Zendyx Review – Will You Really Make $1000 Per Day?

Zendyx review

Welcome to my honest Zendyx review. I say honest because I am not an affiliate of Zendyx and I do not promote it. Why is that, you might ask? Everybody else is doing it, right?

Well, the problem with other reviews is that those “reviewers” might actually be an affiliate of Zendyx and are really biased in their reviews because they want you to join with them. When you pay for the product, they make money!

But not me! I set out on a mission to expose scams and to lead you to legitimate ways to make money online. I’ve been scammed out of thousands of dollars before that didn’t help me at all.

So that’s why I think you should really take a close look at my review of Zendyx in order to be able to make an informed buying decision. If with this review, I can save at least one person from getting scammed, I consider my job done!

Enough talking! Let’s cut to the chase!

Zendyx At A Glance

Owner: “Mark Evans”

Website: Zendyx.com

Purpose: Affiliate Marketing to earn online

Price: $39+

Do I Recommend it?: No! The training is full of missing information.

What Is Zendyx?

Mark explains that with Zendyx, you will learn how complete beginners are making $100K per month using ClickBank affiliate marketing. According to him, it’s the best system to make money online and with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is real and legit and I know that because I am an affiliate marketer myself. I am even a ClickBank affiliate. It is an affiliate marketing network, where people from all around the world can promote the products.

It’s like an online retail store where just about anybody can refer customers to in order to earn commissions off of the sales.

Mark continues on to say that it does not matter what age you are or what level of knowledge you have, you can use the program to make over $1000 per day! He even shows you some testimonials and some sales snapshot.

How can you NOT believe him now, right?

All you need to get financial freedom is to spend 30 minutes a day to make $1000 every single day without fail. There are supposedly so very few companies that have the right technologies to help you make money online.

He was able to get somebody to divulge some information after which Mark was able to make $1000 per day and quit his job within 1 week. He will now hold your hand and show you step by step how to make money online.

But do you know how many programs like this I’ve reviewed that said the exact same things and that never delivered on their promises? How many programs that didn’t work as advertised? How many were scams and low-quality?

The truth is that if there were such a program then everybody would be working from home. The traditional job would go extinct and the economy would be VERY different.

So what’s the catch? Let’s take a look!


The Red Flags – Should You Really Be Signing Up?

Before even getting into the program, I already noticed some red flags that told me something was not right. I’ve seen the same red flags before with some other programs that I reviewed on this very website, like:

– Five Minute Profit Sites

– Quick Home Sites

– Website ATM

Therefore, these red flags really leave a bad taste in my mouth because if they are present, then things won’t work out as advertised.

1) Fake creator?

You are probably wondering how I can say that, right? Well, the truth is that if I asked you who Mark Evans is, how he looks like, what his history with online marketing looks like, what would be your answer?

You would research him, right? And that’s exactly what I did.

What I found out was that there is INDEED somebody called Mark Evans who helps businesses with internet marketing.

You can take a look at the website HERE.

But don’t you find it strange that he had a website with his picture on it while in the Zendyx promotional video, he does not show himself? If he showed himself, then wouldn’t that increase trust and credibility and drive more sales?

That’s one reason that I think somebody else might have used his name but didn’t want to be identified as him, to prevent a lawsuit. If  customer did however do the research, then they might think it’s him and purchase the program.

There are unfortunately too many scammers that use fake names and never put up a picture of themselves. This is done to be able to get away with the scams or low-quality products that they produce.

They can then change their names along with each new program that they release and nobody would know!

2) Income snapshots cannot be trusted

The reason that I believe you cannot trust ALL of the income snapshots is because one of them actually showed us income as a VENDOR on ClickBank and not as an AFFILIATE of the program, as declared by Mark.

Being a vendor means that you actually make money through creating programs and putting them up for sale on the ClickBank platform. So how many of those snapshots actually show us the truth about how much Mark makes as an affiliate?

Most of his money might probably have been made by creating and selling his own products on the platform, where if that’s the case, is an indication he does not practice what he preaches.

It’s supposed to be about affiliate marketing whereas the results he shows is not as a result of affiliate marketing. He might show you a method that he does not use himself to make money online. This does reduce his credibility in my eyes.

3) Fake testimonials

Mark shows us the videos of some people who claim they’ve made money using Zendyx but unfortunately, I found out that they were actors hired from a freelance website called Fiverr. And I’m not surprised because I’ve seen it before.

It could be that those people are acting out real testimonials, but the truth is that if Mark wanted to be 100% honest with you, he would tell us directly that those are actor portrayals. But he doesn’t.

Additionally, even if they were portrayals, wouldn’t it make more sense to have those “dozens” of successful people do some testimonials instead? They would have been free instead of Mark having to go HIRE and PAY actors.

