Website ATM Review – Is Website ATM A Scam? Red Flags REVEALED!

Website atm review - Is website atm a scam

Welcome to my honest Website ATM review.

There are just too many scams on the internet and so, I congratulate you for doing your research before taking the plunge. For all we know, you could lose your money to them and never be able to recover it.

So, is Website ATM a scam that is going to run with your money or is it really a legit system that is going to help you pay off your debts, quit your job and live financially free? That’s the big question, right?

Well, I’m going to answer it all – AND MORE – within this review. I’m not affiliated with Website ATM so rest assured that I’m not going to be pitching this program to you. You’re going to get the cold, hard facts that will help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get this review started!

Website ATM At A Glance


Owner: “Nick Harvey”

Purpose: To teach you affiliate marketing

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: It’s A SCAM!

What Is Website ATM?

Nick, who claims to be the creator of Website ATM, says that with this program, you will be able to make $500 per day just by pressing a button. The system sucks money into your bank account and you don’t have to do any work.

That’s right, just press a button and Website ATM will do all the work for you. You don’t need to learn anything and you don’t need to do anything technical. It’s the automated system that you supposedly need.

All you have to do is watch the training videos, wait 4 minute and push a button to work the system.

You’ll be getting a free website and also installing them and running them for FREE. Because Nick is right; you do need a website to make money online.

However, does this not seem too familiar and too easy to be real? The truth is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is and I thought to myself that Website ATM sounds too much like some of the other SCAMMY programs that I’ve reviewed.

They all talk about how easy it is to make money online and how easily you can make $500+ per day too, and how you can quit your job, pay off your debts, buy the car and house of your dream and yada yada…

But Nick isn’t being honest with you. I’ve reviewed too many of these programs to trust him so easily. I’m also an internet marketer and I know what it takes to make money online and it’s not as Nick describes it at all.

If it was as easy as just pushing a button, then why the heck are people still working at their jobs? Why don’t you hear of more people quitting their jobs for an online business? That’s because Nick is trying to trap you to get to your wallet!

Free, my foot! It costs $47 to buy the program and even if it’s not a lot of money, it’s not FREE, right? There’s the first LIE and that does not leave a very pleasant taste in my mouth.

The Red Flags REVEALED!

Yup, unfortunately, there are a few things that happens on the sales page and in the video that push me to believe that this is either a scam or low-quality product. They’re all too similar to other programs that I’ve reviewed and bought before.

1) 8 Positions Left

The first one is telling you that there are only 8 positions left or that Nick will only be taking it 300 people, after which the doors will be closed forever. The thing with this is that it’s never true.

You see, this is a pressure tactic to make you buy the program as fast as possible, for fear that you might not get in. But believe me when I say that this is a common tactic that scammers use to make you feel scared of missing out.

Come back to the same website tomorrow or click on that same link you received in the promotional email or through social media, and I GUARANTEE that the website is still going to be up. What’s funny is that the countdown isn’t even real!

To show you how common this is, check out these reviews:

1) Pay it Forward System

2) Clone My Sites

2) Make money with NO work needed

The other red flag is telling you that you can make money without doing any work. Well, if it was that easy to make money online, I wouldn’t have been busting my butt for 19 months to advance my online business, right?

The truth, although I would have LOVED it to be different, is that there is much work to be done when you want to do online business. You need to learn the business, apply it and have patience for it to grow. Success does not happen overnight.

Ask any ETHICAL internet marketer and they will tell you the same thing!

3) FAKE Photo of The Harvey Family

The last but not least, and BIGGEST red flag here is the fact that the Harvey family photo is completely FAKE! You see, I went to do a reverse search on Google and it showed me a website called, where the photo is part of somebody’s portfolio.

I took a closer look and found that the photo in the video is the same one used, except that a THIRD child was added in the middle. It was PHOTOSHOPPED!

If the third kid looked younger than the other two, then we might say that since Nick says he has been online since 2001, that a third child could have been born since then, but the third child would have been YOUNGER than the other two and not OLDER, right?

The child in the middle in the Harvey’s photo looks older than the other two, which means, that this is a COMPLETELY fake photo of the Harvey family. I try looking for “Nick Harvey” online as well and there aren’t any well-known internet marketers that come up.

