What is Copy Success? – It’s not what you think

If you’ve come across Copy Success, you must have seen this video. Like you, at the end of the video, I had to ask myself, what is copy success, really? Because conceedingly, there isn’t a lot of information that is given out. Well, let me explain what it is and let me tell you this; it isn’t what it looks like.

At A Glance

Name: Copy Success

Website: www.copysuccess.me

Owner: Paulo Barroso

Price: $1 – $50k (combination of one-time and monthly memberships)

Recommended?: NO

My Initial Views

At first, I thought that I was dealing with a flat-out SCAM because of the methods used to lure me in; I mean, there was a video that was there to “convince” me to get into the system. There was a timer counting down to push me into signing up fast. There was also the number of spots available at the right of the video, pushing me to believe that they were REALLY only giving space to the first 13 who signed up.

In my mind, it looked like nothing but a scam.

As I watched the video, I was even more convinced, because there was NEVER a mention of what I would do, except create leads for the company. There was NO MENTION of the products they would sell to my leads.

All through the video, I was told that I would make $500 to $7500 in commissions and that’s when I understood. They were selling a high-ticket product.

One other fact that confirmed this, was the fact that Paulo passed on to Michael Force, so he could explain the rest. Lightbulb! (sorry, that was the “GRU” in me, from Despicable Me)

Anyways, another fact that I didn’t like was that they said I could make money, by working as little as 30 minutes a day. That was another warning sign.

After I tried to leave, a $1 trial was offered to me. Then after that, the FREE TRIAL was offered to me. This hit me as being unethical and that they were not transparent about this program. They were after my money after-all and were desperate to get me to sign up.

Who is Michael Force?

Michael Force is the founder of Digital Altitude / Aspire. He used to be a marine, that found his success in promoting high-ticket programs. This is also a high-ticket program, that claims it will teach you everything that you need to know about making money online.

It may even be the MOST EXPENSIVE business opportunity of its kind.

So Copy Success isn’t really a product of its own, but rather, it is a sales funnel created by Paulo to promote Force’s Digital Altitude / Aspire.

After signing up

You will get access to the first set of training videos and tools. Not only that, you will also be assigned to a coach, who will supposedly be working on you one-on-one, to help you achieve success.

Now, you need to be aware of one thing; in my experience, the coach may be training you, but it is also another a way to try to convince you to buy into the higher “upsells” of the program, so they can make money for Digital Altitude / Aspire. And as per my warning before, be prepared to see the prices of these upsells to you.

After you complete the first set of training videos, you will need to invest more money into the program, to get access to the second set of training videos.

And this goes on and on, until you reach the final upsell, which is the fifth one. Here they are;

1) Base Membership

2) Rise Membership

3) Ascend Membership

4) Peak Membership

5) Apex Membership

All these different membership programs are one-time payments and will give you life-time access to the training material and the tools and you can complete them at your own pace. Here come the deal-breakers.


In order for you to be able to earn the higher commissions, you need to personally HAVE that level of membership. For example, if you are in within the Ascend Membership and you make an ascend membership sale, then you get full commissions. You also get full commissions if you sell any of the inferior memberships (Base and Rise).

However, take for a example, somebody who YOU refer, wants to go directly to the Peak Membership. You get NO commission at all, whereas the sponsor above you gets 100% of the commissions.

In this program, you have to SPEND more to MAKE more. Therefore, the sky is the limit if you don’t have a limit to the bottom of your pocket.


Digital Altitude / Aspire comes with a combination of monthly and one-time payment subscriptions. Before I dive into those, let me tell you that there exists a 14-day trial that you can have for either $1 or for free, but you will need to TRY to leave a few times (from the page) to get it to pop up.

Else, they are more than happy to keep that info from you and get your first payment upfront.

By trying to get access for either $1 or for free, know that you will still have to provide your credit card info, a tactic used to get money from you, in case you forget and not ask for a refund later.

The fact that Paypal is not available is seriously a pain! Specially because this is a high-ticket program. If they do not deliver, then I will have to rely solely on their refund policy and will have no back-up.

Monthly Subscriptions

There are two levels to the monthly subscription.

1) Walker – $37 / month

You get 1 Tier of commission payouts with this level, paying at 40%. You also get access to the Members’ Area and to the start-up training videos.

2) Climber – $97 / month

You will get access to 3 Tiers of commision payouts, at 40% (level1), at 10%(level2) and at 5% (level3). You also get access to the Members’ Area and supposedly more traning videos will be available to you, compared to the Walker membership.

The “levels” within the memberships, mean people who enrolled into the program. Level 1 will be those who you enrolled personally. Level 2 will be those that were enrolled into the program by your level 1 people. And level 3 will be those that are enrolled by your level 2 people.

It works like a MLM system, where you will earn commissions from the sales of your downlines.

Let me tell you at this point, you will need to be in at least one membership in order to have access, which will be charged after your first 14 days trial (if you were able to go that route).

One-time Subscriptions

The one-time subscriptions, I already mentioned them. But here they are with the price tags.

1) Base Membership – $ 597

2) Rise Membership – $ 2197

3) Ascend Membership – $ 9997

4) Peak Membership – $19,997

5) Apex Membership – $ 29,997

To be honest with you, I don’t even need to go into detail of what each subscriptions offers, because most of us will not be able to afford it.

If you really want to know what is inside of each level, then you can certainly try the system out for FREE or $1 for 14 days to get that information.


I would not use this system myself, so I do not feel comfortable recommending this program to anybody. It may appear to be a reasonable program, for which you can start with $1, or even for free, but the upsells are ridiculously expensive.

There have been claims that people have made a lot of money with this system, and there have been people who claimed they were able to get a refund, but Digital Altitude / Aspire is not geared for people who do not have the money to invest in it.

I do not see the program as being a fair one, because everything is based on how much money you can invest, and not on your ability to grasp, understand and take action on what you learn. At the end of the day, if you do not have the $50k to spend into this program, then I would not recommend that you sign up.

Online training program that won’t break the bank

The reality is that you do not have to spend so much money to make money online. There are so many other programs online that offer a way better training, that is simpler to understand, and much more cost-effective, than Copy Success.

The program that trained me from the time that I was a beginner, is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a platform that you can join for FREE and the good news is that you can remain a free member for as long as you like. Not only can you upgrade whenever you like, but you can also make money without ever upgrading.

Wealthy Affiliate has a step-by-step approach for the newbie to learn the ropes of making money online and you have a whole community that will be there to help you, night and day.

There aren’t ridiculous upsells. There is only ONE upgrade for everybody, and that is the Premium Membership, at $49/month. This sounds much better to my ears, than $29,997.

What I like is that everybody is on equal footing and this program is where you REALLY have the opportunity to earn as much as you want, by WORKING HARD. Nobody at Wealthy Affiliate judges you based on what you have in your pocket.

===> Here’s my complete Review of Wealthy Affiliate <===

And I promise you, that I have tried my very best to disclose EVERYTHING there is to know about the program. If you decide to join, then I will see you on the other side and personally help you with your online venture.

Any questions that you may have, please leave them in the comment section below. I would also like to request to those who have had an experience with Digital Altitude / Aspire, to step forward and share your experiences. It will greatly help others make a decision on this program.

Thank you for reading and I wish you lots of success!



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