VzeMoney Review – Is VzeMoney.xyz A Scam? Red Flags Say YES!

vzemoney review - vzemoney.xyz

If you’re here right now, you’re probably looking for an honest VzeMoney review. You’re probably wondering whether it’s a scam or not, whether they will pay out or not and whether it actually works as advertised.

Well, I want to congratulate you on doing your research because so many people actually DON’T do it. They will fall for promises without giving a second thought as to what they are signing up for.

But this is the internet. We have to remember that not everyone is telling the truth and that’s why these reviews are important. Especially, this one if you’re seriously considering VzeMoney.

That’s because I will be exposing all the red flags and scam signs here, that will really make you think why you wanted to join the website in the first place.

VzeMoney At A Glance

Website: VzeMoney.xyz

Creator: unknown

Purpose: View ad units to earn

Price: Free to join but WILL ask you for money

Do I Recommend It?: NO! All the red flags point to a scam. VzeMoney is not at all transparent and will start asking for money when you try to withdraw. These websites are supposed to pay you. You shouldn’t be paying them. They want to fool you.

What Is VzeMoney?

Nobody can deny that making even an extra $50 per day every single day is going to help out a lot. And VzeMoney actually says that if you work 3 – 5 hours a day, you could make even upto $300!

Who needs to work a traditional job if working 3 – 5 hours a day can make you $300, right? That’s twice as much as what the average American makes in a day. That’s also $9000 every single month! More than a doctor, LOL!

And it’s not anything complicated. All you gotta do is view ads and get paid $0.10 for each of them. Now that’s a wonderful deal, isn’t it?

Other websites don’t pay as much. In fact, they pay so low that you’ll be struggling to even make $50 a month!

But the truth is, that’s where the first red flag is raised. Why pay SO much over the industry average? The truth is that I’ve seen some websites, like Easy Typing Job, Captcha Club and even NextCash that worked the same way.

They would promise high payouts to lure you in to sign up so that they can get the OTHER stuff that they want from you. So this is not the first website that I’ve seen that does it.

Actually, I’ve even already reviewed some other websites that look EXACTLY the same as VzeMoney.

1) Oma Money

2) Aex Money

3) Aon Money

And I have a feeling that VzeMoney is just another one in the series of websites created by the same scammer. Yes, he is a scammer and let me tell you how I found out.


How VzeMoney Works

So obviously, the first thing that I did in order to understand how VzeMoney works, is to try and sign up for an account. I didn’t give my actual personal information because I already know that this website is not genuine.

But for the sake of this review, I wanted to take a look inside. However, when I tried signing up, it said that I already had an account. I have never seen VzeMoney until today and never had an account with them.

The truth though, is that the same thing happened when I tried signing up for Aex Money and Aon Money. They all said I already had an account when that’s not the case and that’s how I realized that the inside of those websites would be the same as Oma Money.

You see, it does not really work as advertised, unfortunately. There will be a set of ads and you’ll need to complete a captcha (filling numbers and lettings that you see in an image) after you view the ad.

But you actually are not given a minimum amount of time to view those ads. So what’s the point if anybody paying for those ads?

From our perspective, just putting in the captcha and earning sounds great. It looks like easy and fast money. But does the business makes sense as a whole? No it doesn’t!

Additionally, I tried clicking on some of the ads and some of the products were not available. Who would PAY to advertise a product that was not available? I saw older products too, like the iPad 1st generation.

The truth is that, I realized those are affiliate links and not ads at all. Meaning that if you purchased anything from those links, the creator of VzeMoney would make commissions. So there aren’t ANY advertisers on VzeMoney at all.

There are a million more questions that rise up now, right?

Scam Signs! They will NOT Pay You!

1) Unknown creator

Imagine if you were going to a department store to buy a vacuum. Would you buy one that came in a box with the label or would you buy the one without a box and a label?

Naturally, we’d all take the one with the undamaged box, where you can actually see the brand name of the item. However, that’s what’s missing with VzeMoney. We don’t know who created the website.

And if they had nothing to hide, then why are they hiding themselves? The truth is that creators of such websites will remain anonymous because they know that sooner or later, you will realize that you are being scammed. They don’t want to get fined or sued.

