WP Auto Content Review – Don’t WALK Away, RUN!

As a blogger who reveals scams, you may already know why the title of this product attracted my attention; it is because of the fact that it has the word “AUTO” within it. Anything that claims it can do anything on autopilot usually are low-quality or scams. But will WP Auto Content really help you with getting better ranks with the search engines? Maybe, but here’s why I don’t recommend it.

At a Glance

Name: WP Auto Content

Owner: Ankur Shukla

Purpose: Plug-in that writes your blogs and populates images and videos within, on autopilot

Recommended?: No!

The Claims Ankur Makes

I don’t even need to buy this to know that it is not going to help me get anywhere. I have a few years of online experience under my belt and I can see that WP Auto Content is only going to be a big problem down the line.

Ankur says that it is newbie-friendly, which only really makes me think that he intended and hoped that newbies were going to be caught by his “promises” and buy the plug-in. He knows that there are so many people out there who are not interested to work hard or learn the ropes on making money online and thus, he takes advantage of this ignorance.

He states that you will be able to create an unlimited number of blogs pulling from different sources of the internet, and that would include videos and images, to help complement your content. He also promises that it will help make you passive income.

I was not enticed by this and let me tell you why. Being a blogger who has learned the ins and out of the internet, I can assure you that nothing he promises you here, is going to work. Not for the long term at least.

It may seem nice that I can start creating an unlimited number of blogs without any work, but it is the “sources” of where he will be pulling the content from, as well as for the images and videos, that concerns me.

If you know anything about SEO and rankings, then let me tell you that things will go awfully wrong by using this plug-in. The search engines love unique and informational content that will be helpful to the Billions of people using it on an everyday basis.

The result of using a plug-in that will pull information from other sources on the internet will not only mean that you’re plagiarizing, but will also mean that you could get in trouble with copyright laws around the content, images and videos. You would be using this content without permission.

It’s not only about copying, but now it also comes down to how long you will have this success. You might have success for a short while, but I can guarantee that you will not last long. The search engines, and as you know Google is a big one, will not allow duplicate content and at the change of an algorhythm, you could lose all the sources of earnings that you created by using this plug-in.

Quality Concerns

When you don’t write your own blogs and trust a software or a plug-in to do it for you automatically and publishing it, you can’t rely on the quality of the content. I mean, it will pull different information and paragraphs from various articles that it “thinks” will have a relationship to the article it “wants” to write.

Not only will you end up with a ton of jargon that don’t make sense, but you could also have good grammar and writing in one paragraph that will differ greatly from others. Not to mention different styles of writing and things may get off topic pretty quickly. There definitely will be no cohesiveness throughout your whole article.

You have to remember that there will be humans on the receiving end of your blogs and that people can tell whether something is written by a human or not. This will hurt traffic and will obviously not help you make money.

That’s why it is detrimental to success online, that you either write your own articles, or outsource them from platforms such as Textbroker or ContentMart, where there are lots of people well-versed on SEO who will write genuine articles for you. Yes it will cost you, but that’s better than being fined thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars because of acquiring content illegally.

Fresh Content Issues?

Ankur talks about not being able to find fresh things to write about. I agree that it can be a challenge to find things to write about and that we go blank sometimes, but you have to be creative.

What I do when I run out of ideas, is look at other similar sites to mine, to find topics and products that might interest my readers. Of course, I don’t plagiarize their content; I simply look for ideas and do my own research and then write about my findings in my own words.

I also use Google, which is the world’s most used encyclopedia today, to find out what the latest trends or products are, to be able to write about them.

I also ask my readers for topics or products they want me to research and talk about.

As you can see, there are many ways to find fresh content but you have to go out and do your research. Unfortunately, many people who are new to the idea of making money online, think that there is a secret formula, software or button that will make them millions of dollars over their first year, but they are sadly mistaken.

Being successful online is like any other business; you have to learn the ropes and you have to give yourself time while you learn. You also need to work on a consistent basis, at least at first, to see any significant results. For some, it is a matter of finding the right platform to get the training and I understand that.

Which Brings Me to My #1 Recommendation

Believe me when i say that I was just like you, looking for ways to make some extra money to be able to pay bad debt, pay the bills and trying to make ends meet. I not only wanted all that, but to also have the freedom of travelling without having to come back to a job.

I always knew that I could utilize the internet to bring in this income and I fell for numerous scams. I only needed to find a legitimate platform to learn how to make money online and when I found it, I could finally say that I am never going back to that job ever again!

My #1 Recommendation for newbies trying to start an online business, is Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing. It not only teaches you step by step of what you need to do, but also explains why the steps are important, so you can apply what you learn over the course of your online career.

Not only can you start FOR FREE, but you can also earn while you learn with this amazing program. It is the exact program that enabled me to start this website and taught me how to maintain it to maximize my income.

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I hope I was able to help you make a decision about WP Auto Content and whichever way you choose to proceed, I only wish for your success.



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