what I’m suggesting is real and that it works.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW and I’ll see you on the inside. Let me help you make your first dollar online!

Thanks for reading my Viral Work review. If you’ve had any experiences with this website, please share them with us so we can spread the word on this scam.

Lots of love,


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