Your Profit Team Review – $7K per Week Income?

In this Your Profit Team Review, I’ll be answering all your questions; is it a scam? Will you really make money with the program? What does the system teach? Will you be able to quit your job and become successful online?

Because let’s face it; making $7K every single week, that’s making $1000 a day and who would not want such an income? If there were a program online that could help you quit your job and making you money on autopilot just like that, we would all jump on it, right?

By the end of this review, you’ll have information on whether this program will be right for you, or whether you’ll just be losing money by joining, so read until the end!

At A Glance

Name: Your Profit Team

Website: YourProfitTeam.Biz

Owner: David

Purpose: Make Money online promoting the system

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!

What is Your Profit Team?

David starts by saying that Your Profit Team is the same program that you have seen on the news that’s making people money while they work from home. It’s the one that’s helping people make a change in their lives and those people don’t even have any experience. You won’t need skills, a website or know about programming.

The way this system works is that when somebody else makes money, you make money as well. That’s why it’s called a team. David explains that was once in the same boat as you, struggling to make ends meet, until he found a program where he could profit when the others made money, so it was win-win.

The reason why he wants you on his team is that he wants to make more money. You see when you make money, he makes money too!

It makes total sense that he would want more people on his team for him to make more money right? You would be making money anyways too! But is what he tells you true? Will you be able to start making $1000 per day, even as a newbie with no experience and skills?

Let’s find out!

Why I Would Stay Away

Unfortunately, I have found some red flags within the sales video here that are pretty alarming and that tell me you’re just going to be wasting your time and money with this program and with David. They are similar to other scams that I have reviewed before.

Here are the red flags:

1) David – Who is he?

If you have not noticed, David does not go the extra mile to really prove to you that he is a real person at all. Sure, he told you about his story but it’s not enough to prove that he really wants your best interest at heart. It’s actually common for scammers to hide who they are because they don’t want to be discovered.

They know that their systems are either scams or low-quality and that they’re gonna get people angry asking for their money back, thus, the scammers just choose to stay hidden so as not to be found and caught.

That’s why real people nowadays need to really prove to their audience, people like us, that they’re real and true, maybe by showing you multiple pictures of them and even having a social media presence. But as you can see here, David didn’t even you give last name. How would you ever be able to find him?

2) Make a lot of money for little to no work

The claim that David makes, is that whether you have no experience and are a total newbie, that you will be able to make $1000 a day with little to know work. That’s a big claim… and… a claim that I have seen over and over again with online make-money scams.

It takes a lot of work to start making your first few dollars online, let alone $1000 a day. Every time money is coming into your pocket, somebody else is having to PAY or let go of that money. Is it that easy to get people to spend nowadays? No it’s not, specially not when they don’t trust you.

So don’t believe them when they tell you that you’re gonna be able to make that amount of money just for 1 hour of work everyday. It’s not possible!

3) One-On-One Coaching – great news or doom?

Having one-on-one coaching in order to become successful sounds great because it means that you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and you’ll be guided by expert. How can that be a bad thing, you ask me?

Well, if you have heard of another make-money-online program called MOBE, you would know what I’m talking about. MOBE promised people one-on-one telephone coaching and though people got some training out of it, those coaches would talk new members into paying for upgrades and upsells that they could not afford.

We’re talking about these coaches asking tens of thousands of dollars to move up the training and get more tools and to have more earning potential. These coaches would talk in a way that would manipulate the minds of these poor people and get them into debt.

That’s why I do think that one-on-one coaching is a red flag. You don’t want nobody manipulating you!

4) Fake Scarcity

They are only accepting 20 more people, says David. Oh, and look at the top of the video; it says that there’s just one last spot left. You should sign up before the last spot gets taken!

Not so fast!!!

This is exactly that David wants from you; he wants you to think that this program is limited and that if you don’t get in now, that you’ll probably never be able to get in again. This is just a pressure tactic used to push you into signing up without having the time to think about it.

The program is NOT going to only accept 20 people, mark my words! Come back tomorrow and you’ll see that the video is exactly the same and the countdown to the last spot is exactly the same as well. Scammers use this tactic a lot! I have seen it used in the other scams that I have exposed.

5) No information on the system

Another red flag, is that you’re not told ANYTHING about the program. You don’t know how it works, you don’t know what you would be doing, you don’t know where the money is gonna come from. NOTHING!

Would you just buy a vacuum cleaner without ever knowing what it does, how good it is, what the features are and whether it is the right one for you and your house? Of course you wouldn’t!

Why would you trust some old fart on the internet who’s showing you his bank account as bait and promising you that you’ll make money with his system? He does not give you ANY information at all!

Well, the reason that the program is not explained here, is that reviewers like me would sniff out the crap that they’ll feed you and they’ll never be able to make money. Reviewers like me would not need to buy the system then, to really find out what’s inside and thus, they’ll miss out on that income too.

So now you know that if you’re not given full details of the program that your credit card should remain in your wallet.

What You Could Expect From Your Profit Team

The one indication that I have caught within the sales video about what this program might be about, is the fact that David tells you that every time you make money, he will make money too. This is a hint right there that they may be using an affiliate marketing model to make money.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product and when a sale is made, you receive a commission. So what David probably wants you to do, is to promote this very same program, Your Profit Team, to other people so that when people join and pay the $47, you receive a commission and David makes money too.

This model of making money online is absolutely legit and legal. All the big corporations, like Walmart, Ebay and Amazon use it as well. However, then the program asks you promote itself, then it’s a red flag. The only way to really make money from the program is to recruit and recruit.

There isn’t a useful product that you can sell outside of the program to consumers who maybe would not want to become a member and sell the system. This is borderline pyramid if you ask me!

The ones who are making money are the affiliates and the owner/creator of the program. As a member, you would never be able to make use of what’s taught.

Your Profit Team Review – Final Thoughts

So, is Your Profit Team a scam? From the red flags that I was able to discover about the program, yes I believe that your Profit Team is a scam and should absolutely be avoided. There are just too many things that David tells you that raises alarm bells in my head.

You don’t even know who he is or whether he is a real person at all. You can verify his income. He lies to you about making thousands of dollars a week with little to no work. He gives you no information about the system at all such that you don’t even know if you’ll be doing anything illegal.

So many red flags are present and yet, there isn’t even one sentence that David utters that COULD otherwise point to a legitimate system. Not one!

And thus, I do not recommend that you sign up for this as I believe it to be a scam! You’ll only be left with broken promises and regret after joining him. Save yourself the headache and let me tell you what you really need to become successful.

Here’s What You Really Need To Become An Online Success

I have been scammed too in the past and I guess that you cannot learn unless you fall for them once or twice. And through my journey trying to make money online, I stumbled across so many legit methods. But the one that has really worked for me, is the affiliate marketing.

It’s the easiest for beginners because you don’t have to create a product of your own. There are already great products that have been produced and that people love. It’s hard to compete with that! So what you can do instead, is use those great products as a way to bring in money for yourself.

I’m not talking about buying wholesale and re-selling. I’m talking about writing about your favourite products and promoting them. When a sale is made, you get a cut of it. Simple!

And the program that has taught me everything there is to know about this method of making money online is totally free to join! It’s making me passive income every single day so it’s definitely something that you cannot afford to miss on.


And what you’ll also find is me as your coach. I just uncovered a scam so there is no way that I would want to scam you. The system is free to join as well, so I’m not even making money off of you joining for free. Rest assured that I’m not doing this for financial gain, specially if you’re new.

I’ll just guide you and answer your questions… 🙂 That’s all!!

Hope to see you on the inside of the program. Till then, remain safe on the internet!

Your Friend,


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