You Gen Bots Review – DFY Websites For Automated Money?

Welcome to my honest You Gen Bots review. You probably got invited to try this out through an email, just like me. Or maybe somebody you follow on Youtube did a review on this and you wanted to learn whether it’s true or not.

Whatever they tell you, you want to learn the truth, right? You want to know whether this really works, whether it will really make you money and whether you can really trust what Brendan says about the product.

To be honest, I reviewed so many of Brendan’s products before and they were all garbage. It’s always been like that with him. He preys on the innocent to make himself money.

He doesn’t care about you or your success. All he wants to do is to lure you into buying his programs so that he can ensure his own success. Is You Gen Bots another one of his schemes?

You Gen Bots At A Glance


Creators: Brendan Mace, Jason Fulton

Purpose: Affiliate marketing using blogs

Price: $13+

Do I Recommend It?: No! This software does not work! You won’t get free traffic and even the traffic method inside the front-end product will not bring you the traffic you need to get the claimed results. Does not work as advertised.

What Is You Gen Bots?

Brendan claims that You Gen Bots is a software that will create done-for-you websites at the click of button. It’s newbie-friendly because you can make money in 3 steps.

Simply choose a niche, activate the sites and monetize the sites. 

It looks like You Gen Bots revolves around content sites and that means blogging. You can supposedly create done-for-you blogs on automation around any niche that you want with this software, that will make you money using affiliate marketing.

All done without you needing to waste time on set up, without wasting money on tools such as hosting and domain names, and also without waiting for results, since you can make money within 48 hours with You Gen Bots.

To be honest though, I don’t believe one word that’s on this salespage. I don’t believe that any product from Brendan works as advertised and that includes You Gen Bots.

Remember that Brendan is a product creator. He releases products every month or so. His other products that I reviewed are;

1) Set & Forget

2) 1 Page Profits

3) Print Monkey

And guess what? All those were copycats of each other, which means that none were really original. And the worst part is that none work as advertised.

I’m afraid that it is going to be the same thing with You Gen Bots. If all of his other products worked, then what would be the need to create more and more products that are similar, right? 

The truth is that Brendan makes money by selling you the products, not by really helping out people. He is making money by deceiving and lying to you. Why would you want to support him and buy or promote his products?

Moreover, if his products worked, there wouldn’t be the many complaints that I have seen over the years, reviewing his products. If making money online were as easy as he claims, then nobody would be poor.

What’s Inside You Gen Bots

You already know that You Gen Bots is going to help you create blogs in any niche imaginable. But let me tell you what you’re actually getting for your money and whether or not it’s going to be worth it.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is watch the walk-through video that tells you what each section of the software will help you with. Then, you click on “Create A New Blog” where you are given a few options.

You’ll need to then choose a name for your blog, put your name as the author, you add your affiliate link and then, create a catchy phrase to make peple want to click on the link.

Basically, your article will tell people about a particular concept or product and it will have a link at the bottom that will be your affiliate link. It will be a link to an offer where if you audience buys it, you make commissions.

You don’t have to look for blog posts nor do you have to write them yourself. On the contrary, You Gen Bots will fetch articles for you and you can use the built-in spinner to re-write the content into unique content that will supposedly help you rank.

The idea is that the content will get ranked on Google and the other search engines and you’ll get free traffic when people perform searches. Moreover, you can also choose to share them on social media.

But like I said, I saw so many of these schemes before and I myself do affiliate marketing using a blog so I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. The truth is that You Gen Bots does not work as advertised.

How It Works – It Doesn’t!

Unfortunately, if it was as easy as just getting a content spinner to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it, including myself. Why would I be wasting hours and hours of my time writing content, right?

But the truth is that Brendan is a con artist and a very good salesman; he tells you what you want to hear on the salespage just to sell his product so that HE can make the big bucks. He is not really interested in helping you earn online.

What he forgets to tell you is that spinners now don’t work with Google. He even forgets to train you on SEO for your blog. 

I tried the spinner and what I get is a bunch of incohesive sentences that don’t make sense. Sure, you want your post to rank on Google and for people to find it, but you also want people to read the article in order to be convinced to click on your affiliate link, right?

But this spinner will NOT do any of that. The sentences don’t make any sense. Moreover, there’s no SEO training at all and that will not help you. You need to target keywords on Google, add images and tags and so on, to be able to rank.

And just look at your competitors; they write articles of 1000-2000 words. Those are the kind of articles that will rank on Google. But with the You Gen Bots software, the articles are only about 400 – 600 words long. They won’t rank!

Google has also gotten so much smarter over the years. That’s why they keep releasing updates. With each new one, they become more and more effective at recognizing content that are not unique and throw them out.

Oh let me also mention that you’ll be using the hosting and domain name for You Gen Bots, so this is not going to be your own blog. If Brendan decides to pull the plug on this website and program, you’ll be done for!

Additionally, even if you could share your articles on social media, you wouldn’t get that many clicks is you’re a beginner. That’s because you don’t have any following! 

Moreover, wouldn’t you be ashamed to be sharing an article that you supposedly wrote that makes no grammatical sense at all?

Wake up! The honest marketers will tell you that making money online requires hard work and unique content on your blog. There’s no such thing as getting rich overnight using a simulator or a spinner. Even Brendan doesn’t use it on his own website.

Figures, right?


1) Brendan does not hide his identity and I have to admire how bold he is, despite the low quality of his products

2) 30-day money back guarantee through WarriorPlus


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Brendan lies to you about how the software works

3) Spinner works but does not create cohesive sentences

4) Spun content won’t get you ranked

5) You have to depend on You Gen Bots domain name, you don’t get your own

6) The website is not customizable

7) You won’t get free visitors

8) Similar to some other low-quality products by Brendan

9) Might not get your refund as Brendan is known not to respond to refund requests

Is You Gen Bots A Scam?

It really depends on how you define a scam. A scam to you might be one where you get nothing in return for your money, which in this case, You Gen Bots wouldn’t be a scam.

However, a scam to you might be a program that does not work as advertised and You Gen Bots would be a scam in this instance. That’s because Brendan just lies to you so much on the sales page!

You’re told that you would be able to make $350 per day with this method and that you could rely on the spinner to create high-quality content for you that will rank on Google. But the truth is something else.

The spun content makes no sense at all and they are so short; only around an average of 500 words. Those don’t get ranked. Moreover, there is no SEO training.

In order to get ranked, you need to target a keyword that does not have too much competition but that is searched enough to make it worthwhile for you to spend time working on the article. If a keyword is not present, then Google doens’t know what to rank you for.

Then, you also have the fact that you don’t get your own domain name. You use the hosting provided by You Gen Bots. Well, even if the software did work, if Brendan decided to NOT renew this domain name, you lose your business.

You would have too much riding on this so why risk it and put that power into sombody else’s hand?

That’s why even intermediate to advanced marketers would not use You Gen Bots. That’s why this product is directed to newbies, who don’t know anything about SEO or how making money online works.

That’s why I decided to write this review to help you avoid You Gen Bots because I do believe that it is a scam. It is not the first time that Brendan has lied on the sales page and I don’t think it will be his last. Be careful!

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Just like You Gen Bots, they are only designed to make the creator and his affiliates more money. It is not designed to help you at all. I’ve fallen for them before and lsot so much money which is why I don’t want the same thing to happen you.

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Some good ol’ fashion hard work is really the key to online success. Ask any honest online marketer and they’ll tell you that it took them hard work to get to their success too.

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Thanks for reading my You Gen Bots review. I’m sure some of you reading this would have had already bought it. Let us know what your experience is with this software and whether it works out for you. 🙂

Lots of Love,


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