World Financial Group Review – Is It A Pyramid, A Scam?

World Financial Group review

The only way that you’ve heard of World Financial Group is by somebody inviting you to meet up so they can go over the business or going to a meeting with a lot of hyped up individuals, promising financial freedom, right?

I was actually also presented with the opportunity when I visited one of my friends and though it all sounded great with like NO GAPS whatsoever, I knew I had to look into it further and thus, comes wrote this World Financial Group review.

I’m not saying that World Financial Group is a scam because it isn’t, but you should also always do your due diligence before diving in with both feet. It might just not be what you’re looking.

So if you have doubts about the program or even have questions before joining, my review will answer them all. Read until the end so you’re able to make an informed decision about the program.

World Financial Group (WFG) At A Glance


Owner: Hubert Humphrey

Purpose: Make money selling financial services (MLM)

Price: $100+

Do I Recommend it?: It really depends on what you’re looking for.

What Is World Financial Group (WFG)?

WFG is a financial services company founded in 1991 by Hubert Humphrey. He was one of the early members of Primerica, who decided to branch off and to create his own company. They are both very much alike in many ways.

The company works in partnership with various different well-known companies in Canada such as BMO and IA Financial Group, as well as in the USA, such as TransAmerica and PacificLife.

WFG gives the opportunity for better financial future by educating customers about how to better manage their finances, as well as by giving the middle-class population a chance at starting their own business and get out of the rat race.

Based on current statistics, the representatives say that only 9% of people will be able to retire comfortably between age 60 and 65, while 91% will either need to keep working or reduce their expenses in order to fit them into their budget.

And most of the middle-class are in the 91%. That’s because there is an increase in the number of unprotected families, and much debt accumulation that makes it hard for anybody to save money for their future.

That’s why you’ll find that most of WFG’s services are geared towards:

1) Insurance – To better protect the whole family in case anything unexpected were to happen.

2) retirement and education savings strategies – To better help the breadwinner in each family maximize their savings towards their retirement and children’s education.

3) business solutions – Insurance to protect business assets and guidance on business financial management.

4) debt relief and investments – Helping people pay off their debts and invest their money for maximum wealth growth.

I don’t see a red flag so far. All seems legit. From now, I’ll focus more on the business side of things seeing as you’re probably wanting to know how and if the business can benefit you and whether you can make money.

Yea, I read right through you! 😉

The Business Opportunity – What Does It Entail?

You’ll need to pay a minimum of $100USD to join as well as other fees to get access to the online courses and to take your exams to become fully licensed. Remember, WFG has many different services and you’ll need to be able to provide them.

WFG uses the MLM (multi-level marketing) model and thus, the most important part of growing your business would be to recruit others. And let me tell you that if you stick with the business model that it does work.

The sad thing though is that you’ll need to start with your warm market, meaning, your family and friends. With the kind of services that WFG offers, I actually wouldn’t mind approaching my family and friends, since it would help them.

But a lot of people won’t feel comfortable doing that. However, that’s not even the real issue. You see, there are only going to be a number of people that you’ll know meaning that you’ll eventually run out of leads and if you don’t find ways to get new ones, you will fail to grow your business.

If you do secure a meeting with your family and friends, then you’re gonna get started off trained by sitting with them and watching your sponsor present the solutions and the business opportunity to them. This is exactly like Primerica so far.

After a while of that, you’ll then get the hang of it and you’ll be able to be recruit and do presentations on your own.

What you’ll also need to do is invite those who are interested to weekly meetings that are held that are going to be around 2 hours long. They’ll get to meet the successful people in the business and they’ll get a better overview of the program and its services.

WFG is affiliated with many well-known companies and you’ll get paid by finding solutions that best fit your customers’ financial needs, whenever they sign up for such plans.

The Compensation Plan – How Much Can You Make?

A ton! The sky is the limit with this business. But there are also a few different levels that you need to focus on clearing in order to earn more commissions and move up the ranks.

This is based both on recruiting and helping your recruits move up as well as making sales and helping others in choosing the right products to secure themselves in the present and possibly the future.

1) Training associate – 25% commissions

2) Associate – 35% commissions and in order to move on to the next level, you need to recruit 3 people and make 3 sales

3) Marketing director – 50% commissions and at this point, you can expect to make around 50K per year and the requirements to move on to SMD are having 3 direct associates through your personal recruits and 5 total licensed associates on your team and 40,000 net points in 3 consecutive months.

