What Is Four Dollar Click ? – What They Don’t Want You To Know!

What is Four Dollar Click

Hello and welcome to my Four Dollar Click review.

Is Four Dollar Click legit or is it a scam? Does the company pay out? Will you really be able to make $4 per click? Or will it be a big waste of time? Will you be taken for a ride?

Well, if you have all these questions, then I must congratulate you! Being skeptical is good because there just are too many scams on the internet, wouldn’t you agree? It’s better to be safe than sorry and you’re being safe now by reading up on Four Dollar Click.

I will be answering all the questions that you might have and some, in order for you to make an informed decision. I’ll reveal all I’ve found out about the program right here!

Let’s get started!

Four Dollar Click At A Glance

Website: FourDollarClick.com

Owner: ??

Purpose: Make money online clicking on ads

Price: Free to join but misleading!

Do I Recommend?: Absolutely not! It’s a big waste of time!

What Is Four Dollar Click?

Four Dollar Click claims that it will pay you $4 when you click on every ad that is available within the system. You will then be able to cash out at $4000 which means that you’ll need to click on 1000 ads before being able to cash out.

How it works is that Four Dollar Click gets paid to deliver clicks, and therefore, views, on marketers’ ads and they contract you to go and click on the ads. They then pay you a portion of the revenue and keep the rest as their profit. The marketers get their publicity in that way and you’re also making money.

It sounds great to get paid a whopping $4 for every click, doesn’t it? If you’re able to click on 25 ads in a day, you’d make $100 and be able to quit your day job, right?


There are a few red flags that I’ve found on the sales page that suggests that this website may be a fraud and a scam. The first being that getting paid $4 is REALLY high for one single click. The industry standard is just a couple of cents per click and really pushing it, could bring the pay to $1 but $4 is unheard of.

Another red flag is that Four Dollar Click claims to be BBB accredited and even shows to have an A+ rating. But when I went to the BBB website and went to look for the company, it was nowhere to be found! Could they be lying just to get you to sign up?

I already don’t feel so good about this website. Let’s take a more through look through it to see whether or not my feelings are ill-founded.

Why Four Dollar Click Won’t Work As Advertised

As I explained earlier, the way that the company will make money is to advertise traffic and visitors to marketers that want to get their businesses or products noticed and Four Dollar Click’s work is to get people like you to click on the ads. They’ll then pay you a portion of the revenue and keep the rest to themselves as profit.

Looking around the website, I found something strange and that’s the fact that they only charge $10 for 1000 clicks, which means that they are only charging $0.01 per click. How the heck then are they able to pay you $4 per click?

The fact is that they can’t and won’t pay you. How on earth will they make any money if they are over-paying their “clickers”? The business will go under, wouldn’t it? Reminds me of another program that I reviewed called Captcha Club.

How I became certain of that is by looking through their terms and conditions. A lot of people will never read the small prints before joining such a program or company, in their eagerness to make money online. So that’s where they hope to mislead you and change up the things that are promised because the terms are the legal words.

If you take a look, this is what they say:

So they have the right to close your account and not pay you FOR NO REASON AT ALL! This is a really big risk to take. You’re here spending all your time trying to find something legit and taking time out of your day to work for them and they could ban you or suspend you at any time.

Here’s somebody that wrote a complaint about not receiving their payment.

The Catch Behind The Premium Membership

When you click on the ads and follow the instructions, you will see the dollar counter go up after each ad that you click, which is great. But the catch is that you will not be able to withdraw your earnings, even if you reach the $4000 payout threshold.

Wanna know why? That’s because you have to PAY for a membership in order to withdraw your earnings.

The red flags here are that the threshold for payment is unnaturally high and they take 75 DAYS to issue you the payment. Their excuse is that they have to make sure that you are not breaching their terms and conditions and and have to do that check manually.

That’s a heck of a long time to wait to get your pay, isn’t it?

Most other companies, even a busy company like Amazon, take about 30 – 60 days to issue payment but not 75 days! That’s absurd!

Within that time period, you will need to keep your account upgraded and active in order to receive your money too. If you forget to pay for your membership, then your payments will be cancelled and your account suspended. Really? That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

I believe that the reason the payment takes so long is to make sure that you pay for at least 3 months of the membership so they can make money off of your payments AND the ad clicking that you bring them. They claim to have technology in place to verify whether you are cheating or not in their terms of service:

Then why do they need to manually check if you’ve violated anything? Wouldn’t their “best in-class” technology tell them if you’ve violated anything?

This is just an excuse to NOT pay you after the 75 days. I guarantee it!

Is Four Dollar Click A Scam?

Yes, in my honest opinion, Four Dollar Click is a big scam that you should avoid at any cost!

You can already tell that something is not right on their sales page, especially with the unusually high payout promise at $4 per click. There’s also the fact that they flat-out lie to you about having an A+ rating with the BBB when that’s a big, fat lie.

The other thing to take into consideration is that they only charge $10 per 1000 clicks from marketers wanting to advertise. Fact is that it will be impossible to then pay you $4000 per 1000 clicks that you generate, right?

Moreover, you have the terms that outline they can basically do anything they want with your account, including terminating you for no reason at all. It depends on what they see fit. The amount of time that they also take to pay out is a red flag because this is absolutely NOT the industry norm.

And what’s the deal with having to PAY them to withdraw your money? Since they have such good technology, why not just deduct the payment from your pay? That’s how anybody would have done it to make sure that you’re paying your membership fee, right?

But to me, the complaints that I saw were enough to show me that Four Dollar Click is a scam. These people have had awful experiences with this company and that’s why they wrote about them; to warn others about the company so you don’t lose money too.

So I have to really caution you here and tell you that it is a bad idea to sign up and work for Four Dollar Click. It is a total waste of time. It is a scam that you should avoid!

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