ZoanCash Review – Actually The WORST Influencer Network

zoancash review

If you’re on my ZoanCash review, you’re probably looking for more information on the website. Like, what is it? How does it work? Is it legit or a scam? Will they pay you?

Well, I’ve done all the research and put them together in this review so you can make an informed decision. There are just too many scams so let me congratulate you on doing your research on this.

Even if it is free to sign up with ZoanCash, you just never know what they could be after. And unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news about the website. With the information I have for you, I’m sure you’ll think twice before joining.

There are just too many red flags and someindicate that ZoanCash might not actually pay you!

ZoanCash At A Glance

Website: ZoanCash.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scam that should be avoided. It’s similar to a lot of other websites that I’ve reviewed in the past, where the red flags are similar. They will not pay you and are looking to gather your personal data to hack or to sell.

What Is ZoanCash?

Well, ZoanCash makes some pretty attractive claims. They say that you will make $300 every single day, and that too, by simply sharing your referral link on social media and completing tasks.

When you sign up, which is free by the way, you’ll receive a $25 sign up bonus. For each click that you get on your referral link, you make $2 and for each sign up, you’ll get paid $15.

If you’re not a fan of referring, you can also complete tasks and you get paid $20 – $30 per task.

It sounds like you can make easy money online with ZoanCash but the truth is that if it was so easy to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it.

I mean, when you get work that just about anybody can do, like a cashier in a store, the pay goes very low, right? And when you get a job that only a few specialists can do, like a doctor, the pay is higher.

That’s the same thing with online work. Anybody can copy and paste links and complete surveys and offers. That’s why I find it weird that they would pay so much. Additionally, $300 per day sounds like 2 – 3 times the full-time income of a typical US resident.

Even in Canada, I don’t make that much per day with my day job.

And when you compare it to income from other similar legitimate websites, like Swagbucks and Clicks Genie, it takes you months to earn $300. Have you ever heard of anybosy saying they’re making full-time income filling out surveys?

LOL, me neither!

That’s why I do think that there’s something strange going on with this website.


How ZoanCash Works

However, with ZoanCash, the business model makes no sense at all.

You see, there is a way that they say they make money and that’s through ad-spent review. Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t see no ad on the website anywhere and neither is there any ad inside the members area.

So that can’t be the way that they make money.

Now, they might be referring to the offers or tasks to be completed inside the members area. That’s the only other way that I see any money coming in.

Each time you complete a task, the affiliate company will pay ZoanCash and ZoanCash will give you your share of the money. Sounds good.

I know $20 – $30 per task might sound amazing, but you have to consider other factors. What about the clicks that ZoanCash has to pay you for? What about the money for the referrals you get?

And what about paying their employees and website maintenance, not forgetting also the fact that the CEO needs his share and for the website to make profits?

That’s a different story now, right? Let’s shift our perspective and put ourselves in the shoes of the partners affiliated with ZoanCash. You see, if affiliated partners payments are the only way money comes in, then it has to cover all expenses.

So is ZoanCash charging companies $50 or $100 per task then? That’s a lot of money to pay for a 15-30 minute task, don’t you think so? It’s especially high when you compare it to Swagbucks and the other legitimate websites.

When affiliated partners have a choice between paying a few cents to 100 times more, they will choose the cheapest and more reputable option, right? So why would anybody want to do business with ZoanCash?

It really does not make any sense to me. What about you?

I feel like the high pay is a lure to get you to sign up because they want something else from you. I will discuss that in the section below.

Lies And Red Flags!

1) We don’t know who is behind ZoanCash

The first red flag is the fact that we don’t know who is behind ZoanCash. There’s no name of a person and there’s no name of a company. They say that their parent company has been around since 2008, but WHAT is the name of the company?

Don’t you think that it would boost trust and credibility if they actually disclosed the name of that company? It would actually put people at ease with signing up, right?

But why are they not disclosing it? I find it strange but not uncommon, because you see, scammers usually know that they will be caught if they give any type of information that relates to them, so they just give no information at all.

