WiredBucks Review – AVOID! Too Many Lies And Red Flags!

Welcome to my WiredBucks review. It looks like a lot of people are promoting this, thinking that they’re gonna make easy money online.

But to be honest, there are too many things that just don’t look or sound right about WiredBucks and I will be revealing all that I found out about the website right here right now.

There are too many scams on the internet and I hope that what you’ll learn in this review will open your eyes to how deceiving some programs can be. It’s not always clear, isn’t it?

Especially to the newbie.

WiredBucks At A Glance

Website: WiredBucks.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others

Pirce; Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No, I’ve seen similar websites before that just do not pay out and too many red flags that make this website look like it’s a scam.

What Is WiredBucks?

WiredBucks is a website that promises to pay you for every person that you refer to the platform. Moreover, they claim that you could make $200 today and everyday.

Simply join the website, share the link and earn from people signing up and withdraw your earnings. And what’s more, is that you could even test products in order to earn from WiredBucks too.

However, the truth is that I’ve already seen similar websites before and they all turned out to be scams. You can take a look at them here;-

1) Referral Pay

2) Viral Work

3) BonusJunkies

4) Cash Influence

5) InstantDollars

6) FameCash

7) CashCrates

8) Cash For Share

So as you can see, none of them actually paid out and they all had the same red flags that I think I will also find with WiredBucks. But even if I didn’t recognize this website as being similar to the others, I would have been skeptical anyways.

The truth is that WiredBucks claims to be paying too much money for this kind of work. This is what’s called a GPT or get-paid-to website, much like SwagBucks. And the amount WiredBucks claims to pay is much higher.

That’s why it’s such a red flag because this type of work does not pay the amount that WiredBucks is willing to pay out. I mean, have you ever heard of anybody who’s made $200 in one day from completing surveys?

To be honest, I haven’t and if it was that easy to make $200 per day online, about twice more than what the average american makes in a day, then people wouldn’t be working their traditional jobs, right?

There has to be a catch and I will reveal everything to you.

How WiredBucks Works

I actually signed up for an account but let me be clear that I didn’t use my personal information and I’ll tell you why soon. But I had to sign up and sign in to see what was actually inside to be able to write an accurate review.

So I signed in and there were some information, like how they pay $2 for every click that you get on your referral link and how you also make $10 per referral, as per the home page of WiredBucks.

But there was also something else; $30 per task that you complete. So you won’t make money simply referring others but also by completing tasks. That sounds great but the truth is that $30 sounds a bit much, right?

We’ve just run into the same problem as we did on the home page about getting paid WAY over the normal range that this kind of website pays. That’s why people are getting so attracted to it, without giving it a second thought!

It’s like finding a job at McDonald’s as a cashier that pays you $50 per hour instead of minimum wage.

You would grab it, right? That would be an opportunity not to miss out on. But the truth is that this type of pay for this type of work is impossible to find. Nobody pays out that much.

And that’s the same for the surveys and offers found on WiredBucks. They pay way too much for the kind of work that is required of you.

Moreover, the only way that the business makes money is through other companies paying WiredBucks each time a survey or offer is completed. Which means that each time an offer is completed, they pay WiredBucks the money, from which you get paid $30 each time.

But that means that this is the only way to pay for the clicks you get on your link, the only way to pay for the bonus you get paid when you sign up, as well as the referrals that you onboard. 

Isn’t that way too much to pay for a single task? That’s why I don’t think that WiredBucks has got any customers at all. Who would want to pay hundreds of dollars for a single task when you could pay $1 for each task with Swagbucks?

I think the high pay is just a way to lure you in to sign up so that they can get a hold of your personal information.

The Red Flags And Lies

1) Unknown Creator

One of the things that I look for is who created the websites/apps/programs that claim to be able to help you make money online. That’s because if you know who it is, then you can confirm their reputation and whether or not they’ll keep their promise.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on who actually created WiredBucks, which is a big red flag. The truth is that in my experience, those who hide themselves have something to hide.

What happens is that sooner or later, you’ll realize that it is a scam or a low-quality program so that’s why he does not want to reveal who he is. Else he’ll be recognizable and you’ll be able to sue him or have him followed.

That’s why you have to really be careful when the creator is anonymous. He could be straight out lying to you about the whole thing. 

2) Fake address

I tried to see whether where they say they were located was a real address and it doesn’t seem to be, to be honest. The truth is that I tried looking up the address and it wasn’t coming up.

The only thing that came up was another website that seemed to have the same address. That’s not so weird because this could be a complex but the other website even had the same phone number.

Even if the address is the same for a few different companies, their phone numbers at least would be different, right?

So that’s why I do think that the address and the phone number on the website are completely fake and that it was made up. That’s a big lie on behalf of the creator.

We don’t know who he is and now we find out that he is actually lying to us. This does not really harbour a lot of trust, right?

3) Inconsistencies over the website

I noticed something weird when I clicked on the “about” tab at the top of the main page. It does mention WiredBucks but the weird thing is that the main Logo says “Bootslander” and I have absolutely no idea what that is.

If it is the name of a website, then it definitely isn’t WiredBucks. 

Moreover, when I clicked on the Social Media sharing buttons, they didn’t bring me anywhere. They just brought me back to the WiredBucks “about” page.

This is another red flag. They have social media buttons and yet, have no social media presence, no social media accounts at all. That’s how I know that this website is probably not gonna be here long.

And if it isn’t going to be here long, then it probably means that the website is a scam that’s only here for the short term to grab what they can and flee.

4) Missing Privacy Policy

This is the reason that I decided not to sign up with my real personal details. If there’s no privacy policy, then there’s no telling how they could use their information.

They could use your information to hack into your other online accounts, they could steal your identity, they could sell your personal data to other scammers and hackers. 

That’s all the reason why they want to get your personal data. They’ll try anything to try and get to your money, even if it is indirectly. 

5) Too similar to other scams I reviewed

Like I already mentioned before, WiredBucks is like some of the other scams that I already mentioned. And since it is similar to them, it is safe to say that the same person is behind them all.

The layout is kind of like the same, the claims are the same, the testimonials are similar and even the payment proofs are similar. If there’s one thing that I am certain of at this point, it’s that the same perosn is behind them all.

And if that’s the case, then WiredBucks is not gonna pay anybody. That’s because nobody was paid using the other websites. What makes you think that the scammer will have a change of heart and start paying out?

The truth is that the business model was the same too so if there’s no money coming in, then there definitely won’t be any money going out, meaning, there won’t be any payments made.

Is WiredBucks A Scam?

I only had bad things to say about WiredBucks, nothing good at all. All the red flags and lies point towards WiredBucks being a scam. That’s why I do not recommend WiredBucks.

I mean, who would believe anything from the website now that you know about all the red flags? Moreover, isn’t it weird that there isn’t even one good thing that I could find about WiredBucks?

They also claim that you can make some easy money, even upto $200 per day, which is more than full-time income, even in the USA. So doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

Most of the time, that’s a red flag. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Go with your gut feeling. What happens is that we hope so much for their promises to be true that we are willing to give them a try.

But unfortuantely here, even if you do give them a try not expecting anything in return, it could mean giving away your personal information to them. This means that they could scam you in other ways that you don’t expect.

Such as those emails that look so true that you end up giving them your personal information without meaning to. Like those bills that are supposedly past due or those credit card payments that got declined.

You probably saw them too and well, you’ll need to be very careful if you’ve signed up with this website because it really is a scam that will waste your time and possibly and indirectly, your money.

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Thanks for reading my WiredBucks review. If you’ve tried out the website before, then don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience. This would help everybody coming to my website looking for information.

Lots of Love,


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