Website Profits Pro Review – Scam That Won’t Work?

website profits pro review

Are you looking for an honest Website Profits Pro review? Then, you’ve just found it!

And the reason why you should believe me is because I’ve been in this industry for over 2 years. I also make money online and so, I can tell what will work and what won’t work, based on my experience with similar programs.

Some other reviews that I’ve seen might be from affiliates of the program, especially if they are promoting Website Profits Pro like it is the best thing since sliced bread. That’s because it really isn’t and I will show you why.

The truth is that there are too many red flags and when you find out what they are, they’ll make you really think twice about getting Website Profits Pro, even if to only try it to see whether it works.

Which in my honest opinion, does not!

Let’s dig deep to find the truth, shall we?

Website Profits Pro At A Glance

Creator: “Jesse Larrow”

Purpose: Affiliate marketing

Price: Free? NOPE, $47!

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! The truth is that this is being portrayed as a get-rich-quick scheme, where the only person who makes money is the creator of the program and his affiliates. As a member or customer, you won’t make anything.

What Is Website Profits Pro?

One of the owners of the program, Jesse, is the one presenting the opportunity to us and he makes the very bold claim that you will make $500 a day and even more with Website Profits Pro. Money will be pouring into your bank account 24/7/365!

All you have to do is watch 4 videos, wait 4 minutes and push a button and the sales will come in immediately. That’s because you’ll receive the same websites that he has used to make millions online with products on them already.

There is no face to face selling and the websites can sell anything you want in any niche. With a push of a button, you’ll have the site up and running and generating passive income without you having to worry about tech-y stuff or about how competitive marketing can be.

You’ll get the websites for free and you’ll make sales within an hour, just like him! He even goes into the story of how he met Calvin, the other creator of the program, and how Jesse started making money online thanks to him.

But to me, all those claims sound way too good to be true. Don’t you get that feeling? Having somebody on camera delivering this speech to us does not make the story more believable.

On the contrary, I suspect that this is not really Jesse Larrow and that he hired an actor to read scripts to you.

The fact that he mentioned making money online at the push of a button really started off the alarm bells for me because to be honest, I’ve reviewed so many other products that say the exact same thing but that don’t deliver.

Ask any honest online marketer and they’ll tell you that there is some serious hard work required to make it big online, even to get to the $100 a day mark. So no, there is a catch. I’m not buying what you say, Jesse.

The Red Flags – Why You Shouldn’t Get Involved

Unfortunately, on top of the sales video being all weird and making guarantees and claims that it shouldn’t be making, I realized that there are some red flags. Those are things that totally don’t make sense and prove that Website Profits Pro might be a scam or low-quality program.

1) $500 a day program

The first thing that got me thinking was the fact that the first testimonials are for another program that I reviewed before, literally just called the $500 Per Day System. And those people never mentioned Website Profits Pro.

Not only was that weird, but there was also a contradictory. Didn’t Jesse say that he didn’t want those websites to get noticed, so he had to cap the maximum of each website to bring in $500 a day?

Well, that’s not what he says towards the end of the video. He actually says that $500 is the MINIMUM. Looks like Jesse does not know anything about how his own system works.

2) Fake scarcity

After that, there’s also the fact that he says the maximum number of people that will be allowed to sign up to Website Profits Pro is 300. But how true is that?

In my experience, that’s just a fake memorandum to have you sign up as soon as possible because the creators of those programs want to make as much money as possible.

They want to create a feeling of urgency or scarcity. They want to make you feel as if you’re going to be missing the best opportunity of your life if you don’t sign up. But the truth is something else.

Why would they want to cap the number of people signing up to the program? They’re charging for it! If it was free, then I can understand the scarcity but it’s harder to believe it when they’re charging for it.

The truth here is that they want to make as much money as possible selling the program, so they would obviously want as many people as possible grabbing it. So, now you realize that the “300 people max” thing is a big fat lie.

3) Fake Jesse Larrow?

To be honest with you, I thought that the guy in the presentation was real… until I saw the pictures of his family.

Anybody can tell that those women in those photos of his “wife” are different. Additionally, the kids look different too! One minute the little girl is blond and the next, she is a brunette.

Then, the son has a brown hair and in the next, he is blond.

That’s when I started suspecting that Jesse could end up actually NOT being Jesse. Those photos he used could just be stock photos of people he thinks look similar enough to pass as his wife and kids.

Well, that won’t fool me!

There are plenty of products on the internet that are created by scammers who hire actors to do all the dirty work of “selling” the program to unsuspecting newbies. And you know why I’m so confident?

I didn’t find any Jesse Larrows that looks even remotely similar to this Jesse in the video; no Facebook, no Insta, no Youtube, no interviews and nothing either on As Seen On TV.

Believe me, it’s another bunch of lies!

4) Other paid actors?

Do you know when you actually realize that the program won’t work as advertised? That’s when you find out that the people in the testimonials are actually actors, hired to read and act out a script.

Oh yeah, they are! And if you won’t believe me, I’ve got some proof.

As you can see, they’re posted on a freelance website called, where they place their services to be a spokesperson for whoever pays them.

Of course it’s not their fault what the customer does with their videos. They are possibly just trying to make ends meet at home, but how can they sleep at night knowing that they’ve just helped a scammer rob somebody else by lying?

But the point is that if the testimonials are from paid actors, then how good is the program, really? Wouldn’t it be better to see some testimonials from people who have really tried the program?

