What is the BEST way to make money online in 2018? – MUST READ!

With new make-money-online programs coming out every single day, it must be leaving you wondering about what is the best way to make money online in 2018.

Because, let’s face it; we are living in the technology era and there just are too many methods to choose from nowadays. And too many scams.

Well, let show you the training platform that trained me on how to make money online. Let me boast a little bit by telling you that this website you’re on right now, is the result of this training.

Want Proof that this training works? Here it is!

Yupp, I also looked for proof because, believe it or not, I have also been the victim of a lot of scams online. So when I found out about THE best training platform on the the Internet, I was overjoyed.

There was really a legit way of making money online.

Stepping Into The Light

This great training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, as you may already have found out from the above screenshots.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches newbies and more experienced marketers alike, in a step-by-step manner, on how to create and grow an affiliate marketing business online.

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where a third-party promotes a retailer’s product on their website. Whenever a sale is made by the third-party, the retailer pays the third-party a percentage of the sale. You can also call that a commission.

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you; how to make money as the third party.

Now, don’t get scared. Like you, I also initially thought that I had to coerce people into buying the products. But that’s not the case; you only need to make sure the information is available for the person who is READY to buy it, when they come looking for it.

No selling required, no coercing required, no face-to-face required!

My Analysis

As you can see from the above screenshots, Vitaliy makes $4000 – $6000 consistently (he made $11,000+ in December of 2017!). Also take into consideration though that this is as a result of him working on his website for 10 years!

The result I am showing you, is not to make you think that you can make this kind of money overnight, but to show you what is possible with hard-work, patience and dedication to this.

So here were my thoughts and questions when I saw his results;

1) Would your company pay you $4000 – $6000 after 10 years of service? (if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer or an architect)

2) Would your company pay you that amount of money while allowing you to go on vacation whenever you wanted?

3) Would they pay you that amount of money working only a few hours a day?

4) Would they allow you to work at any time of day or night?

And guess what? I answered NO to all these questions and that really opened my eyes. The only way to achieve the financial freedom that I wanted was to work for myself.

If I kept working for somebody else, I was only building THEIR dream. Not mine!

Case Study – Could an affiliate marketer make more than a doctor?

I’ll show you the numbers. You be the judge.

A doctor in the USA makes an average of $200,000 annually, which translates to around $16,000 per month. I must admit that this is a very impressive income.

However, I want you to consider the real-life events of becoming a doctor.

A doctor studies for a minimum of 10 years (all-inclusive) before he is able to start in his field. Medical school is tough to get into, you have to maintain a very high average once you’re in, you have to get yourself into debt with student loans that very often cross the $100K mark and you need to have relevent intership / work experience.

ON THE OTHER HAND, let’s take Brok’s example. Brok joined Wealthy Affiliate in November of 2013 so it has been almost 5 years. Here’s the screenshot of the post he shared, stating his income.

As you can see, he made $13,000+ within that month.

Now, although the amount he made is not exactly the amount that a doctor would make on average, according to statistics, he is much better off than the doctor. If this is the amount that he is able to make within 5 years, then you can only imagine what his income would be like after 10 years.

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Why is Brok better off?

As you can see, both need to work hard but Brok is better off. Here’s why;-

1) Brok’s learning curve is much smaller than the doctor’s.

2) No previous experience or internship required for Brok.

3) Brok can earn while he learns the trade, whereas the doctor cannot.

4) No stress of having to get into medical school and maintaining a high average for Brok.

5) Absolutely NO debt for Brok. He only needs to invest an average of $500 PER YEAR into his online business, very low start-up and maintenance cost.

6) Brok does not have the headache of having to pay off debt (don’t forget the interest!) after 10 years.

7) Brok makes passive income, whereas the doctor needs to actually put in the hours to make money.

8) Brok can work from anywhere in the world, while the doctor can only make money in the clinic / hospital.

9) Over time, Brok only needs to invest a few hours a day into his online business while doctors work hard shifts.

So, could an affiliate marketer potentially make more than a doctor? Is an affiliate marketer better off overall? 🙂 I’m sure you got the answer.

Don’t Get Me Wrong!

If it is truly your passion to become a doctor and that’s how you feel accomplished and fulfilled in life, then go for it! If we didn’t have doctors in our hospitals, then there would be nobody to treat us when we’re sick.

What I am doing here, is showing those people who cannot afford to become a doctor or can’t put in all these years to study, that there is a way of having your dream come true and becoming financially free through other means.

And that is through the internet, by learning affiliate marketing, which is by far, the BEST way to make money in 2018, especially if you don’t have much money to invest. Wealthy Affiliate even has a free LIFETIME membership. All it takes is your hard-work, time and A LOT of patience. These things, you don’t have to pay for, luckily.

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If you need some more in-depth information on how the platform actually works, then I suggest to follow the link below to my complete Wealthy Affiliate review.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article and that I have answered your questions. If not, then please don’t hesitate to ask me anything in the comments section below.

If you have had experience working either as a doctor (or lawyer, or architect etc…) as well as an affiliate, please let us know what your experiences have been. It would be great to hear it from a person who has actually tried both and who can tell us about their thoughts.

I wish you all the best with your online endeavours and much success!



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