Wealthy Agency Review – Will You Make $100K Per Month?

Welcome to this Wealthy Agency Review, a product by Jamie Lewis.

I have seen some of his programs before and though most of them didn’t work as advertised, I really liked some of them. That’s why when I came across Wealthy Agency and found out that it was created by Jamie, I wanted to know which group it would form part of.

There are just too many scams online and programs that promise the world to you and MANY underdeliver so heavily that they’re a total waste of your money and time. Is Wealthy Agency one of them? Or is it one of those programs that can really help you quit the rat-race and live a luxurious life?

I’ll tell you everything that I found out about this program and, based on my experiences, will let you know whether what Jamie is teaching you within the program, is worth your money and time at all.

Wealthy Agency At A Glance

Website: WealthyAgency.com

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Purpose: Make money online outsourcing work for clients

Price: $29+

Do I Recommend It?: No.. I think there are better alternatives available.

What Is Wealthy Agency?

The sales video, presented by Jamie Lewis himself, goes over some information of how Wealth Agency can help you make $100K every single month, working form the comfort of home. Jamie explains that you can quit your job and live comfortably, even luxuriously, by running our own virtual agency from home.

He explains that you’ll be collecting the money BEFORE you make any investments and there’s no waiting for paychecks. There are no products to create and no MLM. It’s a virtual service that you are offering your clients. The Wealthy Agency system just needs to be activated and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, we have a few problematic claims here. The first claim about being able to make $100K and making it sound like it’s so easy, is just a hype. I agree the sky is the limit when it comes to making money online and from home, but the truth is that you won’t experience that kind of success within your first month or even your first year.

I like the sound of being paid even before investing, I know of a few business models like that (for example, dropshipping) but a system that you can just “activate and go” does not exist. Jamie actually even said at the beginning that this system is not a push-button system and yet, he contradicts himself.

I don’t have a very good feeling about this program, just like many of the other programs that I have reviewed in the past, on this very website. There are some programs that really genuinely work, like Profit Injector, but I have serious doubts about Wealthy Agency.

How Does Wealthy Agency Work?

What I do like about Jamie’s programs, is that the training included is in video format. This makes it easy to follow and to understand, as most people are visual learners.

You see, Wealthy Agency is about showing you how to attract clients that are in need to digital/online services, using Ads. You don’t actually need to complete these tasks yourself. Instead, you would pay other people, called freelancers that you can find on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, to complete them for you.

For example, you could advertise professional video-editing in your Ads and a client who would be interested in these services, will contact you and you would work out a price, based on what they are looking for.

Let’s say you both agree on a price of $300 and the client accepts and sends you the payment. Now, you would turn to your freelancers to have them complete the job. They might ask for $200 to do it, while you pocket the balance of $100.

This sounds great if you only had to invest $29 to learn about this model as well as to get all the tools needed to do this, but unfortunately, there are upsells included in this program, just like ALL of Jamie’s programs. He says all you’ll need is to pay $29 and you’ll get full and immediate access to the program, when reallly, you’ll need to pay over $600 if you want the whole program.

This is not a bad business model because I know for a fact that this works, based on my experience in doing dropshipping. But I don’t appreciate that Jamie is not transparent. It looks like all he wants from you, is to get to your money.

The training isn’t as in-depth as you’ll need to actually make a full-time income and in some instances, I felt like with some online research you could get all of the information that he compiles within, for free! There are so many videos and blogs with tons of information nowadays, so I didn’t feel like I would get value for money.

The Realities of This Business Model

I already mentioned that it is totally possible to make it big with this business model, but this is highly unlikely to happen for a newbie. The videos might be easy to follow and to understand, but if you don’t know anything about the services that you are offering in your ads to your clients, then that’s a big problem.

If you know nothing about what you’re offering, like the example I gave you about video-editing, how would you be able to discuss details with your customers? There are some pretty technical terms; would you be able to understand them?  How would you know the freelancer you hired, actually did a good job? How would you catch mistakes?

Most of the time, customers and freelancers will notice your lack of knowledge and what will end up happening is, either you won’t get the job, or you’ll end up giving your customer crappy service, such that they won’t come back to do business with you again. And they’ll leave you a bad review.

What I also wanted to point out, is that Jamie lies to you when he says you won’t have to invest before actually collecting payments from your customers. I wonder where the money you have to spend in ADS will come from; that’s obviously money that you need to invest in order to grab your first customer, isn’t it?

And Ads are NOT cheap; sometimes you have to run several different ads, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars before you find out which one is effective enough to be used. So yeah… no, Jamie. That’s not nice!

Is Wealthy Agency A Scam?

Although Wealthy Agency has not impressed me, I do not believe that it is a scam. You’re getting some training and some knowledge in return, although it is not at the level that I expected it to be, for $29.

In my honest opinion, Jamie lacks transparency about how the program will work and what the training will teach you. He also misleads you into thinking that $29 is all you’ll need to make $100K a month, when that’s not true. You obviously will need to spend $600+ in order to get access to the whole program.

I also think that the training is a little lacking and will definitely not help you make $100K a month. This is definitely not a “activate and go” system like he would have you believe. There’s actually a ton of work involved and a lot of investments in Ads before you get your first client.

It’s also not a good idea for you, as a newbie, to dabble in this kind of business without knowing about the services that you want to offer your clients. You can offer multiple services, which is great, but you need to be knowledgeable YOURSELF before you try to outsource the work.

Be prepared to spend a lot of hours learning about the services you want to offer and about how this business model works, because it’s not as easy as Jamie wants you to believe.

It’s up to you whether you want to get Wealthy Agency or not, but I do not recommend it, because there are better alternative business models that work much better out there.

Here’s A Better Alternative To Passive Income Online

Let me tell you how I make money; I spend 2 – 3 hours everyday writing articles about products and topics that I love to talk about and that I’m already knowledgeable about. I make sure to include keywords and my affiliate links and that’s it!

All I do next is just wait for Google to send me visitors and buyers for FREE, and I move on to my next article. I don’t spend any money on ads and I don’t invest a lot of money to run this kind of business from home. Each time somebody buys through my affiliate link, I make commissions.

I don’t have to talk to customers, I don’t have to find freelancers to do my job if I don’t want to. I’m in total control and the best part is that I talk about things that I’m already knowledgeable about and people reading my articles are sure to learn from me. I can partner with Amazon and eBay to consolidate trust with my readers too.

The best part is that you can get started for FREE with this business and hey, if it’s not your cup of tea, then you’re welcome to just quit and move on, without losing any money or having to beg me for a refund. You get all the training, the tools and the support that you need to succeed.


I promise that you’ll be blown away by this amazing opportunity and I highly recommend that you at least, take a look at the program. It’s the program that has changed my life and that has enabled me to make passive income online.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about Wealthy Agency or about making money online in general, please leave them in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Your friend,


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