To me, hiring actors for testimonials is a bad sign; a sign that the program won’t work as expected.

How Website Profits Pro Really Works

Well, from the long video we had to watch, we get a pretty good idea of how Website Profits Pro is supposed to work. What I got was that I would receive free websites with products pre-loaded onto it.

I’d have to watch 4 videos, I don’t know about what but they’re supposed to help, right? Then, I’d have to wait for 4 minutes, for what? I don’t know. Maybe for the websites to magically get constructed for me.

Then, I will need to push a button.

Afterwards, it looks like it’s completely hands-free. The money will come within the hour, while I get my nails done at the mall.

But if I really believed that, then I would have learned nothing from being online for over 2 years.

The truth is that you might get some websites but you’ll never be the real owner. There are costs associated with websites, like domain name and hosting, and most plans need to be renewed on an annual basis.

What if Jesse decides not to renew the domain name you chose next year? You would lose EVERYTHING!

Moreover, having just a website is not enough. You need visitors and buyers in order to make any money. If you expect to just pay the $47, create your website and expect the money to come rolling into your bank account, then you’re gullible!

It won’t work like that!

The websites will come with ready-made content because I remember Jesse saying that you won’t need to write a single word, but you know the big problem with that? It’s the fact that he will be used “spinned” content from the internet.

In other words, copied content. This means that Google and the other search engines will not rank you and thus, you won’t be able to get traffic for free from people searching up the internet.

The second option is to start paid advertising and those aren’t cheap! You should think of at least $500 per day in advertising if you want to make the kind of money mentioned in the sales video.

And one more thing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products to make a commission off the sales. But what Jesse does not tell you is that with many companies, you need to apply to become an affiliate.

And often times, it takes days and even weeks in order to get approved. So no, you won’t make money within 1 hour, in most cases. Moreover, different affiliate programs will have different requirements.

And I can guarantee you that no matter what you get with Website Profits Pro, it won’t be enough to get approved.


– Free websites for a year, maybe?

– Possible 60-day money-back guarantee (not 100% sure about this because the program is not offered through any affiliate program)


– Jesse is a fake and he uses stock photos to depict his family

– Testimonials are fro paid actors. There is no proof that anything they say is real.

– Hyped up sales video, with a ton of lies about making money online

– Sales video promotes get-rich-quick scheme

– No real base training on becoming a learned affiliate marketer

– Says “free” but charges $47 for the program

– You won’t be the boss of your business. Jesse will always be. Even if you buy the program at $47, you never own anything, not even the website you choose.

– Websites use copied content on the internet, thus making it impossible to rank on the search engines

– You’ll have to rely on paid traffic, which is not good if you’re a beginner. You wouldn’t understand how traffic works and could burn a lot of your money before seeing profits.

Is Website Profits Pro A Scam?

Yes, I do definitely think that Website Profits Pro is a scam because of so many obvious reasons. After all those red flags, who would take the chance of signing up?

I mean, definitely the sales video makes the program sound too good to be true. That was the first red flag. There is no way that you can make that much money as easily as Jesse claims.

If so, then most people would be working at home now, instead of whining about their bosses.

Additionally, you also have the fact that Jesse used stock photos to depict his family and even hired actors for the testimonials, to make you believe that people are getting results with his program. But I say that this shows no success at all!

Why would there be a need for paid testimonials if people were really succeeding? I would give my testimonial for completely free for a program that was working for me.

Then, you have the fact that you will never own anything inside of the program. Jesse will always be the one making all the decisions and if that impacts you negatively, he couldn’t care less because it would work in his favor.

There’s also no real training to make you a good affiliate marketer and the websites are all pre-made which means they’re simply copied from other websites. This makes ranking with the search engines impossible.

And need I say more about the amounts you’ll need to dish out to make even a single sale, not having adequate training and not having enough knowledge of the online world?

This is a PIT that you definitely shouldn’t approach. Website Profits Pro is a scam!

Stop Wasting Time With Fake Websites! Discover How I Make A Passive Income Every Month!

Now, I’m an affiliate marketer too, but the way that I make money online is different than what is taught in Website Profits Pro and that’s the reason that I’m successful with making money with my website.

I recently made $400 USD!

Jesse did speak ONE truth and that is, you need a website to make money online. If you really want to be in total control of your own online business, then you shouldn’t be getting into any programs that claim to be “done for you”.

You need the guidance to create a website, training to build a strong business foundation, knowledge to maintain it and not to mention the consistent hard work that goes with it. Sure, it might scare you, but it’s all worth it!

Else you will never be able to start making the income you dream and live the life you dream of. Stop chasing those get-rich-quick schemes and done-for-you systems because they only make the creator rich, not you.

It’s time to throw away the misconception that money is made at the push of a button online because that’s not how it works. Just like any other business, you need time, dedication, hard work and patience to reap profits.

So if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing properly and have me as a mentor, then the good news is that I’ve created a guide just for you!


Not only will you receive my guide but you’ll also get free access to my 6-day email course that will help you build a strong business foundation. I will be your mentor and help you out every step of the way, whenever you need me.

Push buttons systems will not help you. Hard work will!

Thanks for reading my Website Profits Pro review and don’t hesitate to share anything in the comments section, whether positive or negative about the program. I would love to hear from you and to learn from you.

Lots of Love,


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