Another reason that they don’t let us know who they are is because they then can create scam after scam and nobody would suspect anything.

That’s why it’s very important to know who is actually behind the program. That way, you can research them to make sure that they know what they doing and that they are genuine and honest.

2) They don’t even know how much they will pay you

I’ve seen this very often and unfortunately, this is also a red flag. When you take a look at the main page, they tell you that you’ll get paid $15 per referral but when you sign in, they tell you something different.

It gets changed to $10. So how much is it really? $10 or $15?

The truth is that I have seen this kind of website before and they all turned out to be scams. Some promised to pay $10, others $15 and some even $20.

So my thoughts on this is that the scammer is behind all of these similar websites and got confused about how much he is paying for each of them. So he got them all mixed up.

Somebody who was firm about their website and their business would KNOW how much they would be paying out, right?


3) They didn’t launch in 2008

Unfortunately, one thing that I see very often are websites that say that they’ve been around for a long time. In the case of ZoanCash, they say they have existed since 2008.

Well, I wanted to verify that, since we don’t know who is actually behind ZoanCash, right? They could be lying. And that’s why I consulted the WHOIS website, and it gave me a registration of March 05, 2020!

So the website was only created about a month ago (as from the writing of this review)!

Why would they lie to you?

Websites that have been around longer tend to be more stable and the chances are less that it is a scam. So people would trust the website more. But unfortunately, seeing as the website has only been around for a month and because of this lie, credibility has gone WAY, WAY down for me.

4) Payment proofs are fake

Now that we know when the website was actually created, we can verify if the payment proofs are legitimate. I actually noticed a few that had dates on them, so that makes it easy.

And unfortunately, I had to conclude that the payment proofs were all fake.

That’s because the date on them are PRIOR to the existence of ZoanCash. Take a look below.

How could anybody have earned from a website that didn’t exist? It’s impossible, right? Income or payment proofs can be falsified and with the number of red flags here, I do think that this is what happened.

If you actually go to Youtube, you’ll find that there are tons of videos that show how to do that. The scammer uses this to con and fool you.

4) BBB Warning Message

Now, there isn’t a warning message specifically for ZoanCash, but there is one for a similar website called Notion Cash. And I think that the person behind Notion Cash is also behind ZoanCash.

Why? That’s because the kind of work is the same, the layout of the website is the same, the FAQs are the same and even some of the red flags are the same. Moreover, the creators for both are anonymous, so I’m guessing it’s the same creator.

That’s why I believe that the warning message would apply to both. This is what they say;

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

And you can read it in full HERE.

But basically, what they are saying is that ZoanCash or similar websites want your personal information. They want it so that they can use it to hack into your online accounts and steal from you. They want it so that they can make money selling it to other scammers.

And they could also want it in order to steal your identity.

So as you can see, there is a big risk to signing up with ZoanCash, even if it is free.

Is ZoanCash A Scam?

I don’t have to think twice about this one for sure. ZoanCash is a scam.

I see so many red flags and too many lies for my liking. I mean, we don’t know who is being the program and they lie about when they got started. They even fake the income proofs.

There’s also no information about their parent company. And there’s also the message from the BBB.

To me, it’s just too many risks within 1 program and they are pretty serious too. If somebody wanted your well-being or wanted to be transparent with you, like ZoanCash claims they do (a total lie obviously), then they wouldn’t lie.

The business model would also make sense if this wasn’t a scam. But the truth is that this way too good to be true.

It won’t work as advertised. Nobody got paid and nobody will get paid, just like those people that tried ZoanCash. If the creator never paid anybody with Notion Cash, then what makes you think he will change his mind for ZoanCash?

No, I firmly beliece that ZoanCash is a scam and that you should avoid it. It is a waste of time!

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Thanks for reading my ZoanCash review. As usual, if you have anything to say or share about ZoanCash, feel free to leave a comment below. Also let me know if you have any questions. I always welcome them… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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