4) Senior marketing director (SMD) – 65% commissions and at this point, you can expect to be making 100K all the way to $240K. To get here, you need 10 associates in your team, 6 life licensed associates, 3 branches of personal recruits one of which must be MD level and 75,000 net points within 3 months consecutive months.

5) Executive management – You’ll still be making 65%, which is the highest the commissions percentage will go. You can expect to be making over $250K per year. To get here, you need to have 3 SMDs from personal recruits, and either 500,000 net points in 6 consecutive months or 750,000 in 12 consecutive months.

Executive management is divided into three further levels:

1) Executive marketing director, where you make $250K – $500K

2) CEO marketing director, where you would be making at least $800K

3) Executive Vice Chairman, over $800K

WFG – Understanding MLM VS Pyramid

I know a lot of people are gonna say that WFG is a pyramid. They say that they actually saw it at the meeting; where they drew a pyramid of people to have the ones at the bottom working harder than the ones at the top of the pyramid and the top earning more than the bottom.

A part of it is true: that the people who are at the bottom will have to work harder than the people at the top to earn money. But that’s also because those at the top were once at the bottom too.

You see, when they would have first joined, they would have been at the bottom. They must have worked really hard in order to get to the top where they are today. So they were in no different situation than those who are at the bottom now.

The sketch may look like a pyramid too but the fact that recruiting is NOT a must to make money with the system and that they actually have legitimate services and products to provide makes this a multi-level marketing program, not a pyramid.

Understand that in actual illegal pyramids, that the people at the top get paid when people join at the bottom, and pay a fee to join that gets distributed to the people at the top. That’s not what’s happening with WFG.

With WFG, you are actually helping others in their financial needs and are selling them products and services. That’s where the money comes from that get’s distributed. The people at the top do not make money solely by somebody joining.

They need to make sales!

Is World Financial Group A Scam?

You probably already know where I stand on this and it’s that I believe WFG is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate multi-level marketing program, that offers real products and services that people need in these times and in this economy.

A lot of people get confused between the two business models and I can’t blame them. But MLMs are not scams and especially not WFG. If it was a scam, then it wouldn’t have been in business for so long.

And neither would have Primerica. Just wanted to add that.

In my opinion and experience, it really depends on who you stumble on as your sponsor. You’ll have a lot of people just pushing on recruiting but know that recruiting alone is not gonna help you become financially free with WFG.

You need to also make sales, meaning, helping others cover the gaps in their coverage and educate them on better wealth management for whatever they might be saving for in the future.

This business might be great if you love to travel and love to talk to people face to face. It’s great if you prosper in a team environment and need the motivation from others to keep going. The positive team atmosphere might be just what you need.

However, if you don’t like recruiting, you’re shy and don’t like going out of your home and are looking for something to do from home, then the WFG opportunity is NOT for you. Additionally, there’s a lot of learn to become licensed.

So if you don’t have the time for it or don’t want to have to go for exams in order to be able to earn from a company, then WFG is not for you.

But know that WFG is definitely not a scam and that for the right person, it may be the best opportunity and path to financial freedom.

Would You Rather Go Into A Business That Does NOT Require Recruiting?

Then welcome to my world! It’s the affiliate marketing world. HOLA!

I used to be in Primerica, which is why I know SOME things about MLMs and about finances and insurance in general, but I did find that the business model just wasn’t for me.

I didn’t like having to go out that much because that meant spending money. It’s not that I didn’t like spending time with the other team members but I would feel lazy to go out and meet them and to meet people.

I also ran into the problem of running out of leads and I was really uncomfortable talking to people on the streets about the opportunity. But there’s none of that with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you promote other people’s products through a hard-coded link. When somebody clicks on that link and buys the product you recommend, you make commissions. Does it work?

See for yourself below!

It’s perfect for me because it does not require recruiting. I even have a website about weight loss and promote products there! I don’t have to build a team to make money at all.

So if you’re interested in this method of making money online, then I can help. I’ve created a FREE guide that will give you all the juicy details, stuff that nobody else will reveal to you, including my 4 steps to online success.


You’ll get the guide, a FREE 6-Day course and a list of all the FREE resources that I use. You’ll also even get FREE access to the platform that taught me everything that I know about making money online.

If I was able to become a success story, then so can you!

So get my free guide now and I’ll see you on the inside. Let me help you make your first dollar online!

Thanks for reading my World Financial Group review. What do you think of the program? Of the products? Of the meetings? have you made money with this program or are you an elite? Share with us! I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,


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