VriVideon.Club Review – Red Flags Nobody’s Revealing

VriVideon.Club review

I know you’re here because you want to know whether VriVideon pays or not and in this VriVideon review, I will give you all the details you need to know about the website in order for you to make an informed decision.

We all know that there are scammers everywhere, and you probably already had your experience of getting scammed too, which is why you want to make sure before jumping in and signing up, right?

This review will really be digging deep and providing you with all the information that nobody promoting this is going to tell you about. Most of the time, they probably don’t even know how to find those red flags.

So let the expert do the work! And read on as we expose VriVideon together.

VriVideon At A Glance

Website: VriVideon.club

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Watch videos to earn

Price: Free to Join (but costs you later on)

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a complete scam, not to mention that it’s a waste of time and also money, when they ask you for it later.

What Is VriVideon?

VriVideon is a website that promises to pay you big money simply by watching videos. Yes, this is really a thing! How nice it would be to be able to get paid hundreds to thousands of dollars watching videos you love!

We all do it on a daily basis anyways, right? Might as well get paid while doing it.

VriVideon is a GPT website and unfortunately, for these kinds of websites, I feel like getting paid $5 – $10 for watching a video is a bit much. You would usually only get paid a few cents for this kind of task and it is time-consuming.

You would never be able to make hundreds of dollars every month doing this, even using all of the 24 hours that you have in a day. But yet, VriVideon claims otherwise.

But what you have to do is use your head; if it was as easy as that to make money online, then nobody would have been on the streets. Imagine making $5 every 10 minutes. This turns out to be $30 every hour, which is more than what the average American makes.

The economy would be much more different and perhaps, even the CoronaVirus wouldn’t have spread quite as much as it did if people were working from home and watching videos 8 hours a day, instead of going out to the office, right?

But if you still need more concrete proof as to WHY I believe VriVideon is a scam, then keep reading. You’ll be so shocked that you’ll wonder what you found attractive about this website in the first place.


The Inside Of VriVideon

The information you need to sign up is not very much. You’ll need to create a username and password, provide an email address and provide your first and last name. I signed up but because I had reservations about VriVideon, I put in fake information.

When you’re in, you will start from your profile. It will show you your stats, such as the number of referrals you get, the amount you earn from your referrals, the total amount that you earned and it allows you to withdraw from here.

There is also a button that says “Start Watching” and when I clicked on it, it brought me to the videos that I can choose to watch in order to earn.

I watched a video which was about 10 minutes long – okay fine! I lied. I didn’t really watch it. I just left it playing while I was doing something else. Who wants to watch a 10-minute video that was so uninteresting?

But after the video, the amount of $5.50 was added to my earnings. So, I tried to withdraw it. I chose Paypal and put in a fake email address again.

And guess what? It wouldn’t allow me to withdraw! It said that I need a total of $100 in order to withdraw and a minimum of 200 watch-minutes. $100 is a pretty high cash-out threshold for a GPT website, to be honest. So that’s very fishy!

So I did some research as to what happens after you hit $100 with VriVideon and what I found was that there are even more requirements after that! You’ll need to have 30 referrals as well!

And what’s even more weird (that I will discuss in the red flags below) is the fact that they suggest you BUY referrals off of them, which makes no sense! This is how the scammers make money in my honest opinion, from VriVideon.

But my question is, why aren’t those requirements stated in the FAQ section? These are some pretty important requirements to know about.

My hunch is that they don’t want to scare you off because if you knew of those beforehand, you would never sign up. They probably think it would make them look like they don’t want to pay you.

But by hiding this fact, doesn’t it make them look worse now? I think so! Because they aren’t transparent about what the requirements really are! You’ll need to go step by step and as you meet the first 2 requirements, chances are, there will be more!

They’ll just never pay you!

The Red Flags – They Indicate A Scam!

1) Unknown creator

When the creator remains hidden, that’s a red flag, in my experience. That’s because they don’t want you to know who they are and you can’t pursue them and get them fined.

