Your New At Home Career Review – $500 Days Waiting For You?

This is going to be a completely honest Your New At Home Career Review!

The claims that are made are just so tempting because $500 a day would definitely be able to change more than just a few lives, right? Inlcuding yours, I know.

But these are the same claims that other make-money-online programs make and many turn out to be scams. How do we know that this is not going to be just another BS-filled program and actually a diamond in the rough? How do we know that this is not just another scammer just waiting to get his hands on our money?

Well, you’re already a lot smarter because you’re doing your research on this program before (hopefully) joining it. What you’re about to find in this review are a few shocking facts that are going to knock your socks right off and hopefully, I’ll be able to educate you a little bit on the workings of the online world.

Let’s dive right into it!

At A Glance

Name: Your New At Home Career


Owner: Greg Thomas

Purpose: Showing you dropshipping

Price: $47 + more costs

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!!!

What is Your New At Home Career?

Greg tells you that what you’re to discover within the sales video is something that is shocking and highly lucrative. It’s a system that you have never seen or heard of before, a system that will make you between $10,000 to $30,000 every single month and you only have to work for 30 minutes everyday in order to make it happen.

It has nothing to do with online surveys, app testing or bitcoin investments. It’s easier than that, yet these methods are able to make you easy and fast money, within a week of starting and with a few clicks. You don’t need to have any experience or skills to make the system work.

Greg tells you about how he got out of the dumps and how he found the system that changed his life forever. He was finally able to provide for his daughter, move out of his parents’ house to get his own and paid off all his debt. He only needed to get an internet connection and he could do the work literally from anywhere.

There are also just a handful of people who are going to get accepted into this program because Greg says he won’t be able to help everybody one on one should there be too many people, so if the offer is up right now, then you should grab it. It might disappear when you come back.

So should you be wary of this program or should you trust Greg and invest in this system? Will it really get you out of the woods and make you so much money you’ll be able to quit your job or will you be at a loss of $47?

Let’s find out.

The Red Flags

I have found a few red flags with this system and they are similar to those that I have exposed as a scam on this very website. These are the reasons that I think you should not invest in the program, as I have seen these methods being use over and over again by scammers on the internet.

1) Fake scarcity

Scarcity is making the program look like it’s going to expire soon or that there are just a few people who will be accepted into the system, when that’s not true. It’s a pressure tactic used by many scammers to push you into buying the program fast, without giving you time to think twice about your decision.

In reality, these scammers want to make as much money as possible, and by making every single visitor think that the space is limited or that the video will be taken down at any time and may not be available next time they visit the website, they are able to push more people into buying the program.

But I guarantee that if you close the offer and come back to it tomorrow or the day after, that the website is still going to be there. 

2) Greg Thomas

Another red flag that I have seen over and over again with scams, is that the owner does not show himself. He does not go the extra mile to prove to you that he is real at all. With the world of make-money-online getting saturated with the growing number of scams, it is important to prove to you that you are real as a creator of such a program.

But by him not doing that, you can already tell that he is full of lies. He knows that what he will be telling you within the sales video is not going to match anything that will be inside of the system and thus, this will provoke people to become angry and pissed.

By remaining anonymous, you cannot go after him if ever he does not want to honor your refund request and he can fly by night with the money and never be heard of again. He also has a big advantage by remaining anonymous, in the way that he can keep creating new scams and you would not be able to recognize him, because he’ll keep changing names.

If he is not upfront with you about who he is, then you can’t really trust that he will give you accurate or true information.

3) “Never seen before program”

That’s another claim that I have seen time and time again with scams that want to catch your attention and make you believe that they have just uncovered a break-through or a loophole. 99% of the time, that’s not true! They just want to feed you any kind of crap to push you to buy the system.

Have you also not noticed that there is no information at all on how the system works either? It was a video of over 30 minutes long. There was enough time to explain to you what the system is, how it works, what it does, where the money is gonna come from. But he chooses to sing you the same song as other scammers.

This is seriously getting so old now and people are able to sniff that something is off with these kinds of claims, which I hope is what got you to my website for this review today.

4) Make $500+ a day only investing $47 and 30 minutes of work daily

Do you really think that such a system exists? In this money-minded world, do you think anybody would give you a system that could make you so much profit for as little as $47? A small franchise can make you $500 a day in profits, but does it cost you $47 to set it up?

No, it does not!

So how come we believe such nonsense when it is presented to us on the internet? I know why! We want the system to work so much and we hope and want to believe that it’s going to be possible, but that’s nowhere near what’s gonna happen.

What really happens is that either you pay the $47 and get a crappy and outdated ebook that worked in 2010, or you will be asked to invest MORE in order to get to the real system.