Here’s what’s happening: a lot of scammers will use a different name with each new scam that they release so as not to be recognized and pursued for refunds, and so as not to get in trouble with the law. Nick Harvey is doing just that!

So if he is hiding his identity, what makes you think that he is being honest with you at all? Whether or not he tells you the truth, there is no way to verify anything that he says. Why would he tell you the truth at all?

It’s the same thing with these other programs I’ve reviewed, that turned out to be scams or low-quality!

1) Your Income Profits

2) Secret Profit Club

3) CB Wealth

How Website ATM Works – How It Doesn’t Work, Rather

When I first learned of what was inside Website ATM, I was really pissed off and I will tell you why in just a moment here, but just know that there is a massive difference in what he promised you would get and what he is actually giving you.

You see, what the training inside is going to teach you is how to do affiliate marketing. And seeing as I’m an affiliate marketer myself, I can tell you that this method of making money online is completely legit.

It’s a method of making money online where you will be promoting other people’s products and getting paid a commission when you facilitate a sale (a sale that is made through a customer clicking on your affiliate link).

The bad news is that there just isn’t enough training inside Website ATM for you to become successful with it. There sure are a lot of ways that you could do it, but all Nick shows you here, is how to set up a website, which is not enough.

Additionally, he tells you that you get his free websites and also installing them will be free. Those are newbie words for “buying a domain name” and “hosting your website”.

A domain name is basically the name of your website, like, or That’s just you BUYING it and MAKING it yours so nobody else takes it. There cannot be duplicates!

So in other words, you WON’T get them for free. You’ll need to BUY those domain names before you can host them on Website ATM’s servers.

You also need hosting in order to store your website. Very much like building a house needs a plot of land to sit on for stability and foundation, a website needs hosting for the same thing and thankfully, that’s included.

However, you cannot trust their servers because they are not reputable enough. How good are their servers? Do they have any kind of security built-in? Do they do back-ups? How fast do the websites load? How much storage are you getting?

All these are important questions!

I agree that having a website is important because it’s where you will be presenting your products but if you think that having a website with a ton of products on it will get you sales, you’re totally mistaken!

You see, you need TRAFFIC or VISITORS to your website in order to make your offers known and to get people interested in making a purchase. That can be done through means such as SEO (search engine optimization), video marketing, social media marketing and so many more.

If you just create the website and don’t do any kind of marketing, your website is just going to get lost in the internet space. Nobody is ever going to find it! And that’s exactly what Nick does NOT teach you. It’s the most crucial and hardest part of internet marketing.

And that is exactly what drives me nuts! The main product is VERY limited and they have the guts to have upsells within the program. How can anybody take Nick seriously after NOT giving them what they paid for in the main program?

I mean, Nick never mentioned any other costs, right?

Is Website ATM A Scam?

The answer really depends on your perspective.

Some people might not call it a scam because they say that even if the product is of such low-quality, they still got something for their money. Their argument is that a scam is one that leaves with your money, without giving you anything.

However, a lot of people will say that Website ATM is a scam because it is so misleading and also because it does deliver what it promises. You have a hyped-up sales video that promises you the moon and all you get is a rock.

Not to mention the countless other lies that Nick tells, including this being free when it clearly isn’t, about how all you’ll need to pay would be $47 but there are upsells inside. He also lies about his identity because we cannot find him anywhere online.

I find it particularly outrageous that he uses a photo from a hard-working person’s portfolio online, and pretends that it’s him and his family. He even photoshops it to add a third child that’s supposed to be younger, yet, is OLDER!

Look, I know you want to believe that making money online is as easy as he claims, but the truth is that push button systems don’t exist! These programs are created so the creator and his affiliates can make money, and not so that you can make money.

Nick does not care whether you succeed or not. All he cares about is to get more money out of you and to fill up his bank account.

Whether you think Website ATM is a scam or not, I do NOT recommend the program. It’s not worth the money and due to the lack of training, you’ll need to purchase other products anyways. I know of better alternatives out there!

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Thanks for reading my Website ATM review. So what do you think? Is Website ATM a scam?

Lots of Love,


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