Moreover, it is an advantage for them because if they are not recognized, then they can create multiple scams, like the multiple similar websites we see here, with Oma Money, Aez Money, Aon money and Vze Money.

That’s why it’s always important to know WHO you’re dealing with so you can verify their reputation and whether or not they are genuine.

2) Non-existent Privacy Policy

Were you wondering why I didn’t want to sign up using my real information? Well, that’s because there was no Privacy Policy.

Why is it important, you might ask? Well, it gives you all the details about how your personal information will be used. VzeMoney NOT disclosing how they will be using your information is a real red flag because they could do what they want with it.

They could use the information to try and hack into your online accounts if you used the same email and password. They could even sell that information to other scammers and hackers too, who would do the same.


3) Numerous spelling mistakes

One or two spelling mistakes are no biggie. We all make mistakes, including professionals. However, where there are too many, that starts to pose a problem.

It means that the creator does not care to actually go back and verify the information is correct on the website. What’s more is that the same spelling mistakes is made on all the sister websites.

So we can see here that the creator of all those websites is one and the same and that he is creating so many of these scammy websites that he isn’t catching his mistakes.

4) Support is fake

I obviously knew that the support would be fake, but I tried with the Oma Money website anyway, to leave a comment to see if there would be any response. As you can see, I tried asking if they could add a payment option.

However, when I went to the website using a different device, the comment was not there.

Now, some people might say that it might be awaiting moderation, but I would have received a note saying that if that was the case, right? But there was nothing.

More over, it’s been a week now since I left that comment and there has been no response. And since all the 4 websites are the same, all the same comments and usernames were copied and pasted.

That’s why we can conclude that there will be no support at all. The most important thing to realize is that the comments saying they got paid are all fake. They were made up, copied and pasted by the creator.

5) More requirements pop up each time you try to withdraw

These are called GPT or get-paid-to websites and most of the time, the terms for withdrawals are 100% transparent and clear. You know exactly what you have to do to meet the requirements.

However, that’s not the case with VzeMoney.

I tried withdrawing from Oma Money and what happened was that the requirement of reaching a minimum of $150 popped up. Moreover, after doing some digging, I found that there will be even more requirements.

You would need to have a minimum of 40 referrals, as well as wait 60 days after you get your 40 referrals in order to receive your money. They ask you for MONEY to buy referrals and to shorten the 60 day waiting period to 10.

And that’s a red flag of its own.

6) Asking YOU for money to withdraw your earnings

Yes, they ask you for money to get access to YOUR hard-earned earnings. And like I mentioned earlier, other websites I’ve reviewed before that asked for money to withdraw your earnings are all scams. They never paid out even after you pay.

Moreover, if there are fees, then why don’t they deduct them from your earnings and pay you the rest?

Well, the ugly truth is that they never had the intention to pay you from the start. They will come up with some schemes, asking you for money to fool you and make you believe that they’ll pay, when they are after your money.

Even if you DO wait for the 60 days to pass to withdraw, there will be some excuse or fees to pay to unlock the “withdrawal”.

But know that all this is an attempt to get you to give them money and they will run away with it.

Is VzeMoney A Scam?

You already know what I think about VzeMoney. Yes, the website is a scam. It’s a total waste of time. And they will NOT pay out, no matter what.

This is a scheme to help the scammer make money and not a website to help you make money. There are numerous red flags and based on those red flags and previous reviews that I’ve written, point to a scam.

The fact that we don’t know who is behind the website, the fact that the ads are not really affiliate links, the fact that the links to the products are expired all lead to the fact that they are lying to you and not genuine.

Moreover, there’s also the missing privacy policy and the non-disclosure of how your personal information will be used. We cannot forget about the fake support and comments nor about the non-transparent requirements for withdrawal.

The icing on the cake is the fact that they ASK you for payment to withdraw your own money. And the fact that they cannot use your own earnings to help pay for those fees is the ultimate red flag.

Like I said, VzeMoney is a scam that you should avoid.

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Thanks for reading my VzeMoney review. Did you know that it was a scam? Did you already sign up for it THEN came to my review? If so, what can you share about the website that you wished you knew? Don’t be shy to share, okay? 🙂

Lots of Love,


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