And what’s that about working 30 minutes and making $500 a day? Would you believe me if I told you I was able to get a PhD in Brain Surgery is I told you I only read my textbooks for 30 minutes a day? You would NEVER trust me to perform the surgery on you.

So why believe this nonsense about making $500 with only 30 minutes of work?

5) Fake testimonials

The biggest lie of all, is that the testimonials underneath the video are all fake! These are paid actors have been hired off a freelance website caled Fiverr, where these actors showcase their services. This is part of the dark side of the make-money-online niche; anybody will do absolutely anything for money.

These actors get paid $5 for talking a few minutes on camera and when people like you and me, who are looking for a legit way of making money online stumble across their testimonials, we believe what they say is true and sign up for the system, making the scammer more money!

Here’s a few of their Fiverr profiles. Some of them even appear in other scam programs like Prime Time Profits and Money Miracle.

What Can You Expect Inside Your New At Home Career?

Well, there really isn’t a lot of information to go on from the sales video, right? But when I tried to go to the homepage, it brought me the information that I was looking for. The program wants to teach you to do dropshipping from your own ecommerce store using Shopify.

And they’ll provide you with an ebook and a course.

Dropshipping is absolutely a legit way of making money online and many people are able to make a ton of money doing dropshipping but the way that the opportunity is portrayed in the sales video is far from the truth. There is a ton of work involved in doing dropshipping and also a lot more than $47 in investment!

You see, dropshipping requires that you:

1) research to find reliable suppliers

2) research to find good products

3) research pricing for your products

4) create a website

5) add your products one by one

6) add a description for each and every product

7) provide free shipping although you’re paying for the shipping yourself

8) provide customer service (inquiries, returns, exchanges, complaints, billing issues, etc…)

9) invest into ads (which is not recommended if you’re a newbie to making money online)

10) invest in tools (like your domain name, webhosting, an autoresponder, your monthly Shopify fee)

11) constantly coming up with new sales and marketing them

And that’s not even an exhaustive list! I was personally doing dropshipping before and thus, I know what it takes to make money using this method.

As you can see, what Greg tells you within the sales video is so far away from the truth! how can you take care of your business only working 30 minutes a day when all this needs to be done? How can you start earning within a week when there is so much research to be done and so much development needed on your website?

How can you make so much money only investing $47 into the program? It’s impossible!

Is Your New At Home Career A Scam?

I will leave you to answer that question. Some people may say that it is a scam because it is misleading and others might not make the conclusion because of the fact that you are getting “something” in return.

Dropshipping with Shopify is legitimate and there are a lot of people making a living off of their sales on their e-stores, but it requires a lot of work and a lot more investment, WAY more than what Greg is willing to tell you. All this information is purposefully kept away from you because Greg knows that if you knew about them, he would never get to your money.

He knows that it’s people who don’t have a lot of money that are looking for ways to make money online and thus, they won’t tell you how much money really needs to be invested in order to make this work. He also knows that its people who already are working one or two jobs that are in need to change their lives and thus, tells you that you only need 30 minutes a day to make this work, which is BS!

In my opinion, I would no stay that this is a scam but I still cannot recommend this program based on the fact that the information given is so misleading. If you are thinking of joining this program based ONLY on the sales video, then you’ll be VERY disappointed.

I recommend that you stay as far away from this program as possible.

The Best Way For Newbies To Make Money Online

If you’re on my website for the first time, then I have to tell you that I have been scammed before. A lot of times. And I’m not proud of it.

But that’s why you should not feel bad that you have fallen for these scams because it’s a learning experience. The most important thing is to learn from our experience that will enable us to recognize the different between scams and legit programs.

And that’s why I want to tell you about a legit program that is enabling me to make passive income online. I won’t tell you that it did not require work, I won’t tell you that it did not require an investment and I won’t tell you that you can make money using it’s method within a week, because that would make me no different than those scammers.

But what I will tell you is that you will only fail with this system is you give up! You see, the way that I have been making money online is via affiliate marketing. All you have to do with this model of making money online is write about products that you like, promote them and when somebody buys the product, you make a commission.

Of course, there are a few fundamentals to learn and that’s what I want to introduce you to, today; a system that is FREE to try out that will show you the fundamentals of making money online doing what I do. You get 20 free lessons and will even get to use the tools for free, for a limited time, to see whether this is how you’d like to earn money.


Even I had no idea what to do and was a newbie only a year ago. But I was prepared to work hard to change my own life and now, I’m earning! If you do end up joining, I will have no problem whatsoever helping you and answering your questions. I’ll get in touch with you on the other side.

Till then, remain safe in the world of making money online! It’s a nice place when you actually KNOW what it takes to make money online but can be a dark place too, if you keep falling for scams.

Your friend,


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