Moreover, it is an advantage for them because they will then be free to create other scammy websites without getting in trouble. And this is exactly the case here!

The website VysVideon.xyz was probably created by the same scammer because the layout, the colour scheme, the payments, the sign up process is all similar. And moreover, when I tried signing up to VysVideon, there was an error message.

It said that I already had an account when I never signed up with it, only with VriVideon. So this is proof that both are connected.

I have seen the same thing with some other websites, like Tap 2 Earn. It was similar to Referral Pay, Cash 4 Clickz and so on. This is a pattern I noticed with a lot of scams.

2) Lies about the creation date

If you scroll all the way down the page, you’ll see that they say they’ve been around since 2006. But when I verified WHOIS, something that I do all the time, I found out that they are lying.

I see that they’ve been around only since May 2020, as you can see below.

So that’s a big lie that I think no business should tell because this definitely decreases credibility. They want to make VriVideon seem like it has been around for a while to have you trust them more, but this is the WORST!

You probably now have less trust because of this fat lie, right?

3) Higher-than-normal-range pay

Like I mentioned earlier, and I will say it again, GPT websites do not pay as much as this website is claiming they pay per view of a video. This, I believe, is a way of luring you in to get you to sign up with them.

That’s another red flag! We always think about it from the point of view of the user, but what about from the point of view of the person PAYING VriVideon for the services?

You see, Youtubers definitely want to promote their videos and get more views. More views means more money for them. But do you think they’d really do to VriVideon for such a service and pay $10 per view? I don’t think so!

They don’t even earn that much for one view, so what’s the point?

They would go to other services that charge way less, right?

That’s why it does not make sense for people to be wanting this type of service at all. Moreover, there isn’t anywhere for anybody to sign up and to pay for these services if they need it. So where is the revenue coming from for VriVideon?

No revenue means they won’t be able to spend, right? So here’s another proof they won’t ever pay you.

4) No transparency about the requirements to cash out

This is something that I already mentioned as well, and that’s the fact that they never tell you about the requirements of cashing out from beforehand. They leave that to when you TRY to cash out.

And they don’t even tell you about ALL the requirements. Each time you make one of the requirements, they keep adding more and that’s a tactic to keep you working for them, and probably, spending on them too, as you will soon see.


5) Pay for referrals

The most shocking thing is that they even say you can BUY referrals from them. WHAT? That’s so shady!

You can buy LEADS but never referrals.

Leads are people who MIGHT be interested in the website but that never signed up. Not every lead will sign up. But referrals are people who have ALREADY signed up.

So wouldn’t that make those referrals OTHER people’s referrals if they were referred to VriVideon already?

That’s why it makes no sense! But then, I saw that it was other people selling their referrals. But that’s impossible because they make more money from referrals (because they earn 40% off your referrals’ earnings) than if they were to sell them.

Take a look below. 144 referrals for around $21. But if one referral managed to make $100 per day, then that’s $40 coming to you. That’s for 1! Imagine losing 144 referrals x $40!

That’s it’s shady that people would want to sell their referrals. Don’t you think so?

Is VriVideon A Scam?

Yes, I do strongly believe that VriVideon is a s cam and that you should avoid signing up with them. This website is a complete waste of time, and I should say, a waste of MONEY too.

There are too many red flags and things that just don’t add up. There are too many lies and too many shady requirements. They are not transparent and that shows that they are up to no good!

I understand that you want things to be as easy as they claim to make money online, but that’s just not the case. Believe me, if there was a program that paid as much as this to just watch videos and that really paid out, I would be the first one to use it and the first one to advertise it.

But now, we’ve seen all the reasons that we shouldn’t be signing up. Why give it a chance, when even your personal data might be in danger?

They might use your personal data to try and hack into your online accounts, especially your payment accounts such as Paypal. They might even try to sell your information and they don’t care to whom as long as they make money.

Doesn’t that worry you?

That’s why I say that VriVideon is a complete scam and that you should steer clear of it.

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Lots of Love,


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