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Are you good at writing? Are you trying to make money online? Do you want to make your own schedule, working when you want? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading because I am about to present you with an online writing opportunity that will pay you to do what you love!

Come in, ContentMart!

So, what is ContentMart about and why is it creating such a buzz? Here’s the info.

It is an online platform that allows clients to connect with writers all over the world, to have content and articles written. So it will benefit both sides; people looking to work and people looking for workers. ContentMart has some great features that help you get off the ground the same day you sign up. Work is available all day long and you can write as many articles as you want. You can even set your own prices.

At A Glance

Name: ContentMart

Website: www.ContentMart.com

Owner: ??

Training: No

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Success Stories: Yes

Recommended?: Yes

My First Impressions

Looking around the website on the main page, I can see that everything is well-written. If you want your website to gain trust, then the language used should be easy to understand and professional, especially if you are in the writing industry. That was a plus for ContentMart.

The main page is easy to navigate. It makes signing up, either as a client or a writer, very easy. What I liked is that you could get content written in many different languages, which is a plus for people that have blogs in different languages and it also creates more jobs for people who are proficient in languages other than English.

To give you a few languages they support, they want people who can write French, Hindi, Mandarin, German and Japanese.

The page is easy to navigate, to get to where you want to go. I am happy to see that they also have an affiliate program, which you can sign up for through ShareAsale, which is a completely legit platform. Having an affiliation with ShareAsale already says a lot about the legitimacy of this platform.

So far, there is nothing iffy about the program at all.

Signing up

Registration with this program is easy, although it can take some time to complete your profile, depending on what your fields of expertise are. To sign up, you will need to give full details; for example your phone number and your address. Then you will need to go through a series of straight-forward questions, asking you what your fields are, what languages you can write and so on.

Training / Tests

There isn’t any training that will be provided because on this platform, it depends on what your expertise is and in what language you want to write. Your level of the language is also important because the more proficient you are in a language, the more you can earn per work and more projects will get assigned to you.

There are tests in each area of expertise that you select and in every language you want to write. As far as I saw after signing up, you are required to pass the tests in your language and that will make it easier for you to land projects because you would become a verified writer on the platform.


The following I am about to describe are tools to help increase your positive image in the eyes of a client. There is one tool specifically and that’s your profile page.

In my opinion, the profile page is well-organized and laid out. The client can see your ratings, your areas of expertise (and also if you have been tested in those areas), the languages in which you are proficient (and whether you have been tested for those languages), the categories in which you write, your level of education and your work experience. There is also a small section for “About me”.

Some of these can’t be controlled, such as your ratings and your test results because once they are submitted, they can’t be changed.

What I mean by “controlled” here are the things that you can edit at your leisure. These are the areas that ContentMart gives you for your time to shine and that’s where you should really focus, after the tests. If people are writing, then there are probably a lot of people like YOU, who have the same expertise and the same high proficiency levels as you. So who is the client going to choose?

That’s where they want to know more. That’s where they want to know your work background, your education level and they want to really gage who you are through your “About me” section. If you stand out through your “About me” section, then they’ll choose you.

Another nice feature is the ability to add samples of your work in your profile, so your prospective clients can really see the level of work that you have done in the past. They can get a sense of your writing style and your grammar. These can be done-in-the-past jobs for other clients, if you are authorized to use them, or you could even just create new content and put that in your portfolio.


This website does great with support. Not only does it have a very detailed FAQ section, but you also have several ways of contacting support, should you need any help at all. You can contact support through the support page itself, by emailing them and by calling their customer service department.


… seem to be very prompt when you work with ContentMart. If you are working in USD, then you get the payments directly into your paypal account. If you are a worker from India, earning in INR, then you get paid through your bank. Regardless of payment receipt method, all payments are made weekly on Thursdays.

The payment structure is not hard to understand. Whatever the cost of the project, ContentMart will keep 10% of your earnings on pay-day. So if you are working full-time and you make $750*** in one week, this amount will show on your dashboard until the following Thursday. So the amount that will be deposited into your paypal account will be $675.


It is FREE to sign up.

One day in the life of a ContentMart Writer

This is a summary of what your particular day will look like, working full-time through ContentMart Writer.

You sign in and look through your messages to see whether you have been accepted for any jobs previously applied to. If not (or not yet), then you can go through the long list of available work for the day. There is actually so much work that is added everyday on this website that you can literally choose the ones that appeal most to you. I would choose along the lines of 5 to 8 a day because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with work.

Now, when I say “choose”, you are really bidding against other writers for the job. This only tells the client that you are interested to do the job. It is up to the client to now go through your profile and the profiles of the other bidders, to get a sense of your writing style and what your areas of expertise are.

If you get accepted to work on 5 for the day, for example, each having a requirement of 1000 words and the clients are willing to pay you $30 for each piece, then that’s a $150 earning for that day, provided you meet all the clients’ expectations and they are happy with the work that you have done for them.

Keep in mind that though it is very exciting to be making this amount in one day (and even more), that your work should not compromise quality and the requirements set by each client. If the quality of the content is not up to par, then the client will be eligible for a refund and you will not get paid for the time put towards that project. If you are working on it anyways, do a good job on it so as not to compromise your reputation on the platform and your pay.

Success Stories / Feedback

From the numerous feedback and success stories that I have read, I can seriously see that ContentMart is a very good platform to be on, for the writer and for the client seeking a writer. I have not been able to find one negative review about this website whereas the positive reviews keep increasing. See for yourself by googling or by reading some of the reviews below.

My thoughts

As far as I can see, ContentMart is a perfectly legitimate way to make money online. The website is easy to navigate, my profile was easy to set up and I can even start the same day I put up my profile. This platform has made it easier than ever to land a job online for people who are stay-at-home parents, who are on disability or maternity leave, who want to simply work from home, who want to make their work revolve around their life, and not the other way around. I highly recommend that you sign up with ContentMart HERE.

I will also update this post after making some money on the platform to provide further proof that this is a legitimate platform.

From my perspective though…

… because I am a blogger, I will always put blogging as the number one way of making unlimited income online. Maybe that’s not what you are looking for, but let me explain this to you so that you can understand where I am coming from, if you are going to be typing anyways.

With ContentMart, you will make money, but you won’t be able to make passive income. After each project, you will need to go out again and find other things to write about, that will only pay you once. However, with blogging and affiliate marketing, you get to monetize the content that you write, over and over and over again.

That’s because you are putting this content in front of millions of people who are LOOKING for the information you have to offer and that increases the chances of people buying through you. In other words, you write the contents only ONCE and people can keep on clicking on your link to buy through you, over the course of months and even years. So you would not be making $30 for each content you write, you could be making thousands with the same article.

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If you decide to join this platform, I will be backing you up 100%. Not only will you get access to me personally, but to a whole community of experts, ready to help you out, night and day.

On this note…

… if you have any questions about anything or would like to share your experience with ContentMart, please share them below and I will get to you ASAP.

Cheers to your success,


*** If you complete 5 projects each day, for 5 days, aiming at earning $30 per project.


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