What Is Turbo Wealth Solution? – Scam Or Make $41K Weekly?

Welcome to this Turbo Wealth Solution review.

What is Turbo Wealth Solution and how does it work? Will it help you make any money? Will you be able to quit your job and become financially free? Is it a big scam or is it legit?

If you have those questions, then hey, let me tell you that I had those questions too when I found out about the program and I really wanted to know all about it. Now that I know all the answers, I will be sharing them with you in this review.

Just so you know, I’m not an affiliate of Turbo Wealth Solution and I do not promote it. So rest assured that everything you’ll read within this review is going to be completely honest and unbiased. I will tell you things like they are. Nothing but the truth.

Let’s get started!

Turbo Wealth Solution At A Glance

Website: TWSWebinar.com

Owner: ??

Purpose: “Affiliate marketing”

Price: $1000+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Turbo Wealth Solution?

My first impressions of the sales page, or the webinar page, is that it is incredibly old! It looks like you have to call in order to get more information about the program and that’s really old-school. I’m surprised that people still use such tactics when there are better and easier methods in this day and age.

But anyways, it says that Turbo Wealth Solution is a program that will have you make upto $41K every single week. With this system, people will be eagerly sending you money. It is simple and automated and as such, you can get started and get earning within a week.

The program will help you make high-ticket sales with recurring income that will only increase your profits. You don’t even have to find the leads to make those sales because the system will take care of it for you. You don’t even need to sell anything to them because that’s taken care of too.

You’re gonna get the promotional materials and methods, you’ll be getting your own website, you’ll be getting your free leads and you won’t have to sell anything. Is there anything that you WILL be doing?

If I were a newbie, I would have believed everything that’s in the video but since I have a lot of experience with these same programs, I’m sorry for the creator of this program and for the sponsor that wants to recruit me. I can see right through them.

The thing is that there is always more work involved and there usually is a catch, which of course is not gonna get revealed in the sales video. They’ll do what they can to sell you on the dream and most times, will under-deliver. Yes, there were testimonials and they look like real ones but what they don’t tell you is that those results aren’t typical.

So who do you believe? Nobody! That’s why you’re reading this review, right? Let’s take a look at what you can expect with Turbo Wealth Solution.

How Turbo Wealth Solution Works

Obviously, there are different levels that you can join at and I will be talking about them shortly.

But you’re basically going to be reselling Turbo Wealth Solution to others. You’ll get promotional materials such as your website, promotional videos and pre-written emails that you’re gonna be able to use to recruit them into the system.

You’ll be sending leads to your website, where they’ll watch the sales video and that page will display your phone number. You’ll be able to receive calls and answer some questions to have them join you. Each time they agree to join, you’ll ask for a cheque in your name that’s gonna get mailed out.

They do talk about products but I’m pretty sure that these products will be training aroung promoting Turbo Wealth Solution, thus won’t really benefit members of the public. When this happens, you realize that there is no retail side to the business and the only way to make money is to recruit.

According to the FTC, this is an illegal system that resembles a pyramid scheme. Once your recruit pays you, they’ll get the exact same information and promotional material as you and they’ll be promoting the same system. It is a never-ending cycle.

What you have to realize is that big companies that work similarly to Turbo Wealth Solution have been shut down by the FTC in recent years and by joining the program, you will be putting yourself in legal problems. There are hefty fines to pay to be part of such a scheme.

These types of programs are still popping up today so be careful. I just reviewed some others like Funnel X ROI and Easy 1 Up.

The Costs and Compensation Plans

The reason that you’re able to make more and more money is due to the membership levels. You can join at any level initially but of course, they’ll recommend you start at the highest level right? Since that level will make you (and your sponsor) the most money.

Here are the costs for each level;

1) $1,000 Level

2) $2,000 Level

3) $3,500 Level

4) $6,500 Level

5 $12,000 Level

6) $20,000 Level

So as you can see there are various levels to choose from and however much you choose to pay, that amount will go straight to your sponsor, meaning that any sale made will earn members 100% commission.

The amount of money you make per sale will depend on the level that you buy. If you buy the $2,000 level, you will only be able to make $1,000 and $2,000 sales. Each sale that you make at a higher level will be passed up toy our sponsor if they are at that level.

For example, if you are at the $6,500 level, you will only be able to earn $6,500 maximum per sale. If any of your recruits buy the $12,000 or $20,000 level, you lose the commission. This business model ensures that everybody will try their best to upgrade to the higest level so as not to miss out on earnings.

Something else that you need to remember is the qualifying sale. The first sale that you make will automatically go up to your sponsor and you’ll only earn from subsequent sales that you make. Likewise, when your recruits make their first sales, those are gonna be passed up to you.

But don’t think that because you’re paying more that you’re gonna get more in terms of value from the company because that’s not why you’re paying more. The only reason you’d want to upgrade to the next level is to pay your right to make more money per sale.

Old-School Business Model Brings Complications

You can tell that these guys are not keeping with technology and that’s a bad thing!

The first thing to consider is that you’re gonna be paying by cheque and thus, will not have the right to get a refund if you don’t want to do the business anymore. So it’s a lot of risk to be paying even at the $1,000 level and not be getting a money back guarantee. You’ll be at a big loss.

And I have to say that the marketing strategies are really old as well and will end up costing you more money. They advise getting a 1-800 number and also doing postcards as a way of advertising and those things costs a lot! You’ll either need to mail them out or go door to door to deliver these postcards.

So not only is it not really working from the comfort of home, it is very tedious and expensive as well.

Most other companies have now integrated payment solutions into their website so that if somebody wants to buy, they’ll just buy it online without needing to call anybody. They usually also have some kind of money-back guarantee no matter how small; 1 week all the way to 90 days!

And marketing strategies that are working in this day and age are mostly digital and online, and cost way less than traditional postcards.

To me, a company that isn’t keeping up with the times is bad news because it means that it is not updated and will eventually die out. That’s not a business you want to get involved with. You want a business that is up to date with technology and trends nowadays to gain more trust.

Is Turbo Wealth Solution A Scam?

Well, it really depends on what you define as a scam.

If you don’t think that a company is a scam purely because you can make money with the program, then Turbo Wealth Solution may not be a scam to you. That’s because it is possible to still make some money with the system despite the old-school methods.

However, if you think that going against the rules of the FTC is a scam, then this program may very well be one because it really is an illegal business model. It could get you in serious trouble should the company be caught and get shut down. Your whole business and success would depend on Turbo Wealth Solution.

Not to mention that it is incredibly expensive to get involved with no money-back guarantee! That’s a big risk to take. Not only is it expensive to get into the program but the strategies taught could also cost you quite some money and there is no other way around it.

The company is just not keeping up to date with technology and that is a big no-no! You want to be up to date with the times because that’s the only sure way that your business is gonna keep afloat. Else, you’re most likely going fail.

Due to all of these reasons, I really don’t think that you should get involved with Turbo Wealth Solution. It’s your decision of course but there are way better ways to start an online or at-home business.

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