YasMoney Review – A Scam And Waste Of Time?

YasMoney review

Are you looking for an honest YasMoney review? Are you wondering whether the website will pay you or not? Are you wondering how it works and how much you can really make with it?

Then you’ve landed on the right review, because I will not try to get you to sign up with YasMoney for my own benefit. And that should be raising red flags, right?

Why wouldn’t I be promoting YasMoney if I could make money?

Well, the truth will be in this review. Congrats on doing your due diligence and looking up YasMoney because you already know that there are too many scams on the internet. I’ll tell you everything that I know about this website.

Prepare to be amazed and to be thinking twice about joining because you’ll soon see it’s going to be a total waste of time and might even cause you to lose money.

YasMoney At A Glance

Website: YasMoney.xyz

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: View ads to make money online

Price: Free to join but costs money to withdraw

Do I Recommend YasMoney?: Absolutely NOT! YasMoney is a complete scam that you should avoid because they will not pay you. They will ask you for money for withdrawal but you’ll never see your earnings.

What Is YasMoney?

YasMoney is a website that promises to pay you to view ads. It looks like they pay pretty well, since people are able to make over $400 every single day with this website.

It’s pretty easy work and all you have to do is work 3 – 5 hours every day. It looks like you can pretty much quit your job and be doing this full-time since people are making close to $10K online doing this.

But the truth is that this sounds too good to be true. That’s even more than what a doctor makes in the USA. Why would anybody pay you so much for such an easy job?

You see, when there’s a job that just about anybody can do without qualifications, like being a cashier, you’re paid minimum. But then, think about how much a lawyer makes. Big difference, right?

The point is that when there is a job that anybody can do, it drives down the PAY. So that’s why it’s a red flag that YasMoney is willing to pay so much per day for simply viewing ads.

There’s also something that you should know and that’s the fact that it’s not the first time that I’m seeing this website. I have reviewed IDENTICAL websites before. Take a look below.

1) Oma Money

2) Aex Money

3) Aon Money

4) Dsa Money

There’s nothing wrong with identical websites, but I’ve actually exposed them as scams. So being identical to them and being associated to scams is not a very good thing for YasMoney right now.


How YasMoney Works

Of course, if you want to know how any website works, you need to sign up and actually try them, right? Well, when I tried signing up with YasMoney, it told me that I already had an account.

But that’s not possible since I have never signed up with YasMoney before. Take a look at the error message.

However, I have to say that this is not the first time that this is happening. The same thing happened to me when I tried signing up with Aex Money, Aon Money and Dsa Money. I suspect it’s because I had already signed up with Oma Money.

So what’s happening here is that all four of these websites are somehow connected to the same “storage” and when I’m trying to sign up, it tells me that they already have my information. That’s a sure sign that the same person is behind ALL of those websites.

But anyways, let me tell you what happened when I tried out Oma Money because it would probably be the same with YasMoney.

I got to the dashboard where I was able to start viewing ads. They ask you to complete captchas after each ad unit. However, they don’t even put a minimum time limit for you to view the ads!

That’s a red flag because when companies are paying for ads, they need to make sure people are actually watching or viewing and the best way to do that is to put a minimum time limit for the ad. But that’s not what’s going on here,

You can complete captcha after captcha without viewing the ads at all!

That’s when I had my doubts about the ads. I clicked on some of them and lo and behold! They brought me to products that are not available anymore. What advertisers would pay to lead you to an expired listing? Makes no sense!

That’s when I started to realize that those aren’t really ads, but affiliate links. There aren’t ANY advertisers partnering with Oma Money and it’s going to be the same with YasMoney.

5 Serious Red Flags To Consider

1) Unknown creator

Let’s say you want to purchase a phone. Would you purchase a phone without knowing who created it, or what company created it? Of course not! You want to know who created it so that you can be sure you’re getting something good.

It’s the same thing with these websites. How can you sign up, not knowing who is being the website? How can you be sure that the person behind the website is genuine and will pay you?

Even if you do some research though, you’ll never find who is behind it. They don’t disclose it and keep themselves hidden. And that’s a red flag!

In my experience, creators that remain anonymous have something to hide! Why else would they NOT show themselves and stand behind their websites?

Most of the time what I’ve seen is that those hidden creators know you’ll catch on to the scam and will want to expose then, sue them or get them fined. So they don’t disclose who they are to prevent that from happening.