That definitely does not look good and does not make sense.

So when the creator is hiding himself and might not even be who he says he is, he gives you income snapshots that aren’t results of the method he wants to teach you and he makes you think that the actors were actual members of the program, that should definitely set off alarm bells.

At least, they are going off in my head!

How Zendyx Works

Once you purchase the program for $39USD and sign in, you are brought to the members area. The first thing that you are shown is how to build an affiliate marketing site. There are several tools are your fingertips.

The first tool is ClickFunnels, which is a funnel-generating tool that will help you market your offers or products better. I have nothing against ClickFunnels, but the truth is that the link that Mark uses is an affiliate link.

It means that he will make money from you signing up for the service. You’ll need to pay $99/month. There was never any mention of extra costs in the sales video, right?

I think that it is very misleading!

The next tool to use is a hosting company called Bluehost and you need this service to choose your domain name, meaning, your website address. For this, you’ll need to pay $3.95/month for the first 12 months.

Then, it renews and usually, at a higher monthly rate so watch out for that!

Except for the fact that you are never told of extra costs, I like that the website set-up training is very thorough. They teach you how to build  WordPress website, which is like my own website.

However, there isn’t much in the way of actually teaching you how to get people to see your offers, which is a bit of a problem. If nobody sees your beautiful website nor your offers, then how will you make sales?

That’s probably why they have upsells; it’s not all covered in the BASIC part of the membership. If you want to keep going, you’ll need to purchase the other 2 upsells, which will cost you another few hundreds of dollars.

Again, those costs weren’t disclosed, which I feel is very misleading. There’s no point in getting Zendyx if you can’t spend hundreds of dollars and people signing up for the $39 Basic membership are not made aware of this before their purchase.


What I Like

1) Program only costs $39 to get in – relatively low and affordable

2) Pretty thorough training on setting up a website

3) 30-day money back guarantee

What I Don’t Like

1) Creator could be fake

2) Hyped up and misleading sales/promotional video

3) Upsells that cost A LOT and are not mentioned before purchase

4) Tools cost a A LOT and are not mentioned before purchase

5) It is a MUST to purchase an upsell to understand how to get traffic and make sales

6) Income snapshots cannot be trusted as some show “vendor” snapshots and not “affiliate” snapshots

7) Fake testimonials by actors and not actual members

8) Unrealistic income claims

Is Zendyx A Scam?

It really depends on your personal definition of a scam. Some people might not say that it is a scam because you are getting at least something in exchange for your money. Scams give you nothing in return.

But in other ways, people could say that Zendyx is a scam because it does not work as advertised. There are a ton of hidden costs that are not mentioned and there are a few lies that I’ve also discovered.

There is no way to confirm that the Mark Evans from Canada is the Mark Evans that created Zendyx, unless he comes up and confirms it himself. What’s strange is that he does not mind posting his photo all over his other website whereas there aren’t any photos of him in the promotional video.

That pushes me to think that it’s probably somebody else who is making use of his identity as an online marketer and expert to gain credibility. If approached, the creator of Zendyx could then pretend to be another Mark Evans.

But for some newbies wanting to do some research, it could well be used as cover to increase credibility when there is none!

There are some other things that are also questionable to be, as in the “vendor” snapshots used instead of affiliate snapshots. Then, you also have the actors used in place of actual members of the program.

There are actually quite a few things that I don’t like about the program and I think they outweigh the pros.

These are the reasons as to why I wouldn’t recommend Zendyx.

Stop Wasting Your Time! Discover How You Can Make $175+ Per Week Like Me!

The truth is that affiliate marketing is a booming industry and if done right, it can make you lots of money. But you don’t need to spend a lot to make a lot, like Mark wants you to do with his system. From my point of view, he just wants your money.

So that’s why I want to share my method of making money online with you. Yes, it’s still through affiliate marketing, but the method that I used allowed me to spend as little as possible in the way of training and getting traffic.

In fact, I can show you how you can get started for FREE and how to leverage the system to make over $175 every single week, in passive income!

That’s why in order to show you how it’s done, I’ve created a free guide. This is one of the things that gurus will NOT show you because it is a very reliable way of making money online. They want to create program after program that will work a bit and die off really quick because they want you buying more and more of their new programs.

That’s how they make money, right?

But let me show you how it’s really done! This method is being kept from you because if you knew about it, then that would put those GURUS out of business.


And let’s get you started on the RIGHT way to making money online. I will be there with you every step of the way!

Thanks for reading my Zendyx review and if you’ve had any experience with the website, please let me know below in the comments section. I love to hear from every one of you!

Lots of Love,


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