That’s why it’s always important to know WHO you’re dealing with before signing up to anything. You want to make sure that you’re dealing with somebody who is reputable and genuine.

2) No privacy policy

Were you wondering why I didn’t try signing up using other credentials? Well, that’s because I didn’t want to give my personal information to this website. The reason is due to a missing privacy policy.

When there is no privacy policy, you can’t know how they are going to use your information and that’s why you have to tread very carefully. They are taking personal information such as your name here and even an email address.

You need to know what they are going to use the information for, why they need it, even if it is to disclose they only need it to hold an account for you. But like I said, it’s missing.

You have no idea what they can do. They can use the information to hack into your accounts, like paypal and even online banking if you have used the same email and password.

They can sell your information to other hackers and scammers as well. They can even send you spammy emails to get you to purchase scammy products that they are affiliated with.

I think there’s a true risk here, because scammers have gotten better over the years at imitating legitimate companies. So be careful!

3) Fake comment/support thread

Again, this is not something that I tried with YasMoney specifically but I did try it with Oma Money.

I had signed up for an account and wanted to see whether the support really replied to questions and so on. So I left a comment. However, when I try to load up the website on another device, the comment was not there!

Now, sometimes, some comments may need moderation but that wasn’t indicated. Moreover, there’s also the fact that it ash been almost 2 weeks since I left that comment and there has been no response.

You can now see that the support is a joke! There’s never gonna be anybody replying if you ask questions or need help. That’s why I strongly believe that the comments there are all fake.

So don’t believe the comments where they say they’ve been making money. This is just a way to try and convince you that people are getting paid, when I really don’t think that’s the case.

4) Not transparent about withdrawal requirements

Usually with these websites, they should tell you upfront about the requirements for withdrawal, even before you start any work with them. But there wasn’t any when I tried.

So when I earned $10, I tried to withdraw by putting in an email address for paypal and THAT’S when the first requirement popped up. They said that I need to have a minimum of $150 for my first time withdrawal.

Again this was never mentioned. But I was a little curious to see if that’s all that was needed. I dug deeper and actually found out that once you get to the $150, they will ask you to get to 40 referrals.

And that’s not all! You’ll also need to wait 60 days after getting the 40 referrals in order to be able to cash out. So as you see, these are red flags. They are not transparent about what is needed in order for you to get your earnings.

Postponing your earnings so much means that they want to avoid paying you.


5) Ask you for money

This one is the best one, LOL! I mean, you’re supposed to get PAID to do the work. You’re not supposed to PAY to get to do this kind of work, right?

Well, there are two instances where they will ask you for money. One is when they add the requirement of the 40 referrals. If you don’t want to work hard and get those referrals, then you have the option of PAYING to get them.

The other instance is when they ask you to wait for 60 days in order to withdraw. If you don’t want to wait, then you pay $10 to get the verification done faster.

But know that these are just ways to fool you and to scam you. You’re never gonna see that money or your earnings ever again.

Is YasMoney A Scam?

To me, YasMoney is a scam that you should be avoiding. There are just too many red flags and even some proof that I have provided here that it is nothing but a total waste of time for you.

Not only is it similar to other websites that I’ve reviewed before that were scams, but even the red flags are the same.

You don’t know who is behind the website so you can’t really trust them when they say they’re gonna pay you. If you give your information, you never know what they are going to use your information for because there’s no privacy policy.

Then, there’s also the fact that they keep adding on requirements in order for you to withdraw. Why are they not transparent about the requirements? Why do they just keep adding more as you meet their previous requirement?

There’s also the fact that the ads within the website aren’t ads at all. YasMoney isn’t collaborating with any other companies to bring you the ads. The money is coming from nowhere! How are they even gonna pay you?

Okay, I lied! YasMoney does ask you for money but that’s only to keep to themselves. They are NOT using that money to pay anybody. That’s how they are trying to scam you to get to your hard-earned money.

And we cannot forget about the fake comments and the fake support thread that I tested. If you come into contact with any problem, including not getting paid, there’s nobody who will come to your help. The admin is a scammer!

So as you can see, YasMoney is a complete and utter scam. You shouldn’t waste your time with this website.

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Thanks for reading my YasMoney review. If you’ve signed up with this website and have tried it, let us all know about your experience. This will help others avoid this scam. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

Lots of Love


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